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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRE

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Psychology1, 161:then finds that the path to the inner worlds of desire-emotion, of mind and of spiritual visionPsychology1, 171:Thus all groups which were animated by any desire to serve, and which were (in spite of errors inPsychology1, 181:animated by love of humanity and by a desire to help the race. Such a man is a spiritual man. [182]Psychology1, 183:to learn, a readiness to accept and a desire to formulate conclusions based upon reiteratedPsychology1, 192:is intended to control or direct the feeling or desire life of the personality, for according toPsychology1, 198:the forms of life which evidence that which they desire. Hence the influence of the fifth Ray ofPsychology1, 201:ambition, wilfulness, hardness, arrogance, desire to control others, obstinacy, anger. Virtues toPsychology1, 203:called the ray of wisdom from its characteristic desire for pure knowledge and for absolute truth -Psychology1, 206:moral cowardice, indolence, procrastination, a desire to let things be, to rest, and to take noPsychology1, 208:and he will often be long-winded, from his desire to say all that can possibly be said on hisPsychology1, 219:takes shape and form under a vital etheric urge, desire or impulse. It is the magnetic quality ofPsychology1, 231:of some kind or another. Personal ambition, the desire (sometimes unrecognized) to be the supremePsychology1, 231:seat of all this trouble is to be found in the desire-feeling-emotional body, and in an unduePsychology1, 253:Objective agency: Fire and Water, - fierce desire and incipient mind. These are symbolized in thePsychology1, 271:through the power of the mind, and animated by desire for the good of humanity. In between thesePsychology1, 276:physical body is prostituted to ill-regulated desire. They may have the virtues of "straightPsychology1, 278:of the new forces upon humanity, awaken in man a desire for that which is, for him, a new andPsychology1, 279:find an experimenting in the realm of physical desire which is not for humanity the line ofPsychology1, 282:the evil man will be stimulated; both material desire and spiritual aspiration will be awakened andPsychology1, 282:will stimulate earthly love and earthly desire and animal lust; it will foster the urge to possessPsychology1, 294:other sex will be guided not only by love and desire, but by an ordered intellectual appreciationPsychology1, 295:and not so much in the world of ill-regulated desire and of animal instinct; the love of men forPsychology1, 297:3. The third governing principle will be the desire to provide good and fair and healthy bodies forPsychology1, 297:are desired, but even in these cases, that desire is usually based on reasons of heredity, propertyPsychology1, 297:to their parents by the urgency of those parents desire, the purity of their motives and the powerPsychology1, 299:lost. Sex now means the satisfaction of the male desire for sensuous pleasure, and the assuaging ofPsychology1, 299:the prostitution of the feminine aspect to that desire and appetite. This relation leads to noPsychology1, 303:all men, working out as harmlessness, and a desire for group goodwill will gradually becomePsychology1, 303:three laws will lead necessarily to an urgent desire to keep the law of the land in which aPsychology1, 312:makes of mankind the prodigal son, torn between desire for the worldly life, for possessions andPsychology1, 314:thinkers and workers today most ardently desire. The glory that can be seen faintly shining inPsychology1, 317:Ray of Love-Wisdom leads from love or divine desire in the second race to full intuitionalPsychology1, 323:motive, but principally the man is governed by a desire for comfort - physical, emotional andPsychology1, 334:is constantly the objective of God's love and desire, and which constantly (as a result of thisPsychology1, 336:Love is the great principle of attraction, of desire, of magnetic pull, and (within our solarPsychology1, 337:glory can be sensed. Love or attractive desire then attracts to itself that which it feels itPsychology1, 356:kama-manas. This phrase simply means a blend of desire-feeling-lower-mind, - a curious synthesisPsychology1, 364:plane. This plane is that of the emotional-desire nature, and its symbol is water. The comingPsychology1, 377:Capitulation, because the momentum set up by the desire of the sons of God to incarnate proved tooPsychology1, 377:Matter capitulated to spirit, the divine desire and the divine will set their signature upon thePsychology1, 378:of the Law of the Tides. It concerns the life of desire and of sensory perception and of feeling.Psychology1, 378:by the great river of life - on the crest of desire - into incarnation, and is one of the laws withPsychology1, 391:the planetary life, and is the sum total of the desire tendency. The mental pattern. This emergesPsychology1, 393:expressed in terms of sentiment and of personal desire. It is capable of being translated in termsPsychology1, 397:unrecognized motive was love of riches and a desire to hold safe their gains. Ancient tradition, asPsychology1, 402:total of the atoms of that body. The emotional desire nature, which is to be found influenced andPsychology1, 414:human kingdom is seeking to make manifest the desire or the love nature of the planetary Logos. ThePsychology1, 466:through group intercourse. 4. Stimulation of desire, the love principle. 5. Soul impulse or energy.Psychology1, 466:group work. 16. Stimulation of man through desire. 17. Desire energy, instinct or aspiration. 18.Psychology1, 466:work. 16. Stimulation of man through desire. 17. Desire energy, instinct or aspiration. 18. Ray ofPsychology1, 417:the mastered are but One.' " SIXTH RAY "Let all desire cease. Let aspiration end. The search isPsychology1, 420:Silvery Rose. Human Principle: Kama-manas. Desire. Divine Principle: Desire for form. Element:Psychology1, 420:Principle: Kama-manas. Desire. Divine Principle: Desire for form. Element: Water. "I long forPsychology1, 420:of speech. Plane: Astral or emotional Plane. Desire plane. Sense: Taste. Esoterically, thisPsychology1, 420:Sense: Taste. Esoterically, this principle of desire is seated in the sacral center, with a higherPsychology1, 421:The Eye of God. 4. Taste 6th Ray Idealism The Desire of Nations. 5. Smell 4th Ray Art The Beauty ofPsychology1, 428:Objective Agency: Fire and water, - fierce desire and incipient mind. These are symbolized in thePsychology2, 10:walks on earth, veiled by the fleshly form, the desire nature and the fluidic mind. He is a preyPsychology2, 24:joy, pain, to the urge and satisfaction of desire, and to a heavy subconscious urge to betterment.Psychology2, 24:identification increases, with a growing desire for a larger range of satisfactions; the indwellingPsychology2, 25:the slowly evolving man, is in the [25] world of desire, and the soul becomes identified withPsychology2, 25:identified with another response apparatus, the desire or astral body. His consciousness thenPsychology2, 25:we find a steadily growing inner realization of desire itself, and less emphasis upon the physicalPsychology2, 25:become less crude and physical; the emerging desire for beauty begins to appear, and a dim sense ofPsychology2, 25:Though he is still ridden by unreasoning desire most of the time, yet the field of hisPsychology2, 25:and feelings come to be recognized, and a dim desire for peace and the urge to find that nebulousPsychology2, 26:and the right direction of the energy of desire, as it expresses itself in the untutored,Psychology2, 26:slowly to assert itself. As this happens, the desire nature is brought under control, andPsychology2, 33:Ones. Neither the deities nor form; neither desire nor mind; nor any quality of life. Pure lifePsychology2, 34:and light eternally reveal the True; love and desire eternally invoke the Life. Naught disappearsPsychology2, 34:- that it no longer holds the life imprisoned by desire. We are treading the Way that leads to thePsychology2, 34:we cherish is removed, - lust for form life, desire for love, and the great glamor of hatred. ThesePsychology2, 40:[40] A longing for power and authority, Desire to dominate, Expressed strength and self-will,Psychology2, 40:The hidden light, The realization of selfish desire, Longing for material well-being, Selfishness,Psychology2, 40:Ray Three Force manipulation through selfish desire, Intelligent use of force with wrong motive,Psychology2, 41:rhythmic activity in cooperation with the Whole; Desire for right revelation of divinity and light;Psychology2, 42:to rationalize and destroy, Mental separation, Desire for knowledge. This leads to materialPsychology2, 44:and motivated by criticism, or by an individual desire to shine. In olden days, the neophyte wasPsychology2, 58:A column in the Temple itself, typical of the desire or aspirational life. A design upon thePsychology2, 68:activity, and that magnetic force which we call desire. There is, finally, the energy of mindPsychology2, 68:incarnation in form, the energy of the astral or desire nature and the energy of mind. When thesePsychology2, 77:goal. These range all the way from physical desire and its satisfaction to a general and undefinedPsychology2, 77:and its satisfaction to a general and undefined desire for release. The processes, in detail, ofPsychology2, 77:Immersion in darkness. This was the result of desire. The darkness of ignorance was chosen and manPsychology2, 77:of ignorance was chosen and man started, through desire, to work his way from darkness to light,Psychology2, 78:of the Soul or Self. Freedom from the desire to possess, freedom from acquisitiveness, andPsychology2, 80:this ray, as they come into incarnation through desire, grasp. This expresses the nature of thePsychology2, 81:on the first ray are sudden and rapid in their desire to incarnate, and in the methods employed.Psychology2, 81:this ray, as they come into incarnation through desire, attract. They are magnetic more than theyPsychology2, 84:the mastered are but One.'" Ray Six - "Let all desire cease. Let aspiration end. The search isPsychology2, 89:a symbol. It was His impulse, His will, His desire, His incentive, His idea and purpose to appear.Psychology2, 94:to man the sacrifice and death of personal desire (to mention only two of the manifested Sons ofPsychology2, 97:This tendency or urge is something different to desire, as desire is academically understood andPsychology2, 97:or urge is something different to desire, as desire is academically understood and studied today.Psychology2, 97:which is most divine in man. It is an aspect of desire, but it is the dynamic, active side and notPsychology2, 104:and pleasure, through disaster and satisfied desire, and all that the wheel of life, which hasPsychology2, 115:of the Law of Magnetic Impulse, and a desire to understand it, and to cooperate with Those WhoPsychology2, 121:Or again, service can grow out of a fanatical desire to tread in the footsteps of the Christ, thatPsychology2, 121:can likewise be rendered from a deep seated desire for spiritual perfection. It is regarded as onePsychology2, 125:outstanding characteristic of the soul, just as desire is the outstanding characteristic of the
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