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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRE

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Psychology2, 125:characteristic of the lower nature. It is group desire, just as in the lower nature it isPsychology2, 125:just as in the lower nature it is personality desire. It is the urge to group good. It cannot,Psychology2, 135:work I do, I mount upon my slain self; I kill desire, and I strive, forgetting all reward. I foregoPsychology2, 137:their souls, and are being swept then into the desire for service; they are not yet free, however,Psychology2, 137:and effective. The inner thought and the desire life determine the activity which will be expressedPsychology2, 144:and the dangerous shoals of superficial desire - train the world thinkers so ardently to desire thePsychology2, 144:desire - train the world thinkers so ardently to desire the good, the true and the beautiful, thatPsychology2, 144:disciples and servers work consciously with the desire element in man; they work scientificallyPsychology2, 144:wisdom to be found, and, as it works through desire of some kind, it is following the line of leastPsychology2, 144:are too one-pointed and too full of personal desire, and the tide of evolution has been with thisPsychology2, 144:long time. But the sixth ray method of evoking desire for the materializing of an ideal isPsychology2, 146:ambition or any wish to be a leader. Where the desire to be a leader exists, that disciple isPsychology2, 149:Law of Repulse, and the function and quality of desire. The Law of Repulse, as it expresses itselfPsychology2, 152:stabilizes. The Law of Love, whereby the lower desire nature is transmuted. The Law of SacrificePsychology2, 153:subplanes. The seven astral or emotional-desire subplanes. The four lower mental subplanes. ThePsychology2, 154:of Soul or Group Life a. The Law of Repulse and Desire The section with which we have now to dealPsychology2, 154:towards existence which we characterize as Desire. All lesser complexities are based upon,Psychology2, 155:appropriation of truth, or the deep seated desire for heaven and rest which characterizes thePsychology2, 155:is the "wish" of the occultist. All this is desire in some form or another, and by these urgesPsychology2, 155:suffering and sorrow. The cause of suffering is desire for existence in the phenomenal universe.Psychology2, 155:of suffering is attained by eradicating desire for phenomenal existence. The Path to the cessationPsychology2, 155:of man's need to be delivered from his own desire-nature which led Christ to emphasize thePsychology2, 156:outer, material, tangible satisfaction, and from desire. It has been this demand which indicatedPsychology2, 156:stages of his progress under the promptings of desire: The urge to experience, to exist, and toPsychology2, 157:play. One is the quality of his motive. Only the desire to serve is adequate to bring about thePsychology2, 158:potency of their urges! If the urge to satisfy desire is the basic urge of the form life of man,Psychology2, 159:matter how slight it may be), then the law of desire which has governed him for ages will slowlyPsychology2, 159:the average selfish man. This selfish spiritual desire is oft the major sin of so-calledPsychology2, 160:that his motive is love for all beings, and not desire for his own release. Through anPsychology2, 160:esoteric sciences at this time, - provided they desire it enough, and can train themselves to [161]Psychology2, 161:man's innately spiritual bias. Repulsion, the desire to repudiate, and repulsive attitudes, wordsPsychology2, 164:5. Abstraction Pratyahara Withdrawal from desire First ray force The Law of Repulse The repudiationPsychology2, 164:ray force The Law of Repulse The repudiation of desire 6. Attention Correct orientation Third rayPsychology2, 166:or to his senses, as a result of [166] satisfied desire, through riotous living. This was followedPsychology2, 166:suffering, which broke his will to wander or to desire. A study of this story will be foundPsychology2, 168:and like. The warp and woof is planned by my desire. I gather here a thread and here a color. IPsychology2, 168:the pattern, but it will surely measure up to my desire.' Loud voices, and a movement from outsidePsychology2, 168:and mix and blend. I bring together that which I desire. I harmonize the whole.' Thus spoke thePsychology2, 170:frenzied Follower cried aloud, blinded by his desire for the teacher and the truth, but seeingPsychology2, 170:symbol of his highest dreams, the height of his desire. He rushed along the tunnel, seeking thatPsychology2, 171:beauty might shine forth, and the goal of my desire. I sought to weave these colors into a dreamPsychology2, 177:His eyes are towards the light and not towards desire for contact with the Master. This, therefore,Psychology2, 178:which has been [178] expressed by the desire, innate and deep, for recognition by one of the GreatPsychology2, 181:thought in the group consciousness, and the desire for personal growth and spiritual satisfactionPsychology2, 187:to those of the past. People may evince real desire to participate in the group life and to formPsychology2, 187:and hence the emphasis laid upon emotional-desire [188] control in all treatises on discipleshipPsychology2, 192:bring about a concretization of the energy of desire, which, in its turn, brings about thePsychology2, 192:with the materializing of that which meets man's desire. This distinction merits consideration.Psychology2, 198:death "I die daily" Love for the Savior. Desire to follow Selflessness Etheric or Vital Unity - ThePsychology2, 204:of course, the animal nature is awake and the desire nature is becoming rampant. These people arePsychology2, 204:upon physical activity as it is motivated by the desire for satisfaction of some kind, and by aPsychology2, 204:of some kind, and by a shallow "wish-life" or desire nature, almost entirely oriented towards thePsychology2, 221:it magnetic power. It is the high result of desire, which is itself intrinsically founded on thePsychology2, 222:the first Ray of Willed Intent, fostered by desire, and transmuted into intelligent activity. 4.Psychology2, 224:to awaken in man the following responses: right desire, right vision and right creative activity,Psychology2, 224:the form side, this has worked out as material desire, leading eventually to cruelty and frequentlyPsychology2, 231:The motivating urge of God, His outstanding desire, is towards union and at-one-ment. It was thisPsychology2, 242:knowledge by the right use of the astral or desire nature, working under the influence of Buddhi.Psychology2, 243:on the mental plane and objectifies desire on the astral plane. It proceeds there to externalizePsychology2, 243:there to externalize its thought and its desire upon the physical plane through applied force,Psychology2, 248:and yet with a certainty of knowledge and a desire to express that which he has contacted, such asPsychology2, 252:of intuitive apprehension and of analytical desire. We would do well to ponder upon these terms. ItPsychology2, 260:into incarnation in obedience to the urge or the desire to experience, and the magnetic pull of thePsychology2, 262:the prisoners held in durance hard by low desire" (quoting from the Old Commentary), but once thePsychology2, 264:upon their way, swayed by their lower and dense desire nature, of which the physical body is onlyPsychology2, 266:focus of the soul's attention upon the astral or desire nature. This is the immediate task of thePsychology2, 274:"soul contact." That contact is no longer a desire, a vision or a theoretical belief or hope. It isPsychology2, 284:energy. The reflection of love. The force of desire. The impulse to aspire. The divine evolutionaryPsychology2, 318:manifestation as the result of the "wish" or the desire of the soul. It is the "wish-life" of thePsychology2, 318:The great expression of the continuity of desire is voiced for us by Paul, the initiate, in ThePsychology2, 319:by the soul is the result of an initial wish or desire. It is the result of a fundamental outgoingPsychology2, 319:in the literature of the world, such as: The desire to manifest. The creative impulse. ThePsychology2, 321:that: The physical nature becomes responsive to Desire, Ambition, Aspiration. The fusion of thePsychology2, 325:creation of the forms, based upon the wish or desire to manifest, and proceed with our theme alongPsychology2, 328:doing three things: Consciously registering the desire to incarnate. This is the will to exist orPsychology2, 329:of aspiration concerns the aspiration or the desire of the soul to appear, and brings thePsychology2, 329:as the consummation or the transmutation of desire. However, in the last analysis, it might be saidPsychology2, 329:said that aspiration is the basis or root of all desire and that we have only used the wordPsychology2, 329:all desire and that we have only used the word "desire" to signify aspiration which has a naturalPsychology2, 329:the word "aspiration" to that transmuted desire which makes the soul the fixed objective in thePsychology2, 329:of the man in incarnation. But all phases of desire are essentially forms of aspiration and, on thePsychology2, 329:arc, aspiration shows itself as the desire of the soul to experience in consciousness thosePsychology2, 331:the physical plane [331] and the nature of his desire life (which is only translated into terms ofPsychology2, 331:of values supervenes; there comes a period when desire for material experience and for ambitiousPsychology2, 331:values and higher standards of thought and desire begin slowly to appear. Psychology2, 332:stage of transcendent aspiration, wherein desire for individual experience is lost and only thePsychology2, 333:intelligently, the spiritual world. We see the desire consciousness transmuted into aspiration forPsychology2, 336:which is colored almost entirely by desire for material satisfaction. This in time transmutesPsychology2, 337:kind or another. That of the vital, emotional, desire emphasis and state of longing into that of aPsychology2, 339:factor. The stage of dense materiality, of lower desire and of physical urge is in full expression.Psychology2, 342:The impulse and consequent activity of desire. The interpretation of experience, intensifying andPsychology2, 342:Path of Pursuit becomes the Path of Return, and desire for identification with form changes intoPsychology2, 344:numbers of world aspirants. So widespread is the desire for this reorientation that it has producedPsychology2, 346:the human, the controlling factor is that of desire, ending in aspiration. In the fifth kingdom,Psychology2, 346:find this purpose, though free from what we call desire, is actuated by love, expressed throughPsychology2, 349:a part, in such a way that it contributes to his desire, his success, and his emergence intoPsychology2, 351:man sacrifices much in the interests of his own desire. Then comes the stage of service ofPsychology2, 355:in the familiar things; the old life of desire for well known forms of existence and expressionPsychology2, 370:be called the "ending of the joy-life and of desire." This is not a pleasant experience to thePsychology2, 371:Ray Six " 'I see a vision. It satisfies desire; it feeds and stimulates its growth. I lay my life
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