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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRE

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Psychology2, 371:its growth. I lay my life upon the altar of desire - the seen, the sensed, that which appeals toPsychology2, 372:and understand. My truth, my peace, my satisfied desire, my dream, my vision of reality, my limitedPsychology2, 372:and die.' Love of the truth must always be. Desire and aspiration, reaching out for that which isPsychology2, 375:at my hand is form, activity, substance, and desire. Can I relate these and fashion thus a form forPsychology2, 384:the soul into conscious control of the astral, desire-sentient body, and that it also brings thePsychology2, 392:the Plan. His life will be then inspired by the desire to serve humanity and to cooperate with thePsychology2, 406:coming to recognize), the sensitive, emotional, desire body, and the mind. Through the physicalPsychology2, 406:or average man, and which can be called desire-impulses or the wish-life of the individual; throughPsychology2, 406:life directed by purpose and planning instead of desire. 3. That human unfoldment proceeds by aPsychology2, 406:vital body. Between these two and the sensitive desire nature. Between these three and the lowerPsychology2, 407:also of satisfaction leading to satiety of the desire nature. But there comes a time in racialPsychology2, 408:the physical form, and between these two and the desire nature, are no longer represented. They arePsychology2, 408:the sensory apparatus, and the power to express desire, most clearly demonstrated. The same thingPsychology2, 408:and when that mind is taught to direct the desire nature and the brain, producing direction of thePsychology2, 409:high voltage ambition, as a sense of power , as desire for personality influence or as truePsychology2, 411:focus becomes centered in the realm of selfish desire, and its satisfaction and assuagement. ToPsychology2, 411:happiness, leading eventually to consummated desire, but a consummated desire postponed till afterPsychology2, 411:to consummated desire, but a consummated desire postponed till after death and to which we havePsychology2, 411:focus of attention is still the satisfaction of desire, but it is the desire to know, the will toPsychology2, 411:still the satisfaction of desire, but it is the desire to know, the will to understand throughPsychology2, 415:in the mind, the love nature in the emotional desire body, and the life principle in and throughPsychology2, 417:nature, the vital or life vehicle and the desire nature. It works through the solar plexus and thePsychology2, 418:term consciousness, such as self-consciousness, desire and intelligence, is abstracted and onlyPsychology2, 418:His physical body, his vital body and his desire nature (for emotion is but expressed desire ofPsychology2, 418:his desire nature (for emotion is but expressed desire of some kind or another) are close by knit.Psychology2, 418:a nature that there is a low vitality, a lack of desire impulses, a failure to register adequatePsychology2, 419:the brain which renders the man negative to the desire impulses which should normally streamPsychology2, 419:plan, originates in the mind and not on the desire levels of awareness, and this program is basedPsychology2, 421:He is then torn in two directions: his desire-mind keeps him dwelling in the realm of longing, ofPsychology2, 421:longings or of the man who is responding to the desire for intellectual or spiritual [422]Psychology2, 422:begins to appear in the lower aspects of his desire nature. In the other it appears in the higherPsychology2, 422:a man on to success and to achievement of his desire or it breaks him on the wheel of life, eitherPsychology2, 422:inevitable and submission to the urge of his own desire. Recognition of capacity and recognition ofPsychology2, 423:cleavage lies primarily in the realm of the desire nature, leading to the sense of frustration andPsychology2, 423:and meet surrounding need, thus evoking the desire to serve and providing the sense of satisfactionPsychology2, 424:[424] The careful and slow transmutation of desire into aspiration. Reorientation to higher goalsPsychology2, 424:of, any creative faculty, thus meeting the desire to be noticed and to contribute. Much artisticPsychology2, 424:or literary and musical effort is based on the desire to be the center of attention and is notPsychology2, 440:anything from his past experience, if he so desire, and which can be stirred up until it becomes aPsychology2, 446:need to your attention and evoked in you the desire for a specific process of interior adjustment?Psychology2, 451:a joint Approach: one being the longing and the desire of the Hierarchy for the solution of thePsychology2, 459:man is the defeated victim of his own rampant desire of some kind or another and yet is such anPsychology2, 459:create a dominating thought form, embodying that desire. These "astral maniacs" are the mostPsychology2, 459:or subtlety as the case may be) some basic desire. It may be the desire to kill, or desire to havePsychology2, 459:case may be) some basic desire. It may be the desire to kill, or desire to have abnormal sexualPsychology2, 459:basic desire. It may be the desire to kill, or desire to have abnormal sexual experience, or evenPsychology2, 459:to have abnormal sexual experience, or even the desire to be ever on the move and thus constantlyPsychology2, 460:we are considering, to evoke response from the desire body and thus swing the entire lower naturePsychology2, 461:self, the personality. The emotional, feeling, desire nature is utterly under the control of thePsychology2, 462:Those who become strongly extroverted by the desire to impose the conclusions they have reachedPsychology2, 463:has no outlet except towards the brain, via the desire nature. The meditation to which we shallPsychology2, 464:of the world; they should induce in him a desire to blend and fuse with his fellowmen; they shouldPsychology2, 468:the man. There is only the world of souls and a desire for creative activity. The handling of dailyPsychology2, 469:carry even one of them down on to the plane of desire, and thus take the first steps towards thePsychology2, 472:found when the mental illusion is intensified by desire. What the theosophist calls "Kama-manas"Psychology2, 474:of such potency that they have persisted in the desire life of many; the symbolic forms employedPsychology2, 481:world of meaning. It is for this reason that I desire to make a relatively careful analysis of thePsychology2, 491:to recognize it for what it is. The ambition, desire, or prideful purposings of a personality mayPsychology2, 495:and strong because of ancient origin and racial desire, or they can embody the sensitive responsePsychology2, 496:be expected, simply expressions of frustrated desire, and it is in this particular field (tied upPsychology2, 497:present capacity to handle. Secondly, in his desire to be freed from the things in himself whichPsychology2, 497:in himself which are producing trouble, in his desire to please the psychologist (which isPsychology2, 497:under the method of "transference") and in his desire to produce what he believes the psychologistPsychology2, 498:is held, gave a wrong direction or twist to the desire nature or to the thought life; theyPsychology2, 501:plane. Such desires may range all the way from desire for sexual gratification to the longing ofPsychology2, 501:of the multitude, will be found to meet his desire and - on returning to his body in the morning -Psychology2, 503:of the body. The freedom of the patient from the desire to make an impression upon thePsychology2, 507:wish-life of the race is centered and all racial desire takes form. In the world of glamor which isPsychology2, 507:embodies the ancient past, which fertilizes the desire life of the present, and which indicates thePsychology2, 507:present, and which indicates the nature of the desire life of the immediate future. These phasesPsychology2, 523:plexus (the organ of self-conscious personal desire) must be raised to the heart and therePsychology2, 526:has been fully aroused and is controlling, when desire for mental satisfaction has been satiatedPsychology2, 530:in purely animal man; then use under the urge of desire for pleasure and physical satisfaction,Psychology2, 531:than by the unconscious animal or the conscious desire life. They blend there with the forces ofPsychology2, 531:and personality potencies, of love in place of desire and attraction, of divine relationshipPsychology2, 538:which is ever "carried upon the waves of desire" (as the ancient writings put it) and this, whenPsychology2, 545:forces into the consciousness of man - fear, desire of a wrong kind and many of the emotionalPsychology2, 580:among whom they are scattered a corresponding desire to force that very separation upon them. UnderPsychology2, 587:this for two reasons; first, he does not truly desire the loss of the power which the use of thePsychology2, 597:aspiration makes Him the objective of all his desire, is frequently debilitated and physically ill.Psychology2, 597:who taught them a major truth. At no time did He desire or seek their devotion. The price of thisPsychology2, 601:of the world aspiration; they all couch their desire and longing in the same symbolic forms -Psychology2, 604:and an intense "wish-life" of dream and desire may eventually succeed in severing all rightPsychology2, 604:sometimes also brought about by an unrecognized desire to escape from responsibility, from the painPsychology2, 605:spiritual aspiration begins to take the place of desire. It is necessary to have vision for "wherePsychology2, 605:of the mystic's own spiritual distress and desire for peace and satisfaction. There is, forPsychology2, 605:they produce a powerful expression of focused desire, deep inchoate longing, vivid imagination andPsychology2, 633:action (usually of a violent nature), but the desire to retaliate, the longing to possess in thePsychology2, 635:by questioning, by deep seated fears, and by the desire to see justice done and the new order ofPsychology2, 635:things established. Above everything else they desire peace, stable economic conditions, and anPsychology2, 641:women in both hemispheres are swept today by the desire to change the old order and bring in thePsychology2, 641:the right as they see it. Love of humanity and desire to aid is unquestionably present. Yet thePsychology2, 641:everywhere. There is a demand for a new way, a desire to know what is basically at fault, and toPsychology2, 647:a sense of expediency or superiority, but upon a desire to forget the past, and to push [648]Psychology2, 666:plenty. Personal ambitions have to go. Personal desire, self defense, or self assertiveness have noPsychology2, 677:in the masses an intelligent response, an ardent desire and a right [678] activity. In this way thePsychology2, 688:a vast group healing and by prayer (sanctified desire, illumined thought and intense aspirationalPsychology2, 699:of the Law of Magnetic Impulse, and with a desire to understand it, and to cooperate with Those WhoPsychology2, 702:is largely based on the intensity of the desire found in the world aspirants and among those whoPsychology2, 705:understanding but also an [705] aspirational desire. These together will produce finally the
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