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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRED

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Statement:as yet unable to contact. Nor will he make that desired contact until he has transmuted emotionalAstrology, 50:out of their own substance they build the form desired. They draw life and the material fromAstrology, 118:upon the attainment of that which is desired. The man demonstrates one-pointed selfish instinctsAstrology, 134:and must, therefore, be unable to produce the desired results; yet the fact is that theseAstrology, 138:and he develops into a leader. He brings about desired changes and produces those new conditionsAstrology, 148:It is literally the attainment of certain desired objectives, towards which the units of the fifthAstrology, 171:attracts magnetically to itself that which is desired - this time the good of the whole. InAstrology, 181:and the soul and can function as either at any desired moment with equal facility. This takes placeAstrology, 190:he is sending or directing his arrow towards a desired point; he is aiming at some specific goal.Astrology, 201:server and becoming group conscious can this desired objective of manifestation begin toAstrology, 224:with the seventh ray (Uranus) producing the desired manifestation upon the physical plane. Uranus,Astrology, 235:a consequence, they will tip the scales in the desired and desirable direction. Of this there is noAstrology, 239:in time and space to bring that purpose to its desired consummation. This is Creation, or Aries inAstrology, 253:is reached; the quickening of that which is desired (the Desire of all nations, as it is called inAstrology, 283:they affect him and carry him forward on his desired way, thus giving opportunity through conflict,Astrology, 302:to go forth and occultly touch that which is desired is the basis of all sense of awareness orAstrology, 375:blow which shapes the metal into that which is desired, and this is true today as never before. HeAstrology, 403:grasp and go courageously after that which is desired. The Word of the Soul is, "I see and when theAstrology, 441:about divine intervention. The intervention desired should come via the Hierarchy, if it is not toAstrology, 511:the use of energy and in the problem of what is desired, what is regarded as loss, and what shallAstrology, 606:and the Monad becomes the object of the desired attainment; its spiritual pressure is thenAstrology, 621:energy, employed to bring about a specific desired effect. Aries, the Initiator, Leo, the Self, andAstrology, 624:permitting itself no let-up or leeway until the desired goal is reached. This is a differentAutobiography, 163:said, "There are some books [163] which it is desired should be written for the public. You canAutobiography, 247:usually of a high grade intelligence, and A.A.B. desired to prove (for the aiding of the work ofAutobiography, 260:more particular study, which is so much to be desired. The Treatise is a very fine instance of theAutobiography, 260:collaborator. The Tibetan would impress the desired symbol or glyph upon one of the subtlerAutobiography, 282:intended to be easy. The standard maintained and desired is high and the work is planned in such aBethlehem, 12:these five important crises that occur, if so desired, in the life of those human beings who takeBethlehem, 22:find the light and peace and release so ardently desired. Christ gives us a definite picture of theBethlehem, 120:[120] to gain for ourselves perfect health, long desired financial prosperity, popularity for ourBethlehem, 267:we shall see a more rapid consummation of the desired changes. Theologically, we have said thatBethlehem, 272:is the life of the corporate whole, sensed and desired by all its citizens, and worked for andDestiny, 16:but they also use it constructively within the desired limits of the immediate plan. I would alsoDestiny, 18:of Shamballa and is needed in order to make the desired application of it. The problem of theDestiny, 40:of incarnation will inevitably lead him to "his desired haven." His salvation is not determined byDestiny, 74:will be effective in bringing about the new desired conditions in Europe, but France's demand forDestiny, 81:towards the possession of that which has been desired. Pervasiveness and movement are two qualitiesDestiny, 117:before. The new forms, through which that much desired consummation can be affected, must beDestiny, 130:life obligation or dharma and producing the desired results through the medium of differing rayDestiny, 132:This will inevitably bring about the needed and desired synthesis of the mystical way and theDiscipleship1, 17:in mind if they are to work efficiently and as desired. First: Disciples should know that theDiscipleship1, 21:in bringing the life into conformity with the desired rhythms. The narrow path, which all disciplesDiscipleship1, 34:be diversified and varied. I have for some time desired to write a little more fully about theDiscipleship1, 35:groups and of the general plan into which it is desired that they fit. In the early stages of anyDiscipleship1, 67:along lines which I may indicate. Then the desired thought-form will automatically take shape andDiscipleship1, 67:It slowly becomes the living embodiment of the desired idea-vibrant, active and ready for service.Discipleship1, 67:the two poles between which interplay is desired), you will try to see the living embodied idea,Discipleship1, 80:inter-communication will not be possible or the desired group work capable of accomplishment.Discipleship1, 87:that telepathic interplay which is so much to be desired and which is so constructively useful toDiscipleship1, 90:(not by an act of the will at this time) in any desired direction - that is, to certain centers inDiscipleship1, 91:great and the utmost of work and of purpose is desired. The goal of initiation is held out by theDiscipleship1, 108:because you yourself have reached a point - long desired in your experience - wherein you now knowDiscipleship1, 161:much greater clarity and will have acquired the desired momentum. Your work ahead lies now inDiscipleship1, 167:work which seems not yet to move as rapidly as desired. When the movement does come, it will beDiscipleship1, 191:mode of meditation, if you proceed with this as desired. I would ask you to keep careful monthlyDiscipleship1, 192:is weak. Your motives are all that could be desired from the angle of your knowledge; your devotionDiscipleship1, 258:unfoldment and a practical interpretation of its desired effects in terms of your own life. YouDiscipleship1, 314:the desire nature from that which is familiar, desired and appropriated from long habit, but itDiscipleship1, 318:not only the field of your service, but also the desired attitude of your personal life. MostDiscipleship1, 323:if the work of the Hierarchy is to go forward as desired... Your work in my group is known to you.Discipleship1, 325:particularly in 1937, if the plans work out as desired and you go forward on the Way, the door ofDiscipleship1, 327:against your power to materialize that which is desired upon the physical plane and has caused youDiscipleship1, 339:for, the evidence of things not seen." These desired realities, when reflected in the emotionalDiscipleship1, 368:your theory if this group is to go forward as desired into real world work. Let rapid adjustmentDiscipleship1, 373:could most easily handle this, if you so desired. I am speaking to you thus frankly, my brother,Discipleship1, 413:still. You could learn relaxation if you so desired, but this you do not really seek to do, and theDiscipleship1, 437:to fulfil your intended task for us with the desired perfection. Your work is along the lines ofDiscipleship1, 446:for you will thus give time for the desired unfoldment to stabilize and the processes of spiritualDiscipleship1, 452:right activity will only be possible and the desired ends hastened when people of your generationDiscipleship1, 456:from personal reactions - this is for you the desired achievement. So be it, brother. This you haveDiscipleship1, 466:provided [466] that there is no pride and no desired selfishness, but only longing to love andDiscipleship1, 489:field of service the power which will bring the desired results... I have little to say to you atDiscipleship1, 503:consciousness, [503] even though it may (if so desired and oft it is) protect the physical manDiscipleship1, 503:occult significance of divine indifference. Your desired focus is not within the personality; theDiscipleship1, 556:and the balancing will only take place as is desired, if the impetus for it originates through theDiscipleship1, 557:is the goal of personality desire and its most desired sentient reaction. Joy is the quality ofDiscipleship1, 585:come? Through steady identification with the desired vibration. One of the main uses of group workDiscipleship1, 612:So great has been your glamor that you have even desired to thrust into my group of disciples anDiscipleship1, 705:follows the power, as a group, to formulate the desired thought-effect in such a manner that itDiscipleship1, 707:are to prove effective in bringing about the desired changes under the Plan. They learn also thatDiscipleship1, 742:to his center of work and to reach at any desired moment the "Master of his life." This triangularDiscipleship1, 766:and consideration to them. If you are living as desired and if you are seeking to profit by myDiscipleship1, 779:of a high-grade intelligence and A. A. B. desired to prove (for the aiding of the work of theDiscipleship2, 23:which would be entirely possible, if you so desired. Success or failure in conforming toDiscipleship2, 24:can be a going forward together as the situation desired demands. The time equation is one of greatDiscipleship2, 50:and the group understanding. The success of the desired inner contact was based upon a realizedDiscipleship2, 52:has been an essential factor in producing the desired mind control. The creative imagination,Discipleship2, 62:- essentially the manipulation of energy into a desired thought pattern - has a definite relationDiscipleship2, 86:The various phases of the work will proceed as desired if all talk of executive heads, of assumedDiscipleship2, 105:joint undertaking and the united adhering to the desired and arranged cyclic technique binds allDiscipleship2, 109:group virtue of silence, we shall not have the desired externalization of the Ashrams. I would haveDiscipleship2, 113:that telepathic interplay which is so much to be desired and which is so constructively useful toDiscipleship2, 127:fusion of purpose which is for you the next desired step. You have worked at a group fusion inDiscipleship2, 151:the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired by the Hierarchy, the new stanza canDiscipleship2, 168:the forward-thinking people of the world have desired. Thus through the "center which we call theDiscipleship2, 169:sensed and the will-to-good will be more widely desired and invoked. Discipleship2, 170:desire. Ideas are simply channels for new and desired divine energies; ideals are these ideasDiscipleship2, 184:direct channel of contact - whenever needed and desired for service - with the physical brain andDiscipleship2, 212:dreaming of better things, fighting for desired material benefits, longing for that which lies
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