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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRED

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Discipleship2, 216:- do [216] definitely create that which is desired. This is equally true of the other three stages,Discipleship2, 219:the planned undertaking. It is nearing its desired finish, if men work towards the freedom forDiscipleship2, 223:in order to receive impression of the immediate, desired hierarchical activity, to transmit theDiscipleship2, 233:development and endeavor, according to the work desired of any Ray Ashram implicated at anyDiscipleship2, 236:to form, to the acquisition of that which is desired and dedicated largely to the material values.Discipleship2, 243:to the particular initiation which it is desired that you take) there is also the demand upon allDiscipleship2, 260:of Shamballa. All I can impart here is the desired point of attainment [261] but the phraseology isDiscipleship2, 279:economic, and cultural - may leave much to be desired. The disciples within a Master's Ashram canDiscipleship2, 308:will save much time and "focus the light in the desired place" far more rapidly than hitherto. YouDiscipleship2, 338:that which lies ahead, of that which is deeply desired; the concept is often prostituted to anDiscipleship2, 355:you will then be arriving closer to the desired consciousness. For your instruction, I propose toDiscipleship2, 373:upon the substance of the level of consciousness desired. These living forms of thought are thenDiscipleship2, 443:of mine, to be truly effective in the manner desired, you must cultivate the attitude of being onlyDiscipleship2, 458:which emphasizes unity is the last thing to be desired; a multiplicity of living organisms heldDiscipleship2, 462:find it relatively easy and possible to get the desired results. Focus yourself in the head. SoundDiscipleship2, 464:on that most difficult path of service. K.H. desired to find out if you were prepared to acceptDiscipleship2, 476:to the nature of your life-orientation and the desired quality of your service during the comingDiscipleship2, 482:interplay with those you contacted, were ever desired by the people you met; people [483] haveDiscipleship2, 483:to approach, and your reactions to those who desired contact have been negative, and this at timesDiscipleship2, 517:- have endeavored to interfere and prevent the desired relationship. The matter is, however,Discipleship2, 570:to change what is undesirable and to make the desired progress. Can you, my brother, think of aDiscipleship2, 576:the war is over - provided that it terminates as desired by the Great White Lodge - many willDiscipleship2, 593:get the Picture of the worldwide scope of the desired plan. I suggest that the emphasis during theDiscipleship2, 605:body along the lines you have for so long desired, and make the discipline for which you haveDiscipleship2, 613:it should be easy for you to apply that desired and recognized discipline - a discipline of such aDiscipleship2, 629:grasp and know if you are to move forward as desired - by your soul and by your Master. At thisDiscipleship2, 630:is to be found if due search is made. There the desired truth and revelation can be expected andDiscipleship2, 676:another. To insure that the work goes forward as desired, necessarily (as I said) the individualDiscipleship2, 680:M., K.H., and R.), the work cannot go forward as desired. My brother, your choice is clear and oneDiscipleship2, 689:surprising unfoldment - an unfoldment much to be desired, prior to entering upon anotherDiscipleship2, 710:your attitude is all that could possibly be desired; you have (which is unusual) a second rayDiscipleship2, 725:means that which sidesteps you from the desired service, that which engrosses your attention andDiscipleship2, 752:you the word "radiation" some years ago as your desired keynote. For years I have watched theDiscipleship2, 759:with the initiate consciousness (of the grade desired), and thus start with greatly increasedEducation, 15:purpose and plan), converted that idea into the desired substance and clothed it with the neededEducation, 30:so can direct at will the lower attention in any desired manner. Thus all aspects of man, spiritualEducation, 72:between the present form of education and the desired ideal; there has been no scientific bridgingEducation, 101:been forced by organizational pressure into the desired pattern and mould, when he had absorbed theEducation, 113:to sense the unknown, the desirable and the desired. The consequent determination and persistenceEducation, 121:and the aggressive taking of that which is desired has proven widely inclusive and distinguishesEducation, 123:the vision and distort the true picture of the desired goal, and prostitute the early grasp ofEducation, 136:may incarnate, cannot be imposed by law. The desired ends may be aided by educational methods andEducation, 141:which is, for the race, the next planned and desired development. Need I, therefore, talk to youExternalisation, 16:the work of the Great Ones is to go forward as desired in these days of stress and of world need,Externalisation, 21:of that final last effort which will bring the desired and anticipated result. [22] I would prefaceExternalisation, 23:I can make a definite contribution towards this desired end? Recognizing my special circumstancesExternalisation, 27:produce potent objective effects is to be desired and such is their intent in our minds, but - atExternalisation, 86:will react to stimulation and to progress of the desired kind. This is the modern form of theExternalisation, 90:spoke and knew each other. They saw and they desired that which then appeared. They sensed theExternalisation, 95:- ready and waiting to bestow that which is desired, reached for and claimed. [96] The New Group ofExternalisation, 96:and dedicated to the task of bringing about the desired fusion or group at-one-ment. These are theExternalisation, 101:intellectually perceived and aspirationally desired, but that the Plan and the purposes of theExternalisation, 103:sake, but for the carrying forward of the desired group purposes. The need is for group thinking ofExternalisation, 104:themselves express the subtler aspects of these desired virtues. The emphasis upon the work whichExternalisation, 116:itself indicates a stage of true and much to be desired development. Reasoning, analysis and theExternalisation, 124:its final discarding as a means of arriving at desired ends. Externalisation, 130:their own specialized methods to bring about the desired ends. Be not surprised by my [131]Externalisation, 143:use has, however, been justified [143] and it is desired that its usefulness should be very greatlyExternalisation, 145:by attraction and consolidation that which is desired into the fabric of the group life, producingExternalisation, 145:these Words and sounds and thus produce the desired results which are always in line with theExternalisation, 145:felt upon the physical plane and to achieve the desired results because his brain (the lowerExternalisation, 147:the Hierarchy chooses to produce the desired unfoldments and changes upon the physical plane [148]Externalisation, 149:of the natural forces and the evocation of the desired material rewards will arrive normally andExternalisation, 157:of the will in order that they may produce the desired ends. Forget not that this has to be a groupExternalisation, 174:them millions can be reached and swung into the desired activity. To those of you who canExternalisation, 199:will unfold into that major synthesis so much desired by the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, andExternalisation, 233:their hope or aid in the materialization of the desired ideal. There are those in the world todayExternalisation, 244:new world. It is a practical vision - long desired, much discussed and clearly outlined. TheExternalisation, 268:is one of the highest aspects of fear) are not desired by Them. Such attitudes are emotional inExternalisation, 273:out in the individual aspirant. This much-to-be-desired event can be brought about by theExternalisation, 277:has its roots deep in matter. The peace usually desired and discussed concerns material peace, andExternalisation, 281:reward of those with whom we work, if reward is desired. This achieved situation will then bringExternalisation, 291:divine quality and energy which will produce the desired effect upon humanity, evoking a reaction,Externalisation, 291:of something transcendent, something to be desired and striven for, something which indicates aExternalisation, 303:and intent) towards a recognized and desired end, overcoming all obstacles and destroying all thatExternalisation, 310:focused intention to move forward. That was the desired goal and that goal has now been reached.Externalisation, 327:to take the needed action. In this manner the desired conditions will take form upon the physicalExternalisation, 329:itself dynamically felt - if you all work as desired. It will be apparent, therefore, how importantExternalisation, 378:good motive and wise action can bring in the desired era of right human relations and eventualExternalisation, 388:disciples. This combination is the one that is desired and required. These people are relativelyExternalisation, 388:as to work effectively for the five weeks of the desired period. [389] Externalisation, 484:will be directly affected, if the plans go as desired, are the big educational systems, theExternalisation, 490:the setting of a time cycle. If plans mature as desired by the Hierarchy, the new stanza canExternalisation, 507:and not destructive, and that the gains desired are not furthered at the expense of any part of theExternalisation, 517:these suggestions. Should the work progress as desired, it may mark the time of the near appearingExternalisation, 521:may be possible. An extension of the ashram is desired. It was with this in view that I inauguratedExternalisation, 521:to do this in a quiet and unhurried spirit. I desired that they spend the entire afternoon inExternalisation, 574:chosen membership the needed training and the desired reorientation, the Christ and the Masters areExternalisation, 633:time I had in which to bring about the results desired by the Hierarchy; all has been meticulouslyExternalisation, 643:throughout the whole world. This greatly to be desired expression of divine purpose will beExternalisation, 644:those directly responsible to the Christ for the desired work of preparation. Certain disciplesExternalisation, 654:a need; this They do in order to produce the desired result, and to bring to fruition that which isExternalisation, 660:Each of these energies is concerned with the desired organization, for it must ever be rememberedExternalisation, 662:the adaptation of present affairs to the desired future, the coordination of the work to be done,Externalisation, 693:and thus providing space and entry for the desired, for the good, the beautiful and the true". InFire, 45:are working in perfect synthesis then the desired vibration will have been reached. When the threeFire, 57:assimilated, the human frame will function as desired. The subject of the blending of these twoFire, 115:of the various causes which may hinder the desired progress, and prevent the appointed escape andFire, 127:but because liberation and purification is desired in order that the higher union with the LogosFire, 127:the Logos may be effected; this union must be desired, not for selfish ends, but because group
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