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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRED

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Intellect, 112:and to work with them, so as to produce the desired result. The fifth factor reminds us that aMagic, 60:they may take the needed steps and develop the desired awareness. Until this is done, the Master,Magic, 161:in action" is lost, because they are tied to the desired result and so their labor producesMagic, 172:are definite stages of contact and grades in the desired rapport. These can be enumerated, butMagic, 258:and controlled by the Dweller to the desired end. Then the characteristic is purity within theMagic, 264:life of all aspirants, if progressing with the desired rapidity, is one of constant movement,Magic, 274:and before the thought-form brings about the desired results on the physical plane there comes tooMagic, 274:and the consequent appearance of the desired form of expression. Let us take the facts andMagic, 323:of Periodicity and if the student develops as desired, each pralayic period is succeeded by one ofMagic, 367:can progressive evolution go forward along the desired lines. Right thinking depends upon manyMagic, 368:for a stable vibration and a well built form is desired. Hurried work leads nowhere. As you buildMagic, 385:is the Lover and the loved, the Desirer and the desired, the Seeker and the sought. It is only asMagic, 447:the average human being, many never produce the desired physical plane effects, and fail in theirMagic, 449:find architects and bridge builders reducing the desired form to a mathematical formula. PronounceMagic, 455:to their Creator. It can be directed in any desired direction, and under the law of leastMagic, 455:can find its own place, thus performing its desired function and carrying out the purpose for whichMagic, 459:most eligible to carry into manifestation the desired part of the Plan. They work with those soMagic, 488:return bringing inevitably that which has been desired, only to find in the majority of cases thatMagic, 507:civilization, and to erect the new temple desired for the religious impulse. Under its influenceMagic, 580:effect. When the soul has registered the desired quality and possesses the strength of the TimelessMagic, 621:what means to continue to employ to bring these desired ends about in such a way that the formMagic, 634:is needed if the work is to go forward as desired. Even such triple distinctions as exist betweenMeditation, 18:be expected) and results in the wresting of the desired information from the source of allMeditation, 20:to perfect accuracy and clarity of tone the desired chord. See then the necessity of adapting theMeditation, 20:the matter; accuracy of comprehension is desired. We will assume that the egoic ray of A is that ofMeditation, 21:onlooker; yet, after all, the work proceeds as desired by the inner guide, and only the lifeMeditation, 33:well as that which is past) seeks to bring the desired end nearer and make it more rapidly a fact.Meditation, 37:own Development The Ego seeks to bring about the desired end in three ways: By definite work onMeditation, 44:and to Their Lotus Feet, is by you to be desired and eagerly welcomed. Cultivate daily, therefore,Meditation, 48:and certain types of meditation (perhaps desired by the man himself) may be withheld on account ofMeditation, 56:which adjusts matter, under set forms, to the desired shapes. You may ask here: Why have I thusMeditation, 61:it that will serve as a protection and make the desired higher contact more easy. The matter ofMeditation, 64:Sacred Word with exactitude and thus reach the desired end; his alignment will be perfect, theMeditation, 67:detailed description, yet if things progress as desired, even you may see it somewhat worked out inMeditation, 73:aspirant himself - as a totality - progresses as desired: - if his physical body receives adequateMeditation, 77:cultivates the habit of abstract thinking, the desired results upon the centers will be producedMeditation, 89:of the higher devas to bring [89] about desired results. The dangers attached thereto are too greatMeditation, 91:of God's creatures, can the work go forward as desired. Only when the development is equable, onlyMeditation, 97:the causal body itself will not be built as desired and so time will be lost. The mental body willMeditation, 99:oft the reverse. A negative condition is not desired in either of the bodies, and it is just thisMeditation, 118:danger. Let me illustrate, for clarity is desired: A student is affiliated with a group that has anMeditation, 146:will start with meditation on the virtue most desired, add virtue to virtue in the building of theMeditation, 150:of which he elevates his consciousness to the desired point. He concentrates on abstractions, onMeditation, 155:nevertheless, when the pupil has made the desired progress and covered certain specific stages andMeditation, 157:two higher subplanes is approaching somewhat the desired figure, and when the pupil recognizesMeditation, 163:united power of the Lodge is required to effect desired ends. Great events are inaugurated by theMeditation, 168:the student. Through meditation, adjusted to the desired line, the student can control step by stepMeditation, 170:in the three worlds of the due following of the desired line. Each line has its specific formsMeditation, 178:up by the use of specific forms that lead to the desired result and obviate the need of speech.Meditation, 189:sounding of the words alone that bring about the desired end but the mental concentration thatMeditation, 194:the moment to apply that science and effect the desired end. Meditation, 195:worlds. Let [195] me illustrate, for clarity is desired. I must warn you however to bear in mindMeditation, 198:the funnel is formed that reaches upwards to the desired locality. The geometrical figures formedMeditation, 202:and his capacity to assimilate leaves much to be desired. [203] Meditation, 232:and thereby approximate in some measure the desired position. But today we come down to practicalMeditation, 246:about, through scientific comprehension, the desired results. Some member of the group will also beMeditation, 257:that outside and further on is something to be desired; we learn also the mystery that thatMeditation, 269:in all earnestness, that he will not take these desired steps until he has somewhat to give, andMeditation, 288:the necessary work and is attaining somewhat the desired object. Keep this very clearly in mind. IMeditation, 298:the system of Occult Meditation and make the desired progress is undeniable, but they are only fewMeditation, 301:also has its place. It will go forward as desired if each one who is now under occult trainingMeditation, 311:expression on the lower plane goes forward as desired, and that success must inevitably eventuate.Meditation, 313:out of the lower auric egg approaches the desired point, then the pupil will pass into the moreMeditation, 321:can be given. Climatic conditions and the desired size of the schools will greatly vary and theMeditation, 341:more notice. The capacity to plod is much to be desired. A progress that is made without unduePatanjali, 27:and the results to be gained most earnestly desired (or loved) before the aspirant will make thatPatanjali, 74:will with exactitude so as to bring about the desired conditions. The sheaths and vehicles arePatanjali, 80:one of the ray energies to the exclusion - where desired - of the others. The student is warned notPatanjali, 149:into an activity which will bring about the desired ends. Hence the use and necessity for the gunaPatanjali, 183:The capacity of the thinker to use the mind as desired and to transmit to the brain, higherPatanjali, 210:emotional and mental [210] nature, proceeds as desired. When this is the case, the response of thePatanjali, 277:ways: Direct ability to see the records if so desired. This form of acquiring knowledge is seldomPatanjali, 285:complete detachment. He then produces the effect desired in accordance with the law but it carriesPatanjali, 351:man, putting him en rapport with him, when so desired, Into touch with all forms. [352] To thePatanjali, 368:Hence it is the highest knowledge which can be desired by the yogin, and it is a sure index ofProblems, 11:the national boundaries, that is good and to be desired. If it makes him assertive, arrogant,Problems, 155:take form? A new presentation is deeply desired and hopefully anticipated by those to whom theProblems, 161:this to that and producing in many cases the desired response in some form or another. MeditationProblems, 174:Security, happiness and peaceful relations are desired by all. Until, however, the Great Powers, inPsychology1, 23:the loving and the loved, the desiring and the desired, must here be posited) and to emerge fromPsychology1, 47:itself as power, has attracted to itself the desired, has with wisdom utilized the experience of aPsychology1, 68:ray energy and aspects of his latent and deeply desired spiritual nature, then these communicationsPsychology1, 81:field? Quality - spurning that which is not desired. Why set the cross from earth to heaven? ButPsychology1, 92:in a dream world of a possible and ardently desired future in which frustration will end, in whichPsychology1, 101:of [101] the world leaves as yet much to be desired, but it will come as the result of mind controlPsychology1, 177:idea will be universally recognized, universally desired, and generally worked for, and when thesePsychology1, 178:of three groups of workers to bring about the desired results. The seven groups of workers arePsychology1, 198:of the life-forms and their bringing to a desired perfection. Hence the influence of the sixth RayPsychology1, 237:the inner ray influences, which bring about the desired outer results. It is the goal of thePsychology1, 246:the [246] major influences bringing about the desired results in the kingdoms of nature under thePsychology1, 251:produce a relation to man which makes of him the desired goal. This is to be seen through thePsychology1, 297:or are not wanted. Some few, of course, are desired, but even in these cases, that desire isPsychology1, 297:to be satisfied; yet the day of ordained and desired births is drawing nearer, and when it comes itPsychology1, 337:self. The magnetic pull of that which is desired is modified on our planet by the personality rayPsychology1, 363:coming in of the seventh ray will lead to this desired consummation, and the mystics who arePsychology1, 394:and to "pull strings" in order to bring about desired ends. As a race, they are natural law makers,Psychology1, 426:produce a relation to man which makes of him the desired goal. This is to be seen through thePsychology2, 44:disciples, if they are to do their work as desired and to cooperate with the Plan correctly, needPsychology2, 51:it into forms) has been carried forward to a desired point. It is not primarily due to thePsychology2, 51:of certain spiritual qualities. This desired stature and these spiritual qualities are manifested
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