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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRES

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Astrology, 152:natures. Taurus - The refocusing of the lower desires prior to another circling of the Great WheelAstrology, 170:the satisfaction of all the earthly and animal desires of the baser sort and is one of theAstrology, 207:founded and established thought reservoirs and desires, inherited and inherent) there emerges fromAstrology, 215:the death of the personality, with its longings, desires, ambitions and pride. In Pisces there isAstrology, 223:baptism and purification. The earthly material desires of Taurus must in [224] due time be broughtAstrology, 225:of the soul, whilst attachment to personality desires, likes and dislikes is transmuted into theAstrology, 229:back to the old ways, the old habits and the old desires. Astrology, 232:is, however, upon the astral plane and the desires [233] of men are predominantly in a position ofAstrology, 292:display of selfish power of the man who desires place and position. But eventually the time comesAstrology, 294:of the soul; Sensitivity to the will, wishes and desires of the personality, [295] the integratedAstrology, 303:of ever larger [303] values and reality, the desires change into aspiration and finally intoAstrology, 307:to world conditions and freed from personal desires. Before individual man can achieve initiation,Astrology, 373:[373] of the wrong kind and its enforced desires. Thus, through these personalities and their wrongAstrology, 378:gold is the symbol which today governs man's desires whether national, economic or religious; it isAstrology, 399:in which self interest and personality aims and desires are the motives bringing about activity.Astrology, 447:he begins to exhaust and deny the demands and desires of the lower nature. This cycle of experienceAstrology, 499:but it has been heavily overlaid by the material desires of mankind. A thick crust (if I may useAstrology, 508:that of the devotee who fights for that which he desires or for that to which he aspires. TheAstrology, 544:but only by the massed aspiration and spiritual desires of the peoples of the Earth. Of thisAstrology, 559:naught of the picture. He suffers, agonizes, desires, strives, is the apparent victim ofAstrology, 586:all that attempted to impede their projects and desires. Atom, 12:particular set of emotions, and of the thoughts, desires, and instincts by which we control action.Atom, 64:early rebellious days, when a man is full of desires, aspirations, longings and ideals, which heAtom, 137:the mind. Most of us are controlled by our desires, and by our thoughts. But the time is comingAutobiography, 145:same urges and aspirations, the same goals and desires and I believe that we need to realize thisAutobiography, 284:reaction of the mind to the imposition of the desires or will of the soul. It means that theAutobiography, 285:as he chooses; he is free to leave, when he so desires. Necessarily, if the student never works,Bethlehem, 40:the joy of understanding, and new values, new desires and a new love replace the old. The Birth atBethlehem, 94:new being, with a [94] different set of wishes, desires, ideals, and methods of world activity. Bethlehem, 99:was entirely centered in the feelings and the desires, in the emotions, and - among its mostBethlehem, 110:of the desert, alone with His thoughts and desires, He was tested throughout all the parts of HisBethlehem, 118:all our lives and produces false values, wrong desires, needless so-called necessities, ourBethlehem, 118:a grip that there seems little we can do. The desires of men, down the centuries, have broughtBethlehem, 122:man, and not simply that of his body and its desires. There are things which matter essentially toBethlehem, 126:path of spiritual living and expression. All His desires were directed towards God; every activityBethlehem, 129:lesser ends or motives, and the tiny wishes and desires for and of the personal self fade out ofBethlehem, 147:the process of transmutation converts the desires and feelings, the pains and the pleasures, intoBethlehem, 210:of humanity instead of the service of one's own desires. In the course of enunciating these newBethlehem, 213:immediate pull of those living affections and desires which are conditioned upon the goodwill andBethlehem, 213:the goodwill and the support of fellow beings; desires for the happiness of loved ones; for theDestiny, 16:cruel; they impose their will and dictate their desires; they make mistakes but they areDestiny, 44:with the satisfaction of their emotional desires (again related to the form side) so that the trueDestiny, 81:the way with his material aims, his acquisitive desires, his arrogant will and his blind movingDestiny, 85:have led her blindly to seek that which she desires and because of her powerful personality to gainDestiny, 133:constant interpretations in terms of material desires, personal ambitions, and territorial controlDiscipleship1, 20:forces were subordinated to the selfish desires of men, so today, they are being subordinated toDiscipleship1, 65:then can you keep your minds free from your own desires and from your own interpretations? ByDiscipleship1, 81:to subordinate his spiritual ambition, and desires to the group pace and to the necessity of rightDiscipleship1, 82:attitude of indifference where personal desires, contacts and goals are concerned. Such anDiscipleship1, 89:to see - in large and in detail - that which he desires and for which he intends to work. TheDiscipleship1, 98:rule out all moods and feelings, all personality desires, resentments, grievances [99] and allDiscipleship1, 183:by the sumtotal of the similar thoughts, desires and plans of the majority. It is for this reason,Discipleship1, 206:enable him to know through which door his soul desires him to pass. The only exercise I am going toDiscipleship1, 219:of your personality attitudes, ideas and desires upon your environment (as was the case in yourDiscipleship1, 314:the desire life, whatever those attachments or desires may happen to be. This is a mental activity;Discipleship1, 333:They are free from personality ideas, ideals and desires (of no matter how high an order) and fromDiscipleship1, 336:upon to sacrifice everything in order that the desires, the will and the purpose of the soul - onceDiscipleship1, 377:World Servers, stepped down into their minds and desires. As it exists in the consciousness of theDiscipleship1, 423:rearrangement - either of your life or of your desires - and the specific next step is, for you,Discipleship1, 454:door stands open for his return whenever he so desires. Discipleship1, 466:only longing to love and serve. These are your desires and the future holds for you much service.Discipleship1, 585:time, your personal interests, and your personal desires, based upon your personal qualities. YouDiscipleship1, 617:old forms of wishful thinking, and old desires for power. For you, the remainder of this life mustDiscipleship1, 696:may not impose his will upon the disciple; his desires, aspirations and wishes must not be theDiscipleship1, 744:his own feelings, thoughts, likes, dislikes and desires are no longer the controlling factors; heDiscipleship1, 751:the Master when, and only when, the Master so desires and it would be good and helpful to theDiscipleship1, 754:outside his own consciousness any thoughts or desires which might disturb the group aura. When heDiscipleship2, 31:this "Dweller" is constructed of the evil desires of all mankind, of humanity's mistakes andDiscipleship2, 123:the lower self awaits my coming. That which desires to lift and that which cries aloud for liftingDiscipleship2, 212:and, in many cases, even their vision. All these desires, longings, wishes, visions and dreams areDiscipleship2, 215:in the three worlds of that which the lower man desires and wants; this will include the desires ofDiscipleship2, 215:man desires and wants; this will include the desires of the lowest types of human beings throughDiscipleship2, 216:intent is to swing into creative activity the desires, aspirations, [217] reflections andDiscipleship2, 229:the individual is concerned) of purely personal desires. Visualize money as a great stream ofDiscipleship2, 247:of the Hierarchy. His suppositions, his desires, his aspirational wish-life, his theories, orDiscipleship2, 377:Sanat Kumara, has created, and with which the desires of mankind - through the medium of the astralDiscipleship2, 447:make are based upon various urges, impulses and desires; they differ from those made by the averageDiscipleship2, 540:search your motives and the nature of your desires. For years, my brother, I have sought to helpDiscipleship2, 617:fallen for you now into those which your soul desires, for your brother travels with you and youDiscipleship2, 747:ancient racial fears and deep seated personal desires. Ponder not upon the sacral center, for thatEducation, 20:creates, in time and space, in line with its desires. Thus the secondary world of phenomenal thingsEducation, 58:be developed and trained if the man himself so desires it and brings it about by the right handlingExternalisation, 80:- one in our relationships, and capacities and desires, our origin and our goal. It is thisExternalisation, 139:in a state of chaos, and are swept by ancient desires, ancient and deep seated selfish attitudesExternalisation, 186:man's spiritual aspiration and his material desires. This condition is today brought to a focus inExternalisation, 209:be needed and proper consideration of population desires. It is not the restoration of the ancientExternalisation, 211:of a trained and alive public opinion which desires the greatest good of the greatest number, areExternalisation, 243:He must be willing to fight for that which he desires and knows to be good and true and right, andExternalisation, 293:and the sumtotal of the selfish habits and desires which are characteristic of the material natureExternalisation, 294:of the dread sumtotal of his evil and material desires or he may be drawing gradually nearer to theExternalisation, 306:Who can at this time save humanity if humanity desires salvation and will take the needed steps. Externalisation, 346:all that attempted to impede their projects and desires. There is only one way in which thisExternalisation, 465:of glamor and illusion, and of materialistic desires which today form the pattern of men's lives.Externalisation, 471:the world recognize what it is that the Christ desires, and if the men and women of goodwillExternalisation, 482:a clear grasp of the Plan which the Hierarchy desires to see work out, a revelation of the issuesExternalisation, 542:no longer continue with His task unless He so desires - and then only for a period of years, knownExternalisation, 646:of energy (through the selfish perception and desires of mankind) has been crystallized into money.Externalisation, 690:tune in and absorb the thoughts and register the desires of those around him, and particularly ofExternalisation, 691:the thought activity evoked by the minds and the desires of those with whom he is working. TheFire, 64:animates and controls the physical body, and its desires hold sway in the majority of cases; it
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