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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESIRES

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Psychology2, 558:powers which he can develop and use if he so desires and is willing to pay the price; he recognizesPsychology2, 605:a thought form, expressing all that the mystic desires to contact or to see expressed. There willPsychology2, 607:light into two groups of difficulties if one so desires - one related to the physical registeringPsychology2, 618:members, their resentments and their unsatisfied desires for prominence or for recognition by thePsychology2, 618:for recognition by the leader or leaders, their desires to see the leader superseded by themselvesPsychology2, 633:and emotional enough to appeal to material desires, to love of country, and to hatred of those whoPsychology2, 665:as it voices its highest hopes, longings and desires. This attitude of listening and of aPsychology2, 736:give." Let us in full surrender of our personal desires and wishes join in the common task ofPsychology2, 742:will not be negligible, nor their expressed desires impotent? It is this particular method ofPsychology2, 747:example by submerging our own ideas and personal desires in the good of the whole. There must be onRays, 39:the fire of divine love destroys the loves and desires of the integrated personality. Two factorsRays, 87:which he does and by the material focus of his desires; the following of a life of vice will breedRays, 126:enable him to surmount the appeal of those desires which work out in the fulfilment of lowerRays, 210:It is not what the disciple seeks, or wants or desires which should condition him and drive him toRays, 431:aware of its environment, of the nature of its desires, and of its mental peculiarities, as well asRays, 540:by the focusing of all the power, aims and desires of the disciple dynamically upon the mentalRays, 597:mysticism and of the emotional and conditioning desires. All these aspects are present in theRays, 597:will begin to transform human living and human desires and also human affairs and attitudes, andRays, 604:result of man's thinking than of man's emotional desires. It therefore automatically involved theRays, 677:and nature; much still remains to be done; old desires, ancient astral reactions and habitualRays, 677:focus. That which he now loves and longs for, desires and plans for, lies in another and higherRays, 678:be the same. The old physical attitudes and desires may still at times assume control; selfishnessRays, 695:of the third initiation takes his stand. He desires nothing of a personal nature; he is liberatedReappearance, 20:yourselves with material things or with your desires; gain a proper sense of value; cease regardingSoul, 13:I The Problem of Psychology - Introduction Three desires prompt the writing of this book: theSoul, 13:together, they constitute the one Reality. These desires grow out of the present position ofSoul, 14:upon man as a system of needs, impulses, and desires impelling him to study, to use, and to masterSoul, 69:qualities and attributes, impresses upon it its desires and, eventually directs it through theSoul, 133:automaton, responsive to and controlled by the desires and the emotional nature, so these emotionalSoul, 156:with his impressions and emotions and expansive desires - as a power of vital control. Failure toTelepathy, 8:circle. Their feelings, worries, sorrows, and desires become apparent and form part of the reading,Telepathy, 30:and the cultivation of that dispassion which desires nothing for the separated self, and nothingTelepathy, 98:in reality, usually expressions of his emotional desires. Telepathy, 101:- the detachment of the Observer from all desires and longings which concern the separated self. ItTelepathy, 102:registered is glamored by wrong and selfish desires and by the wishful thinking of well-meaningTelepathy, 103:thought-forms, and from the aspirational desires and longings which have hitherto prevented rightTelepathy, 156:appetites. The astral world, determining the desires, emotions and aspirations which the man will
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