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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESPERATE

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Astrology, 362:is one of the rulers of Gemini) produces the "desperate conflict of the imprisoned soul upon theAutobiography, 109:at Boston in the pouring rain and I was quite desperate. I had a bad headache; my dressing-caseAutobiography, 127:climax of this came on a day when I was quite desperate and, leaving the children in the care of aAutobiography, 127:not been built over, I told God that I was quite desperate, that I would take anything that I hadAutobiography, 128:no response. I was so sure that if I was [128] desperate enough that I would get a response; that IAutobiography, 149:that there comes a point in fear when you are so desperate that you will take any chance. I walkedDestiny, 5:in the realm of the first ray influence for the desperate need of humanity is evoking the willDiscipleship1, 100:with the Hierarchy seek to do at this time of desperate crisis is to find those who are dependableDiscipleship1, 714:which the personality invokes the soul under the desperate need brought about in the lowerDiscipleship2, 66:of evil which are endeavoring to make a last desperate stand upon the astral plane. Discipleship2, 473:need of the service which you can render and the desperate task involved in the reorganization ofDiscipleship2, 649:of desperation. Yet you have not been truly desperate because the "haze of blue" has protected you,Externalisation, 320:a vague demand that right should triumph and a desperate hope that something unexpected will happenExternalisation, 387:greed have brought the world to its present desperate plight. They know also that selfless sharingExternalisation, 406:upon him by the tragedy of circumstance, by desperate need and by the driving urge of theGlamour, 271:today and it is for these potential servers of a desperate necessity that I have written. That theHercules, 130:thus forcing them to press forward with such desperate vigor that no enemy could withstand them.Hercules, 203:as you find him. When you are up against the desperate need of people you have no time to thinkIntellect, 73:St. Paul says practically the same thing in his desperate cry: "For I know that in me (that is, inIntellect, 222:advice of teachers of breathing. They are quite desperate and frequently are in a serious psychicIntellect, 231:part before men. The end of that is disease and desperate fatigue and loss of the way whileProblems, 149:humanity by the tragedy of circumstances, by desperate need and by the driving urge of the immanentProblems, 161:undertaken. This indicates that because of man's desperate need, because of [162] the crisisReappearance, 100:He discovered also that men were not then desperate enough to "take the Kingdom of Heaven byReappearance, 139:or by those who go there by force of habit, or desperate unhappiness? What is wrong, finally, withReappearance, 143:or the Infallibility of the Pope. Humanity is in desperate need and that need must be met; only
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