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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESTINED

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Astrology, 115:and the Macrocosm - are brought to their destined expression and manifestation. Until man isAstrology, 272:Gemini, via the planet Mercury, have done their destined work; for Gemini is an expression of theAstrology, 533:which can prevent the advance of man towards his destined goal and no combination of powers canAutobiography, 302:left of human freedom, and we would all be destined to become spiritual robots. What they can doBethlehem, 20:rays, energies and influences must surely be destined to produce equal effects, not only in theBethlehem, 102:him - namely, that he was the One whom God had destined to be the Messiah. With this revelation heBethlehem, 103:trial of suffering he must become what God had destined him to be. His messianic consciousness wasBethlehem, 110:today tells us that "all they who are destined for the Kingdom must win forgiveness for the guiltBethlehem, 128:could be upset, His mission was, from the start, destined to fail. If He could be deceived by theBethlehem, 210:But the world view and what Christ was destined to [211] do for humanity down the ages, and theDestiny, 25:which will then enter into its preordained and destined function. It is for this that all is takingDestiny, 106:which can prevent the advance of man towards his destined goal and no combination of powers canDiscipleship1, 26:work to do and that he must speak and work as destined. This feeds a pride which has no foundationDiscipleship1, 34:their appearance in the world an fulfil their destined mission. Four of these groups are alreadyDiscipleship1, 225:now work, and at the same time you found your destined field of service. I am glad to welcome youDiscipleship1, 489:behind. You are free now for service and the destined service has come your way. The door to thatDiscipleship1, 638:must freely come to an understanding of his destined service. When you know for yourself what itDiscipleship1, 691:to handle force and to draw energies into the destined area of service and this is a fact you mustDiscipleship2, 72:as the fourth kingdom in nature. This kingdom is destined to act as a transmitter of force, ofDiscipleship2, 164:steps which lead mankind onward towards its destined goal, plus a steadily increased recognition ofDiscipleship2, 235:their time in doing that which is not their destined task because in so doing they satisfy theirDiscipleship2, 308:which he must use in order to achieve the next destined point of attained revelation. I have hereDiscipleship2, 525:aid you to take the initiation which was your destined goal this life, but which you may yourselfEducation, 62:response. Beyond this point of humanity's destined goal I seek not to go; to initiates andEducation, 137:bodies for incarnating souls so that certain destined evolutionary unfoldments may be carriedEducation, 137:forward, and the attainment of an equally destined and inevitable spiritual unfoldment becomesExternalisation, 77:far more advanced than ours, should have been destined to work out its future on our earth, is hidExternalisation, 163:will then for the first time enter upon its destined task as the intelligent, loving intermediaryFire, 28:dissipated. The solid ground emerged in certain destined places. The Fifth o'er-ran the SacredFire, 115:progress, and prevent the appointed escape and destined liberation. Later we will take up theFire, 401:in a specific direction, and along certain destined paths. It is consequently karmic impulse,Fire, 472:births. That portion of the Sanchita karma destined to influence human life in one or the presentFire, 1185:help and mutual correction. They are really destined to work together, but nevertheless on otherGlamour, 68:this problem of glamor, with the view to your destined group service and not with a view of yourGlamour, 75:of materiality will be gone. It is the first destined to disappear. Students would do well toGlamour, 153:the guarantee of human progress toward its destined goal as well as the assertion of its majorHealing, 483:wherein death will be regarded as a happy and destined release and not, as is the case today, aHealing, 545:the patient and a willingness [545] for the destined fate to take place; in both cases the feverishIntellect, 136:in the sense that he can do no more, but it is destined to give way to the stage of ecstasy whenMagic, 171:Themselves to tell Their disciples that they are destined for high office, or that they are TheirMagic, 176:are present, the Masters can begin to use Their destined workers; where they are absent, otherMagic, 339:schools of thought or trend of ideas which is destined to pass away is that of the currentMagic, 417:forward looking souls into groups which are destined to bring in the new era of peace and of goodMagic, 538:act, then the human family will enter upon its destined work of planetary service. Its mission isPsychology1, 69:let the soul appear. Let life emerge within a destined time. Quality - the power to evolve. LetPsychology1, 87:their way to the power ray. This minority are destined for an important function. They willPsychology1, 168:the buddhic, and the manasic planes, - atoms destined to be the nuclei of the future bodies, eachPsychology2, 8:of the intelligent energy of will that is destined to be the dominant creative aspect. It is uponPsychology2, 107:a deeper inner love for those with whom you are destined to work. Each soul grows into the way ofPsychology2, 218:sees it today. Their plans and purposes are destined and oriented to a larger accomplishment thanPsychology2, 399:themselves in the Persons of Those Who are destined to reveal them eventually to man. Just as,Rays, 64:which directs the needed energy and certain destined and chosen forces so that the Plan (let meRays, 155:is not only a protection but also his chosen and destined field of service. He begins to learn withRays, 318:initiation will eventually be relegated to its destined place, and what is meant by the "display ofRays, 334:level - the move forward which humanity is also destined to make. But, my brothers, here is theRays, 593:that which is the fifth in order is destined to be the instrument, the vehicle or the implementingRays, 690:Then this energy is directed outward into its destined field of service. This energy is of so highRays, 736:which of the seven Paths He will follow to His destined place. I know not what the Great RefusalRays, 755:release of our planet from its danger, is the destined task of Those Who work and live in "theRays, 755:from the Christ - an Invocation that is destined to become of major usefulness in bringing aboutReappearance, 75:of His divine energy (extra-planetary energy) is destined to bring peace eventually upon Earth,Telepathy, 132:the fourth or human kingdom. This kingdom was destined to become and is today the third majorTelepathy, 163:is the number of initiation, and by the time the destined number of disciples have taken the nine
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