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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESTINY

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Externalisation, 297:These Appearances are evoked by the genius and destiny of a race, The typical man (in quality andExternalisation, 352:it to Him. We are the conditioners of our own destiny. Neither the Christ nor the Hierarchy may, atExternalisation, 370:determine, as far as in them lies, their own destiny and men will exercise their free will inExternalisation, 407:From it the great political movements and the destiny of races and nations and their progress areExternalisation, 445:of world servers, can and will determine the destiny of man for centuries to come. Even those whoExternalisation, 448:and Ashrams, and in Whose hands the political destiny of man rests at any one time. The wholeExternalisation, 467:perception for those who have to guide the destiny of races, nations and world groups. On theirExternalisation, 506:This will seem logical to you, for His destiny is closely interwoven with the Christian Church andExternalisation, 506:the needs of the people who carry forward the destiny of Christianity. The Master Hilarion isExternalisation, 507:of the Anglo-Saxon peoples towards a joint destiny. The future for the Anglo-Saxon is great and notExternalisation, 597:here upon our Earth, watching over the spiritual destiny of humanity; He has never left us, but inExternalisation, 603:great body of "illumined Minds" which guide the destiny of the world. The Kingdom of God is notExternalisation, 683:are in or out of the body, according to their destiny, immediate karma or form of service. St.Fire, 65:and smallness are essentially relative. The destiny of each atom is to create a brahmanda.Fire, 112:applying future karma, and wielding the future destiny of the races. The work of the first group ofFire, 469:of the solar Logos. Globe Karma - The individual destiny of the entity who is a center in the bodyFire, 470:Hermaphrodite. The Karma of a subplane, or the destiny of certain lesser entities who manifestFire, 471:(The seven root-races.) Racial karma, or the destiny and purpose of each root-race. Subrace karma,Fire, 471:Subrace karma, for each subrace has its own destiny to work out. National karma. Family karma.Fire, 591:the capacity of the thinker to shape his own destiny, and secondly because the word implies aFire, 791:is upon the Path and consciously controlling his destiny, and working off [792] karma, theFire, 804:within limits, man definitely does "control his destiny," and can initiate action which producesFire, 804:vaster scale, and thus is the arbiter of his own destiny, the producer of his own drama, theFire, 1053:yet within limits man is the controller of his destiny; within [1054] limits he wields forces andFire, 1097:vision of the higher sphere is hidden in the destiny of the fourth form of substance. The eye looksFire, 1143:Those who (under the first group) control the destiny of a chain. Those who are theGlamour, 97:sense of achievement, of surety, of power and of destiny. He goes [98] ahead blindly, furiously andGlamour, 121:in the field of politics. The glamor of selfish destiny, of the divine right of kings personallyGlamour, 153:the issue lies in your hands and in your planned destiny - planned by your souls. Your problem isGlamour, 271:obliteration" has taken place, what then is the destiny of the disciple? It is complete control byHealing, 101:produce the cure of disease, provided it is the destiny of the man to be healed at any given timeHealing, 167:the following: [167] Healed the patient when his destiny and fate so willed it and his soul hadHealing, 263:is so well known and their future and their destiny are subjects of worldwide, universal concern.Healing, 264:and have an innate consciousness of that high destiny, forgetting their symbolic role and that itHealing, 265:would recall, therefore, their high symbolic destiny, and if the rest of humanity would seeHealing, 285:patients who know within themselves their own destiny and can collaborate with some group which hasHealing, 322:to think in terms of the soul and purposes and destiny, then disease, as we know it, will fall intoHealing, 347:are closely connected with a man's karma and destiny. There is a great abstracting energy which weHealing, 352:temporary or chronic, or with death and destiny. No request for real aid must ever be refused,Healing, 359:illness is not, at this particular time, his destiny. Then the healer can begin to bear upon theHealing, 372:karmic limitation and of environment where your destiny has cast you is all that is required ofHealing, 385:above all of karma, and to a knowledge of divine destiny. This, if grasped, will bring about a newHealing, 385:or of the healer to know whether it is the destiny of the patient to be healed or else be helped toHealing, 385:the potency of the healer when it is not their destiny to resume active physical plane living. TheHealing, 431:involve the karma of a man or his individual destiny, as in the case of war. Then vast numbers ofHealing, 431:a particular soul as it works out its individual destiny. Death, through the destructive processesHealing, 537:limitation and conditioning circumstances, plus destiny. This predisposes the [538] developmentHealing, 538:from that body, may bring about a cure if the destiny of the patient permits, or they may soHealing, 554:be adequate to promote a cure, if that is the destiny of the man. Healing, 581:dispelling radiance is unable (because of the destiny of the patient) to bring about a physicalHealing, 596:of the process of dying are indicative of the destiny of the patient, and should be immediatelyHealing, 607:responsible for the healing, providing it is the destiny of the patient to be healed. Healing, 616:(besides a self-initiated task and a preordained destiny) to work with energies, transmitted viaHealing, 653:work, however, will cure if the patient's destiny indicates it, if the soul intends to prolong theHealing, 657:When it becomes evident that it is the patient's destiny to die, the technique of the healer altersHealing, 661:imposed by the spiritual man and by his natural destiny. It is an ignoring of the effect or theHealing, 661:to him under law, as the result of his spiritual destiny and of karmic decision; it must not comeHealing, 703:do occur, it will be due to three things: The destiny of the patient whose time has not yet come.Healing, 711:as does a catalyst), can produce miracles when destiny so ordains. The metaphysical healer whoHealing, 711:subsides and energy has fulfiled its charted destiny. Straight to the heart the power is forced toHealing, 712:or anchoring it yet more deeply in the place of destiny. All seven must be used and through theHercules, 4:painted of universal sequential development and destiny that he will go forward with fresh courage.Hercules, 6:tendencies, controlling and governing his destiny, and demonstrating the fact that the starsHercules, 21:subservient to the straight line" (The Key of Destiny, H. A. and F. H. Curtiss. pp. 246-247). It isHercules, 34:proceeds to function as the arbiter of his own destiny.... It is apparent, consequently, that inHercules, 38:and reap character. Sow character and reap destiny." The two keywords of the sign Aries are: (FromHercules, 43:that it was born from the sea, and that its destiny was to be offered in sacrifice to Minos.Hercules, 52:conformity to the laws of the land in which his destiny is cast, utter consideration for theHercules, 52:should hold to other human beings, whether its destiny is to be that of husband or wife, father orHercules, 158:the fact of the subjective world. That is the destiny of this race. It will be the achievement ofHercules, 179:pp. 153-174.) Let every man remember that the destiny of mankind is incomparable and that itHercules, 197:to the struggling sons of men of their immortal destiny. The human labors ended, your cosmic tasksHercules, 208:sequential picture of universal development and destiny. We find, as we study this ancient mythInitiation, 40:with: The distribution of karma, or human destiny, as it affects individuals, and through theInitiation, 46:thinkers. The World Teacher presides over the destiny of the great religions through the medium ofInitiation, 64:habit and reap character; sow character and reap destiny." The immortal destiny of each and all ofInitiation, 64:sow character and reap destiny." The immortal destiny of each and all of us is to attain theIntellect, 13:just obligations, thus fulfiling our temporary destiny. The question arises here as to whether suchIntellect, 80:Eternal," man will walk the earth and fulfil his destiny. The instinct which causes the lower selfIntellect, 92:animal nature and the chaotic world in which our destiny places us. We sense a certainty which everIntellect, 110:Self The organ - the mind The impulse - energy Destiny - Karma." - Bhagavad Gita, XVIII, 13-14.Intellect, 162:of the independent spiritual world, and whose destiny, in mystical language, is a 'return to hisIntellect, 162:This immediate access to Truth is the ultimate destiny of all human beings, and it seems probableIntellect, 165:the ages, which have guided the thoughts and destiny of men and brought them forward along the pathIntellect, 249:to build the realization of their immortal destiny into people than to tell them they are goingMagic, 84:cycle which will permit of their fulfiling their destiny. The time is not yet, and the work ofMagic, 203:let him go forward upon the path of his destiny. Magic, 288:and "To Be Silent" is the ultimate dharma or destiny of the matter aspect, of the animal nature inMagic, 295:This results in the fixation of a man's life destiny, until such a time as the man awakens to hisMagic, 296:soul" means nothing. The soul has no individual destiny, but is submerged into the One. Its destinyMagic, 296:destiny, but is submerged into the One. Its destiny is the destiny of the group, and of the Whole;Magic, 296:is submerged into the One. Its destiny is the destiny of the group, and of the Whole; its desire isMagic, 299:consciousness of our planetary Logos, sense His destiny, and vision fleetingly the wonder of theMagic, 304:and unable to distinguish between their own destiny in the immediate future and the destiny ofMagic, 304:own destiny in the immediate future and the destiny of others in their environment. It is possibleMagic, 327:ideas as to God, the soul, man and his destiny. Schools of thought have ever existed differing inMagic, 440:chart, and frequently offsets individual destiny or karma. People are submerged in planetary andMagic, 462:more intelligent in the working out of its true destiny and karmic obligations. When men areMagic, 474:thy fate. The thoughts of self and of thy lower destiny prevent the inner [475] voice of thine ownMagic, 535:of achievement, to the fulfilment of cyclic destiny, to the emergence of the radiant glory, to
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