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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESTINY

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Reappearance, 6:(besides a self-initiated task and a preordained destiny) to transmit energy or divine power. ThisReappearance, 26:unknown to Him, what God intended and what human destiny meant, and the part that He had to play inReappearance, 26:that He had to play in the working out of that destiny. We have paid little attention down theReappearance, 26:human thinking to Christ's reaction to His own destiny, as it affected the human. We have paidReappearance, 27:The first faint tremor of reaction to monadic "destiny" and to the widespread universal influence aReappearance, 28:done," thus indicating His realization of divine destiny. The meaning of these words is not (as isReappearance, 30:today and in the immediate present, lies the destiny of the world and - if it may be reverentlyReappearance, 43:here upon our Earth, watching over the spiritual destiny of humanity; He has never left us but, inReappearance, 50:great body of "illumined Minds" which guides the destiny of the world. The Kingdom of God is notReappearance, 122:these veil the secret of man's origin and destiny, picturing to him, in rite and ritual, the long,Reappearance, 146:we are divine and the controllers of our own destiny. We know that we have set ourselves a goal andSoul, 36:individual." - Cobb, I. G., M.D., The Glands of Destiny, p. 5. Dr. Cobb also tells us in hisSoul, 37:same source." - Cobb, I. G., M.D., The Glands of Destiny, pp. 3,6. Professor J. S. Huxley in aSoul, 38:secretion." - Cobb, L G., M.D., The Glands of Destiny, p. 1. The word "endocrine" it may be notedSoul, 158:Bibliography THE GLANDS: The Glands of Destiny, Ivo G. Cobb, M.D. The Glands RegulatingTelepathy, 79:of souls, the fifth kingdom. It is the karma and destiny of the fourth kingdom to be the impressingTelepathy, 159:of Decision, one of the seven Paths of Ultimate Destiny, the Masters function in Their cosmicTelepathy, 181:(A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. III; The Destiny of the Nations.) it will give you the key to
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