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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESTROY

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Astrology, 128:man is concerned, and is all that which seeks to destroy the higher life, but also that which canAstrology, 148:choice to bring about the needed changes and to destroy that which holds back the free expressionAstrology, 287:in them that peculiar quality which can burn and destroy and so eradicate all that hinders theirAstrology, 402:the zodiac, the struggle is to overcome and destroy all that has been so laboriously achieved uponAstrology, 584:human relations which must be used (in love) to destroy all that is hindering the free flow ofAstrology, 585:could possibly employ the first divine aspect to destroy the forms which are obstructing the freeAstrology, 587:of the ancient prophecy that the attempt to destroy the Aryan race will be by means of fire, justAstrology, 598:Conflict. This is fundamentally the will to destroy limitation. This is not the same thing as theAstrology, 598:This is not the same thing as the will to destroy negation as in the case of Ray I, but is anAutobiography, 31:enough to read private papers than it was to destroy material things. She gave me my start in theBethlehem, 4:expression of spiritual religion. They thereby destroy its background, remove its foundations, andBethlehem, 10:out when He said, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come toBethlehem, 10:the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil." (St. Matt., V, 17.) He embodiedDiscipleship1, 132:workers in any field are primarily those who can destroy those glamors to which humanity is prone.Discipleship1, 191:that which is uncontrolled, will inevitably destroy. Keep on with the same meditation. Later I willDiscipleship1, 245:to learn to be magnetic and to build and not destroy. Ponder on these suggestions and work simply,Discipleship1, 333:your love for your fellow disciples and should destroy all barriers between you and them. If itDiscipleship1, 397:of breaking up the world illusion. How can you destroy (on a large scale) that which you do notDiscipleship1, 479:can I say, my brother? What can I do in order to destroy this old and limiting rhythm? One thing IDiscipleship1, 490:or near objectives being too closely seen, can destroy that which it builds or seeks or loves,Discipleship1, 579:3rd month - I am a pool of quiet. Naught must destroy that peace, for all around me need that peaceDiscipleship1, 678:the pilgrim to the Father's Heart. The fires destroy the veil, hiding the Father's Face." Discipleship1, 725:himself creates a barrier which he must in time destroy by removing all causes for criticism. TheseDiscipleship1, 771:that which is seeking to hold back and to destroy humanity and its highest ideals and - at the sameDiscipleship2, 47:therefore cannot help you) is to overcome and destroy the hold which the Dweller on the ThresholdDiscipleship2, 378:entity; he knows that he must primarily destroy the astral phenomena for which he is creativelyDiscipleship2, 379:level of responsibility. Thus he can finally destroy (with the means of the advancing light of theDiscipleship2, 466:is there, and on it you can count if you seek to destroy opposition, to burn down barriersDiscipleship2, 516:separating wall was built on false foundations. Destroy this wall and let the glory in. Be not soEducation, 112:operation may be necessary, not in order to destroy and end the present civilization, but in orderExternalisation, 145:when rightly used and will produce changes, destroy that which must be eliminated or ended, andExternalisation, 197:has come to its climax and must either destroy humanity or be brought intelligently to an end.Externalisation, 301:therefore, fall into two categories: They will destroy the forces of evil, using the agency of theExternalisation, 302:evil conditions to an end and how They will destroy the present evil state of materialisticExternalisation, 345:human relations; it must be used (in love) to destroy all that is hindering the free flow of humanExternalisation, 345:could possibly employ the first divine aspect to destroy the forms which are obstructing the freeExternalisation, 439:again, the Powers of Darkness are attempting to destroy humanity and the spiritual values. TheExternalisation, 439:this power was seized upon by the evil forces to destroy the souls of men, to precipitate war andExternalisation, 439:the souls of men, to precipitate war and to destroy the cities and all our centers of civilizationExternalisation, 493:if the evil forces possess potencies which can destroy form in the three worlds on such a wideExternalisation, 494:demanding evocative minds of those seeking to destroy the world of men, leading to a form of mentalExternalisation, 500:degradation, slavery and despair; it will destroy the great monopolies, take the curse out ofExternalisation, 598:seen and felt in every land, and nothing can destroy that which they have accomplished. TheExternalisation, 638:must and will eventually take place which will destroy humanity as once before it was destroyed,Externalisation, 688:to protect humanity from the "intention to destroy" of the cosmic Forces of Evil, but - in theExternalisation, 692:thus setting loose the energies needed to destroy the germs of evil, latent or active, thusFire, xvii:Fires. (Secret Doctrine, II. 258) Fire and flame destroy the body of an Arhat; their essence makesFire, 67:part it is to tend the fires that will later destroy the causal body. We need to remember that itFire, 139:playing with a fire that may literally destroy him. He should not cast his eyes backwards, butFire, 166:blending of the three fires, which ultimately destroy the form. When the form is [167] destroyedFire, 305:next to shatter what he earlier wrought, and to destroy the Temple so carefully constructed,Fire, 490:substance (deva essence) itself. They burn and destroy the material sheath, seeking to imprison theFire, 567:realize the power of the will to vitalize? Do I destroy thought-forms when they have accomplishedFire, 620:occur: "Before that Path is entered, thou must destroy thy lunar body, cleanse thy mind body, andFire, 950:from the influence of this self-imposed form, to destroy that which they have themselvesFire, 1038:through the ability of the force to destroy prior to building. Thus the cycles can be viewed fromFire, 1038:P. B. came forth on a cyclic tide of energy to destroy the limiting forms to be found in the worldFire, 1040:Spiritual man, as he creates that which will destroy the "Dweller on the Threshold. ThisGlamour, 6:flows through them. They will have a tendency to destroy, as they build, through a wrong directionGlamour, 6:second ray people always are, have to learn to destroy, when prompted by group love and actingGlamour, 182:source from whence it came; some of it serves to destroy the revealer, [183] and some to burn thoseGlamour, 210:six evil men associated with him their power to destroy upon the material plane. But, in the caseGlamour, 216:is concerned, the aspirant or disciple begins to destroy his share in it - that in him which givesGlamour, 220:doing is teaching the coming generation how to destroy those forms of thought which hold the raceGlamour, 225:glamors until such time as humanity was ready to destroy that which it had created. Glamors haveHealing, 29:- individual and group - today devastate and destroy the human kingdom. They are agents ofHealing, 396:up to that time will, however, completely destroy the fear of death. In the case of disciplesHealing, 489:finally the astral plane - again so-called. To destroy the mental body through the use of certainHealing, 539:is not under control of his soul, disease can destroy him. Because the free flow of the energyHealing, 587:of active energy, demonstrating in forces which destroy or produce death. Therefore, if our basicHealing, 676:modified or, if needed, eliminated altogether) destroy not only the thought-form created by theHealing, 707:care, or else the dynamic first ray energy will destroy and not heal. Hercules, 36:the symbol of what we call evil, that seeks to destroy the soul in incarnation. The sea monster, inHercules, 140:beast. Think not that common means will serve; destroy one head, two grow apace." ExpectantlyMagic, 207:body. As surely as eating and drinking build or destroy the physical body, and aid or hinder itsMagic, 241:a "manipulator of souls" and uses the mind to destroy the real and to put a veil between the manMagic, 359:the pilgrim to the Father's Heart. The fires destroy the veil hiding the Father's Face." PerhapsMagic, 596:will reverse the ancient rhythm of the centers, destroy without pain and danger the protectiveMagic, 617:by man himself. What man has created he can also destroy. More as to the magical work I may not atMeditation, 82:is one long period of building in order to destroy, of constructing in order to disorganize later,Meditation, 155:nor attack will be liable easily to upset or destroy, the Teacher may impart to the earnest pupilMeditation, 200:by its rebuilding quality, or by its capacity to destroy and eliminate, what you call miracles willMeditation, 250:way terrific effects will be achieved. Color can destroy just as it can heal; sound can disruptPsychology1, 63:dynamic power, electric light, reveal the past, destroy the form that is, and open up the goldenPsychology1, 74:of divinity. The work of the Antichrist is to destroy forms, and this is essentially the work ofPsychology1, 103:what at present is hidden. All this will tend to destroy the platform upon which the materialistsPsychology1, 125:men shall call a deva, when that deva can destroy diseased [126] tissue by sounding a note thatPsychology1, 174:There has been, and there still is, much to destroy before the nations are reduced to the pointPsychology1, 188:connection with all groups which are seeking to destroy and to attack, no matter how sincere theirPsychology1, 341:part of the group. This will not eventually destroy initiative and individuality. It is only in ourPsychology1, 370:of the new racial types, and above all else, to destroy the veil or web which separates the worldPsychology2, 36:'I will return. My power is great. I will destroy all obstacles. Nothing can stop my progress to myPsychology2, 37:and Only. The glory and the truth will rapidly destroy that which has veiled the truth. ThePsychology2, 42:Criticism, The power to rationalize and destroy, Mental separation, Desire for knowledge. ThisPsychology2, 80:on them, by His power, the capacity to destroy that which is undesirable in the life of thePsychology2, 80:of a Master, and the power of a disciple to destroy that which limits him is greatly needed. SoulsPsychology2, 168:the plan, the color and the beauty of the whole. Destroy the carpet which you have for agesPsychology2, 169:the key a label, and writ in blue, these words: 'Destroy that which thou has built and build anew.Psychology2, 170:in Me, in all that breathes, in all that is. Destroy thy tunnel, which thou has for ages longPsychology2, 352:moving forward to their purposes. They destroy and tear down in order to rise to greater heights
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