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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESTROYED

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Astrology, 97:heat of earth, the fiery temper of the mother, destroyed the form, released the soul and so theAstrology, 158:so-called "hardness," it is easily shattered and destroyed and man, born in Capricorn, then bringsAstrology, 587:by means of fire, just as ancient Atlantis was destroyed by water. But, fiery goodwill and theAutobiography, 30:did know that I had taken all her jewelry and destroyed it but that - as a matter of discipline forAutobiography, 303:of Goodwill was for a cycle almost completely destroyed. At least until the outer physical planeDestiny, 113:the original idea is lost, the primal ideal is destroyed and the devotee becomes much more occupiedDestiny, 121:of culture and of civilization have to be destroyed or modified. This is, all of it, the work ofDiscipleship1, 86:into old bottles for that which is old will be destroyed by the expanding new life. The initiate,Discipleship1, 394:so? But none of these things have held you or destroyed you, nor have they succeeded in tarnishingDiscipleship1, 453:the past, seeking to note what should be rightly destroyed. As they should evolve, from your pointDiscipleship1, 525:glamor may have dissipated, the thought-forms be destroyed and the path shine clear before yourDiscipleship1, 630:stands in beauty real. Perhaps it will never be destroyed and maybe it will turn into a haven ofDiscipleship1, 631:body as hard as nails" will some day have to be destroyed. Why not begin preserving intact theDiscipleship1, 676:earlier stage, stepping upon forms discarded and destroyed, and holding forth the hands ofDiscipleship1, 753:aura. The teaching that the personality must be destroyed is a distortion of the truth; his focusDiscipleship2, 48:Dweller will be broken, that its life has been destroyed by the force of attrition and its formDiscipleship2, 48:destroyed by the force of attrition and its form destroyed in the fires of sacrifice. Such,Discipleship2, 391:in whom the soul body, the causal body, has been destroyed. They are the Custodians of the Plan.Education, 87:to be built up again, for everything has been destroyed in the greater part of the world. The warExternalisation, 7:who achieve, even if their physical vehicles are destroyed in the process. The destruction of theExternalisation, 135:they are the destroyers of what must be destroyed before humanity can go forward along the LightedExternalisation, 196:thousands are starving whilst food is rotting or destroyed; it is solely due to the graspingExternalisation, 371:rebuild that which they have so ruthlessly destroyed, but the unoffending, though weak, elderlyExternalisation, 387:life, and restore that which humanity itself has destroyed. The best is yet to be. We can rest backExternalisation, 439:interfered, and the world of that time was [439] destroyed. This period is recognized in modernExternalisation, 498:old forms (obstructing the good) have had to be destroyed; the wrecking and disappearance of thatExternalisation, 509:will be acknowledged. Eventually it will be destroyed, by man discovering how to penetrate it. TheExternalisation, 518:crystallizes, and becomes vulnerable and easily destroyed. So it goes, and a new form takes itsExternalisation, 638:will destroy humanity as once before it was destroyed, according to the Bible and the other worldFire, 29:Fire, and purified the rupa levels. The fire destroyed the lands in the days of the lesser Sixth.Fire, 104:words occur "Lemuria was not submerged but was destroyed by volcanic action, and afterward sank." Fire, 109:is helpless; the brain tissue may be literally destroyed by this pressure, and serious trouble beFire, 109:through the etheric ring-pass-not having been destroyed in some one place. In connection with theFire, 127:have to spend much time in rebuilding where he destroyed, and with recapitulating on right linesFire, 139:the higher Manas or human soul. At death it is destroyed as a path or medium of communication, andFire, 167:destroy the form. When the form is [167] destroyed there is left this intangible spiritual body ofFire, 175:physically disintegrated in the pralaya, yet not destroyed; for they have their places in theFire, 185:and gradual process), the web itself is [185] destroyed, and by the time the third Initiation isFire, 460:- specially before the coming in of firearms - destroyed the defenseless, and during those years,Fire, 490:of the final initiations when the causal body is destroyed by fire. The fire within burns up allFire, 530:atom of substance on every plane. All forms are destroyed periodically. Read carefully S. D., I,Fire, 561:of dissolution, wherein the form is devitalized, destroyed and dissipated. In the first stage, thatFire, 580:monadic source, and the five lesser sheaths are destroyed. Later on the Monads themselves areFire, 640:the elements." Man can physically be burned and destroyed by fire; he is helpless before volcanicFire, 766:cycle comes when even the lamp itself is burned, destroyed through the intensity of heat. The OneFire, 790:the etheric web no longer forms a barrier; it is destroyed and the man is fully conscious in theFire, 790:other case, the causal body also is eventually destroyed through the right direction of force. WeFire, 831:cycle, will seek vehicles. The petals are destroyed by the action of fire, and the multiplicity ofFire, 840:" 'The fire is burning; the altar is well-nigh destroyed. What happens next?' " "Add to the fireFire, 878:the fiery altar. The causal body is completely destroyed. The four lower groups of solar PitrisFire, 1015:of certain workers in magic, who were "destroyed by their own fire" or energy. The discreetFire, 1046:and the way thereof are these. This should be destroyed first, this afterwards; and such and suchFire, 1171:Trees," (S. D., II, 519, 520, 521.) and were destroyed with the entire Atlantean vegetation. In theFire, 1249:the seven suns burn up." The seven suns are destroyed because when synthesis and unity are reachedGlamour, 200:"Man only becomes aware of reality when he has destroyed that which he has himself created." TheseGlamour, 268:are all impediments to the free use of the will destroyed. The relation between the Angel and theHealing, 211:into full expression; all limitations are destroyed; every part of the body is vitalized andHealing, 228:given unto her." The Lemurian race practically destroyed itself, owing to its misuse of the sacralHealing, 448:civilizations in which the form aspect is being destroyed in order that the life may be abstractedHealing, 451:and children, as well as animals, have been destroyed; the forms of the vegetable kingdom and theHealing, 477:in the case of every human being, and must be destroyed before the second stage of elimination isHealing, 483:the quicker the human physical vehicle is destroyed, the quicker is its hold upon the withdrawingHealing, 518:I prefer the word "eliminated" to the word "destroyed." The structure - at the time of eliminationHealing, 654:always the case at the fourth initiation - was destroyed; there was nothing to respond to theHercules, 56:can Antaeus conquer me? E'en when an infant I destroyed a serpent in my cot. With my own hands IHercules, 118:beautiful and their mantric power seems destroyed by paraphrasing them. It is to be noted also thatHercules, 142:seems more accurate, namely that nine heads were destroyed and then the mystical, immortal headHercules, 149:a disease. This ugly head of the hydra must be destroyed once and for all before a man can declareInitiation, 106:a blaze whereby rapidly crystallizing forms are destroyed and the imprisoned life consequently setInitiation, 134:is shaken loose, and the atomic wall somewhat destroyed, making the atoms radioactive - if it mightMagic, 239:the third ray person, and unless broken up and destroyed will dominate him and turn him into aMagic, 241:men stand free from illusion, and neither can be destroyed, deluded nor manipulated. It is onlyMagic, 288:eminence, let the soul look out upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: "I stillMagic, 470:earlier stage, stepping upon forms discarded and destroyed, and holding forth the hands ofMagic, 567:vital etheric energy. Thus the embryo form is destroyed. Where there is not sufficient energy, orMeditation, 16:Spirit and the causal body in time is equally destroyed. When the egoic ray is the third orMeditation, 18:the entire personality. The causal body is destroyed through fire, and the liberated life streamsMeditation, 79:the Temple of Solomon; the permanent atoms are destroyed, and all is reabsorbed into the Triad. TheMeditation, 210:causal body or the Temple of Solomon) is itself destroyed by the consuming fire. This fire consumesPatanjali, 128:and hinder the real man. These seeds must be destroyed, and in their destruction three thingsPatanjali, 393:to build that body which is the final one to be destroyed, the causal body, the temple of Solomon,Patanjali, 393:That body, at the final liberation, is itself destroyed and [394] naught then separates the manProblems, 88:changed, mankind is practically [88] already destroyed. But who will engineer the needed change andProblems, 134:modern life in ruins. Cities and homes have been destroyed; kingdoms and rulers have disappeared inPsychology1, 342:on the Threshold." This has to be broken up and destroyed, for it blocks the way to the new worldPsychology1, 370:physical life and the astral world. This will be destroyed, slowly and certainly, by the play ofPsychology1, 370:top of the head (protecting the head center), is destroyed in man's mechanism by the activity ofPsychology1, 466:lofty eminence let the Soul look upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: 'I willPsychology2, 36:to my goal. Around me lies that which I have destroyed. What must I do?' The answer comes: 'OrderPsychology2, 84:eminence, let the soul look out upon a world destroyed. Then let the word go forth: 'I stillPsychology2, 170:forth the value of the depths.' The Worker then destroyed the objects of his previous toil, sparingPsychology2, 222:and the building of forms which must later be destroyed. On the life side, it leads to quality,Psychology2, 353:of power antagonistic to him; he is thereby destroyed, because he has destroyed. He is separatedPsychology2, 353:to him; he is thereby destroyed, because he has destroyed. He is separated off from his fellow menPsychology2, 353:is the devastating sight of that which he has destroyed. [354] He is subjected to what hasPsychology2, 354:one-pointedly to rebuild that which he has destroyed. In rebuilding, he lifts the entire structurePsychology2, 595:"releases the lower fires and the man will be destroyed by fire"; he will not be then (as isPsychology2, 595:"burning bush which burns forever and cannot be destroyed". If this burning takes place by a forcedRays, 85:of the basic energy, and all hindrances are destroyed with expedition. This is true also ofRays, 87:devotion to a cause. In both cases the form is destroyed, but the motivating impulse is different
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