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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESTROYS

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Astrology, 70:nature, whilst Pluto drags to the surface and destroys all that hinders in these lower regions. AtAstrology, 95:heat and also of the fire which burns and destroys. From the standpoint of esoteric astrology,Astrology, 127:the final liberation. Pluto or death never destroys the consciousness aspect. [128] Six planets,Astrology, 392:which initiates or begins and that which also destroys, bringing about the death of the form inAstrology, 596:and erroneous point of view. The first ray destroys death because in reality there is no suchAstrology, 597:incentive"; it is the life in the seed which destroys successively all forms in order that realizedDiscipleship1, 86:of the power from on high which breaks and destroys that which has become crystallized, which hasDiscipleship1, 244:approach and the force that flows through you destroys as quickly as it builds and drives away byDiscipleship1, 722:truth; he will impart the fire which burns and destroys all barriers in man's nature, allDiscipleship2, 285:forth and knows both time and God. But time destroys that middle One and only Being IS. Space IS.Discipleship2, 398:under the impulse of the Law of Sacrifice which "destroys all hindrances, breaks down allDiscipleship2, 417:destruction of all other ways. The Will of God destroys the wills of men, but both are needed toDiscipleship2, 554:of realization, but ever precedes it because it destroys all the glamorous which may hide or veilExternalisation, 89:First Ray. Determining. THE PLAN. New. Destroys. Will. II. Hierarchical energy. Divine love-wisdom.Fire, 122:forms through which Spirit is to manifest; he destroys, and builds up again. These threeFire, 219:as Rik creates, as Yajus preserves and as Sama destroys. Rik is therefore the creative song of theFire, 325:place. The electrical manifestation burns up and destroys the medium, and the light goes out; whatFire, 489:and the unwary, fiery essence which burns and destroys. Postulate V. The devas do not work asFire, 516:and the inner blaze becomes so great that it destroys its encompassing wall. Heat. Herein lies theFire, 581:all the five planes as well. It is the law that destroys the final sheath that separates theFire, 602:fire; He is the Flame and that which the Flame destroys. Students of the Secret Doctrine when theyFire, 741:it has its place, produces then that which destroys the permanent atom. Temporarily, and just priorFire, 764:out in response produces that merging which destroys the entire sphere, dissipates all appearanceFire, 957:who, when the desired end has been accomplished, destroys or disintegrates the thought form byFire, 1127:threefold manifestation. As it circulates, it destroys by burning, for it arouses the kundaliniFire, 1154:energy which brings to a consummation (and so destroys) the remaining three major schemes. In thisGlamour, 218:glamor from affecting me. The power of the light destroys the life behind the glamor." The sayingGlamour, 233:affecting men. The power of our united light destroys the life behind the glamor." These words areGlamour, 236:glamor from affecting me. The power of the light destroys the life behind the glamor." The OM isGlamour, 239:affecting man. The power of our united light destroys the life behind the glamor." Visualization ofHealing, 29:itself. Just as the insect world devastates and destroys the vegetable kingdom, as any chanceHealing, 186:friction; this produces a premature burning and destroys the etheric web in the etheric body. TheseHealing, 415:on all five planes as well. It is the law which destroys the final sheath that separates theHealing, 441:works always under the destroyer aspect, for it destroys the forms in order to release. Service isHealing, 503:has to some extent this effect; it shatters and destroys substantial form and thus serves aHercules, 131:of the laughter that explodes pretence and destroys outmoded institutions. This is the only laborHercules, 143:hydra, searches patiently for it, and finally destroys it. Discrimination is needed to recognizeInitiation, 108:causal body of the initiate that energy which destroys third subplane matter, and thus brings aboutInitiation, 134:of pure, blue-white flame, which burns, but destroys not, which intensifies the activity of everyIntellect, 93:that all dross may be burned out, and it also destroys all hindrances which might keep him back.Magic, 81:other evolving lives. Finally, mind disrupts and destroys whilst love produces coherence and heals.Magic, 215:monad that brings about the final abstraction, destroys all forms, withdraws itself fromMagic, 537:works always under the destroyer aspect, for it destroys the forms in order to release. Service isMagic, 549:my feet and water laves my form. The fire destroys that which impedes my way, and master of the airPsychology2, 36:Blessed One flies like an arrow into matter. He destroys (or ruptures) the way by which he mightPsychology2, 134:force which is driving him; he tears down and destroys just as fast as he creates. He temporarilyPsychology2, 141:men for their good, as he sees it. He inevitably destroys as fast as he builds, and finallyPsychology2, 141:destroys as fast as he builds, and finally destroys himself. Many worthy aspirants and disciples inPsychology2, 166:as it works out in the world of discipleship and destroys that which hinders, sends the pilgrimPsychology2, 167:tends the garden of his thought, and thus destroys the passages of mind. Ruin arrives, destroyingPsychology2, 603:vision proceeds to burn its victim and thus destroys the thread which holds his mind and brain inRays, 30:will (as the mind can grasp and realize it) it destroys as by fire all elements of self-will. AsRays, 39:the personality and the fire of divine love destroys the loves and desires of the integratedRays, 82:Fire is the sumtotal of that which destroys form, produces complete purity in that which is notRays, 85:law, this destructive energy comes into play and destroys the forms of life which prevent divineRays, 87:is not the same as that of matter. A human being destroys his own form again and again through theRays, 296:emerges into expression (and in so doing destroys Churchianity) you have again a strikingRays, 308:their purpose, he definitely and deliberately destroys. The reference is necessarily ever to form;Rays, 309:and more extensive type of destruction) which destroys the innate quality and consequently the formRays, 493:of the central nucleus in the egoic vehicle destroys - at the fourth initiation - the threeRays, 768:till - in the moment of the hour set - the flame destroys all, and all is gone, the work of agesTelepathy, 165:all inspires or fires the soul, and then finally destroys it. The dot at the center is indicative
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