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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DESTRUCTION

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Psychology2, 140:developments. First, they initiate a period of destruction and of a breaking up of that which isPsychology2, 167:the trees are [167] devastated by the wind. Destruction of all beauty is followed by the rain. ThePsychology2, 167:for the gardener. Then let the work go on. Ever destruction goes before the rule of beauty. RuinPsychology2, 220:This tendency results, on the form side, in destruction and wreckage, with its accompaniments ofPsychology2, 347:is applied to the form nature, producing destruction through crystallization.This brings about thePsychology2, 347:formula of integration. Its dual application of destruction and rebuilding, with a brief indicationPsychology2, 352:Angel - the Angel who brings life through the destruction of the form. Such integratedPsychology2, 354:and who can be trusted to act as agents of destruction under the Plan. It is interesting to notePsychology2, 407:and upheaval, of chaos, experiment, destruction and rebuilding. [408] Psychology2, 422:and even over the border to death through self-destruction. A furious conflict, based on a refusalPsychology2, 452:the personality life. A developing process of destruction which involves issues with which it seemsPsychology2, 578:the Light and the Dark - which culminated in the destruction of the then known world. Today thesePsychology2, 668:balance the forces leading to disintegration and destruction by embodying in itself the forces ofPsychology2, 722:will produce disaster and frequently a temporary destruction of that part of the Plan with which hePsychology2, 723:humanity into a period of definitely chaotic destruction, unless the Masters of the Wisdom, workingPsychology2, 725:of innate freedom from hatred can the forces of destruction be offset. These forces have beenRays, 28:his moving forward. Then we have eventual destruction of what Theosophists call the causal body andRays, 76:War II) has been the necessity for the [76] destruction of inadequate forms. This destruction couldRays, 76:the [76] destruction of inadequate forms. This destruction could have been brought about by an actRays, 76:forces that carried in themselves the seeds of destruction, and there was that in humanity whichRays, 76:responded to those forces. Therefore the Law of destruction was permitted to work through humanityRays, 84:outwards and upwards into light. The Energy of Destruction: This is a destruction which removes theRays, 84:into light. The Energy of Destruction: This is a destruction which removes the forms which areRays, 84:the reason why I have put purification ahead of destruction. It is the destroying aspect of lifeRays, 86:will of humanity to betterment. The energy of destruction has its side of beauty when the spiritualRays, 87:lead eventually to resurrection and to life. The destruction is appalling, but it is only theRays, 87:The destruction is appalling, but it is only the destruction of the form side of manifestation inRays, 87:which I would beg you not to forget) it is the destruction of much planetary evil, focused forRays, 87:impulse is different and the energy of destruction comes from different sources. The death of aRays, 103:enemy to be destroyed" is brought to that final destruction by the first aspect in himself, theRays, 120:Ray of Will or Power is producing worldwide destruction through the use of the first kingdom inRays, 120:metals and chemicals is bringing catastrophe and destruction on earth, primarily in the humanRays, 132:particular energy which finally brings about the destruction of the causal body, the annihilationRays, 134:this day and generation; a stupendous destruction of all forms of divine life and in every kingdomRays, 163:worlds. Thus, the great synthesis emerges, and destruction, death, and dissolution are in realityRays, 163:the ascension are the results of the death or destruction of the causal body. It can be seen,Rays, 190:from the angle of the Hierarchy, and their destruction today (though it was not so earlier) has toRays, 190:the several courts. Walk on that path, wielding destruction and clearing out the refuse in theRays, 209:time becomes itself a prison and merits later destruction. Such is the occult law. Impersonality isRays, 210:necessity for the utilization of the force of destruction. A group is brought together under karmicRays, 211:for all the members of a group to achieve the destruction of individual desire, and that until someRays, 211:on the Way of Initiation. The next step is the destruction of the ties which link the personalitiesRays, 211:two spiritually destructive processes - the destruction of desire and the severing of allRays, 212:These three types of work along the lines of destruction merit your careful consideration and -Rays, 215:interrelation. Learning how to use the forces of destruction constructively. Attaining the power toRays, 215:the fourth initiation and the consequent destruction of the [216] causal body - the vehicle throughRays, 216:personality. What, therefore, brings about the destruction of the soul body? The destroying agentRays, 218:on triadal levels. This may or may not mean the destruction of the group causal body and theRays, 218:the constructive planned use of the forces of destruction, can now be seen as active. It is theseRays, 222:the group soul; it has energized it so that the destruction of the causal body is now in order. TheRays, 223:first aspect, and so bring about the final [223] destruction of the causal body. The life withinRays, 223:the divine Will, and consequently the complete destruction of the causal vehicle. Secondly, it isRays, 228:Hierarchy as it reconstructs the world after the destruction wrought since 1900 A.D. You have hereRays, 237:old conditions. This is symbolized for us in the destruction of ancient cities and by theRays, 305:For Group Initiation 4. Destroy What is this destruction which the disciple and the initiate (underRays, 305:What is he required to destroy? Why is this destruction ordered? Let me start with a basicRays, 305:ordered? Let me start with a basic statement: Destruction or the power and the wish to destroyRays, 305:disciples: Kill out desire. The deliberate destruction of all that prevents contact with the soul.Rays, 305:man in the three worlds. These motives for destruction are all related to desire, to emotion andRays, 305:who pays the penalties involved by this type of destruction. I feel no necessity to enlarge on thisRays, 305:as those who read this Treatise. This type of destruction is concerned mainly with form life in theRays, 306:the significance is very different. The type of destruction here dealt with is never the result ofRays, 306:must be considered most carefully. This type of destruction has only a secondary relation to theRays, 306:destruction has only a secondary relation to the destruction of form life as you know it. WhenRays, 306:but that is an effect and only a secondary destruction; something else has been destroyed on aRays, 306:range of awareness of the destroyer. The higher destruction which we are considering is related toRays, 306:which we are considering is related to the destruction of certain forms of consciousness whichRays, 306:illustration I can give you of this type of destruction would be concerned with the majorRays, 307:potent effects in the three worlds. This type of destruction affects those civilizations whichRays, 308:One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation The destruction considered is that of the formlessRays, 308:which constitute the cosmic physical plane. The destruction considered by the initiate is connectedRays, 308:races, kingdoms in nature and so forth - their destruction is brought about from still higherRays, 308:the three worlds in which they manifest. This destruction takes place under the direction ofRays, 309:to a certain esoteric extent) that the destruction brought about in obedience to this fourth wordRays, 309:obedience to this fourth word in Rule XIV is the destruction of some aspect of the plan as it hasRays, 309:and this under divine purpose and intent. This destruction is not outwardly so conclusive as isRays, 309:it is, on a much larger scale, with the death or destruction of phases of the divine Plan,Rays, 309:plane - the plane of appearances. The form of destruction we are considering however, is moreRays, 309:considering however, is more concerned with the destruction of quality than with forms, though theRays, 309:(in this higher and more extensive type of destruction) which destroys the innate quality andRays, 310:on this as an illustration of this form of destruction, and seek better understanding. This higherRays, 310:seek better understanding. This higher form of destruction does not manifest under the activity orRays, 310:of human and superhuman evolution, just as the destruction of form in the three worlds emanatesRays, 310:initiation, and its first successful use is the destruction of the causal body of the initiate. ItRays, 312:illumination and divine consummation. This destruction wrought by the initiate is preparatory toRays, 354:this door, even to the point of their complete destruction - bringing a final liberation. SomethingRays, 355:His long series of incarnations and ending - by destruction - the hold of matter on the spirit;Rays, 360:with its two qualities (veiling a third) of destruction and of purpose; He is becoming active onRays, 437:Then follows the fourth initiation with its destruction of the egoic, causal or soul body, owing toRays, 493:They disappear, and then the so-called destruction of the causal body has taken place. This is theRays, 569:phrase); they therefore produce cycles of destruction and of cessation and thus make room for thoseRays, 569:responsible for the ferment, crystallization, destruction, death and cleavages of the past century;Rays, 598:one instead of a triangular one, through the destruction of the soul vehicle which is no longerRays, 603:upon the physical plane; it resulted in the destruction of the world by water, as it might beRays, 604:instead of water, and this fire led to the destruction of men and of cities by fire (literally,Rays, 612:The war has produced much good - in spite of the destruction of forms. The causes of war are betterRays, 647:at the same time, it produced a great agent of destruction upon the physical plane. Thus was theRays, 649:I tell you this for your encouragement; destruction always evokes questioning in minds attuned toRays, 650:to the third aspect of this ray, the aspect of destruction; this divested him of everything, andRays, 658:civilizations and their eventual catastrophic destruction, the planetary Logos has gradually
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