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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETACHED

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Astrology, 309:Leo person is significantly the true observer, detached from the material side of life, butAstrology, 392:the man stands completely isolated. He stands detached from "that which is above and this which isAstrology, 414:disciple is to become consciously aware - like a detached onlooking Observer - of these energiesAstrology, 485:and becoming aware of themselves as detached, functioning entities. Sagittarius is powerfullyBethlehem, 38:- the soul is not to be contrasted as a detached agent either with its constituent externality onDestiny, 63:souls, informing these nations or races, remain detached from identification with them until suchDestiny, 77:interrelations should prove interesting to the detached and open-minded student. [78] Aries - withDiscipleship1, 23:not rare. Unselfish groups are very rare. Pure detached devotion in a human being is not rare butDiscipleship1, 79:be trusted to keep silence and to preserve a detached and independent attitude, then you are notDiscipleship1, 85:needs of all disciples and aspirants is the detached relinquishing of pet theories as to life,Discipleship1, 123:and led you to dwell on the plane of thought-detached, serene and isolated. The past ten years haveDiscipleship1, 139:not with temporary forms and so you must live detached from personalities, serving them but livingDiscipleship1, 169:to the server of the Plan who stands, serene and detached, upon a first ray pinnacle of vision andDiscipleship1, 256:disciple gains the strength to stand alone and detached, and, through the ability to standDiscipleship1, 256:and detached, and, through the ability to stand detached, comes the power which the divine ObserverDiscipleship1, 314:to "continue on the upward way with heart detached and free," and yet to do so whilst performingDiscipleship1, 370:Thus you are oft emotionally and astral detached and isolated from those who love you and from yourDiscipleship1, 376:to stand; strength to love; strength to be detached - these are and should be your objectives. ForDiscipleship1, 393:of your soul. There you must learn to stand, detached and unafraid. I cannot too strongly urge thisDiscipleship1, 398:or am I simply asked to observe as a detached onlooker? Am I capable of detaching myselfDiscipleship1, 405:with first ray energy and color them with that detached and isolated strength which is the mainDiscipleship1, 405:body so easily expresses must be transmuted into detached but selfless love. Remember that trueDiscipleship1, 430:does not connote an attitude of cold detached separateness. Your first ray mental body forms a goodDiscipleship1, 430:Am I capable of seeing myself with indifference, detached emotionally from any event? Can I seeDiscipleship1, 433:attitude of mind. It is the cultivation of a detached attitude to life and to circumstances whichDiscipleship1, 434:in you they have someone to whom they can turn - detached and consecrated. Let them find in youDiscipleship1, 454:the ancient rule and become the sannyasin, the detached follower of the Way. You are now in theDiscipleship1, 455:softly. Be attached to souls, my brother, but detached from personalities. Souls heal and aid eachDiscipleship1, 456:and the capacity to function as a soul detached from personal reactions - this is for you theDiscipleship1, 493:affection, emotion or sentiment. I refer to that detached, [494] deep love which can pour throughDiscipleship1, 508:for pondering upon the source of disinterested, detached soul love. Study along these lines, if youDiscipleship1, 516:a current phrase. It is simply the failure to be detached. You tie yourself to those you love andDiscipleship1, 517:health or circumstances - but a failure to be detached. Will you follow each day (not necessarilyDiscipleship1, 518:health or circumstances - but a failure to be detached. Will you follow each day (not necessarilyDiscipleship1, 519:steadfastness during this coming year and stand detached, Let not the lesser voices crowd out theDiscipleship1, 521:the same. You have arrived at a new measure of detached freedom and to this freedom you now mustDiscipleship1, 593:so and only for a temporary space of time), detached from contact with the Master. Sometimes evenDiscipleship1, 626:what he says and does; he prides himself on his detached attitude and on his immunity fromDiscipleship1, 651:of Rest is on the mountain top whereon I stand detached. Flooded I am by the life and love of God.Discipleship1, 669:can, therefore, approach the scene in a far more detached manner than if your rays were purelyDiscipleship1, 701:This effect will be dependent upon his being detached where he himself is concerned and thusDiscipleship2, 26:poised and steady as possible, preserving that detached poise as fully as may be during theDiscipleship2, 27:a strong mental reorientation and focus, to keep detached from brain activity, and yet at the sameDiscipleship2, 36:are serving in some way or another, but it is a detached and personal service and has no relationDiscipleship2, 462:look for results. A year's steady work with a detached attitude as to these results will be neededDiscipleship2, 469:activity, with an increasing capacity to be detached, and therefore not so potently identified withDiscipleship2, 492:must be to hold a subjective attitude of detached contact - an occult paradox! - and at the sameDiscipleship2, 497:sons of God trained and brought to the point of detached and spiritually oriented servers. I wouldDiscipleship2, 505:on this. As I told J.W.K-P. some years ago, a "detached attachment" (paradoxical as it sounds) isDiscipleship2, 575:advanced enough to have reached the stage of a detached observer. This detachment you canDiscipleship2, 575:preserved. The first ray disciple has to remain detached and at the same time to learn attachmentDiscipleship2, 662:world of meaning. To understand impels the heart detached. And with that understanding there awakesDiscipleship2, 764:is only the "place where the disciple stands, detached and unafraid, and in that place of utterExternalisation, 146:How many used the Great Invocation in a purely detached, spiritually potent and fully understandingExternalisation, 150:themselves and who are learning rapidly to be detached and selfless - can institute and carryFire, 335:evolution, and as it becomes more and more detached from the group soul, 26 becomes transmuted intoFire, 1232:to do. Having learnt to function as the soul, detached from the three worlds, man then becomes aGlamour, 6:love and utilizing the power of attachment in a detached manner. Both groups, builders andGlamour, 17:sphere of activity unless there is this detached and liberated attitude. You are to work in one ofGlamour, 190:the disciple to assume the attitude of the detached Observer and an agent of the Plan. When thisHealing, 331:which merge and blend to form one stream when detached from the body, and which divide into twoHealing, 347:We use the words, but they really mean "detached and isolated identification." Does that conveyHealing, 404:those living upon the physical plane, but is detached within himself from all recognition of itHealing, 474:the nervous system; the etheric body is thereby detached from its dense sheath, though stillHealing, 477:is. Where the person is advanced, and therefore detached in his thinking from the physical plane,Healing, 639:any living form, for that matter), rendering it detached, coherent and temporarily living its ownIntellect, 54:him to orient himself towards the soul, as detached from the mechanism, and thus, therefore,Intellect, 99:idea. Contemplation. An activity of the soul, detached from the mind, which is held in a state ofIntellect, 170:consciousness as intensive as it is abstract, a 'detached' consciousness... which, as HildegardeMagic, 107:brain center whilst he himself in meditation is detached from the form aspect, and can lookMagic, 126:work in all three worlds at once, and yet remain detached, and therefore karmically free from theMagic, 127:time) let us ever hold a position beyond and detached from the creative work of our minds, desiresMagic, 203:astral plane) there should be imposed the steady detached and harmonizing rhythm of the soul, theMagic, 221:and eventually stand poised, untouched, detached, uninfluenced and free. The term "astral" so oftenMagic, 260:there have been lonely isolated workers or tiny detached groups, and this has greatly hampered theMagic, 268:the form they have created instead of remaining detached from it, and acting solely as theMagic, 320:thy brother's mind and blend with his. Yet keep detached thyself, for none have the right to sway aMagic, 559:these Instructions must consist in cultivating a detached attitude. It is a mental detachment whichMagic, 560:to all whom he contacts. The cultivation of a detached attitude personally, with the attachedMagic, 575:lead to the helping of others, for they will be detached and true. Magic, 601:consistently hold the position of the Observer, detached from the mechanism of observation [602]Magic, 604:in the holding of the attitude of constant detached observation. The new Group of World WorkersMagic, 623:becloud his way. Because he is not sufficiently detached and spiritually advanced, he walks bemusedMagic, 626:The student finds himself becoming steadily detached from the prime governing instincts which haveMeditation, 322:The Head of the school will reside alone in a detached house which will contain - besides the roomsPatanjali, 67:itself with forms of any kind, but which is ever detached and aloof, freed from limitations imposedPatanjali, 152:which is purely phenomenal. He stands free and detached and uses the world of the senses as thePatanjali, 358:employ the occult powers, but he himself remains detached, and freed from all karmic limitations. Patanjali, 414:apart. In this way, it becomes a confusion of detached parts, remote from each other and leadingPatanjali, 415:admit the possibility of there being an entity, detached and apart from the mind who simply seeksPatanjali, xii:objects of desire and stand as a unified whole, detached and liberated from all veils, from allPsychology1, 6:it is, whether or no it is an informing entity, detached and separate from the body nature; theyPsychology1, 35:to a phase still more intensive and detached, which involves an awareness of the life of GodPsychology1, 35:group and in this serving live within the body, detached, a son of God. I know my Self. "I infuse aPsychology1, 36:call God, the Isolated, the All-pervading, the Detached and the Withdrawn. The above abstractPsychology1, 53:and quality, adds to these the capacity of detached self-awareness, there appears thatPsychology2, 17:active factor, and drops the attitude of the detached and uninterested onlooker. When he isPsychology2, 433:view the life cycle from the angle of the soul, detached and undeluded, for had he done so, thePsychology2, 467:of expression; we begin to live in an abstracted detached world of being and of feeling, and wePsychology2, 604:entirely in a world of his own manufacturing - detached, unmoved, and untouched by normal affairs
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