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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETACHING

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Discipleship1, 147:still continue till solved, and the processes of detaching yourself from too close a contact withDiscipleship1, 393:will not be easy for you but will further the detaching process. Begin with those you have at handDiscipleship1, 393:same time you must go on with increasing power detaching yourself from their inner hold upon you.Discipleship1, 398:observe as a detached onlooker? Am I capable of detaching myself emotionally from any registrationDiscipleship1, 405:the personality identify itself with the soul, detaching itself deliberately from all otherDiscipleship2, 11:own consciousness the extent of the instruction, detaching myself from all other concerns andDiscipleship2, 657:the disciple when he goes through a process of detaching himself esoterically (though notHercules, 167:of "there is nothing else to [167] do. I am detaching myself from these things in order that I mayMagic, 149:soul. This is the first stage. In the process of detaching himself from phenomenal living, he drawsMagic, 491:holds an embodied idea in his thought-aura. By detaching his mind from the idea, once he has sentPsychology2, 76:a hold upon that which is desired, and of detaching oneself from that which has been held. ThePsychology2, 76:the tired and world-weary man has no fear of the detaching process and seeks not to hold on to thatPsychology2, 104:Life, for the disciple, becomes then a series of detaching processes, until he has learnt thePsychology2, 371:major task of the disciple's life. This is the detaching of himself from the grip of formRays, 103:therefore, over-large in his consciousness. The detaching of himself from this ancient thought-form
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