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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETACHMENT

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Astrology, 83:in our solar system and has achieved that detachment which will enable him to escape from the wheelAstrology, 115:which are Bondage or captivity. Renunciation or detachment. Sacrifice and death. [116] In the firstAstrology, 124:conditions (identification with form) into detachment from form and ability to identify with theAstrology, 126:for the glorification, through purification and detachment, of matter, and Venus stands for theAstrology, 538:House, the house of death, of dissolution, of detachment and ruling Scorpio, the sign of testingAstrology, 630:the gradually acquired knowledge to achieve detachment from the form, the organ of perception. TheBethlehem, 15:learn that the way of release is to be found in detachment, dispassion and discrimination. TheseBethlehem, 16:be a conscious expression of divinity. Through detachment man learns to withdraw his interest andBethlehem, 16:a deaf ear to the calls of the lower nature. Detachment imposes a new rhythm upon the man. ThroughBethlehem, 17:be expressed as follows: The Buddha - The Method Detachment. Dispassion. Discrimination. The ChristBethlehem, 166:expression and fields for the demonstration of detachment - that outstanding characteristic of theDiscipleship1, XV:the individual disciple, using the technique of detachment, of dispassion and of discriminationDiscipleship1, 6:rest of what the Hindu calls samadhi - complete detachment from the calls of the body and theDiscipleship1, 48:is a close relation between impersonality and detachment. Study this. Many cherished ideas, manyDiscipleship1, 55:and expression. It is only in a spirit of real detachment that the best work of a disciple is done.Discipleship1, 55:disciple comes to realize that because of this detachment he is (for the remainder of his life)Discipleship1, 56:he may be learning the difficult lesson of detachment and may consequently be full of a temporaryDiscipleship1, 59:influence or background. It is the process of detachment from "the world, the flesh and the devil"Discipleship1, 110:are passing through a dual process of psychic detachment and, at the same time, of psychicDiscipleship1, 110:You need to remember that the phases of detachment are many and varied. Some of them imply aDiscipleship1, 110:are many and varied. Some of them imply a detachment from the world of outer sensuous attachment orDiscipleship1, 110:(as in your own case) a temporary and relative detachment from the world of intellectual contacts.Discipleship1, 110:the world of intellectual contacts. This is a detachment based on an inner [111] attitude and notDiscipleship1, 116:through suffering. This leads inevitably to detachment. That process of detachment will go forwardDiscipleship1, 116:leads inevitably to detachment. That process of detachment will go forward in connection with allDiscipleship1, 119:your liabilities - viewing them with complete detachment. The occult sentences in which I wouldDiscipleship1, 123:yourself in the mind nature, with consequent detachment from human touch and sympathetic contact.Discipleship1, 130:a finer friend and helper. Therefore, for you, detachment is an outstanding requirement and aDiscipleship1, 130:and a quality to be cultivated. This is not the detachment of self-protection or ofDiscipleship1, 130:self-immunization or of aloofness, but that soul detachment which works from soul levels and -Discipleship1, 130:your life, and the cultivation of an attitude of detachment. I am of no use to you or to any of myDiscipleship1, 130:your morning meditation an evening review upon detachment... As far as your meditation is concernedDiscipleship1, 146:First, you need to acquire that inner, divine detachment which sees life in its true perspective. ADiscipleship1, 148:time and temporarily, I suggest an unthinking, detachment and an enforced refusal to permit theDiscipleship1, 149:- through identification with others - a detachment which, as time proceeds, negates all pain."Discipleship1, 158:whereof I speak when I say that your personality detachment must develop into a deeper attachmentDiscipleship1, 158:Thus understanding grows. There is a vice of detachment as well as a vice of attachment and theDiscipleship1, 170:little effort, a proper sense of values and a detachment which is based on love and not isolation.Discipleship1, 216:over general life conditions and in this wise detachment your first ray energy can aid. From theDiscipleship1, 216:That is not easy of attainment. An attached detachment is for you the goal. It is in order to aidDiscipleship1, 221:ray always gives. It is essentially the ray of detachment. This is, for you, offset by your soulDiscipleship1, 233:you - the first Ray of Power, of isolation, detachment and the sense of uniqueness, and the thirdDiscipleship1, 245:interest in world work. Do not arrive at this detachment through an intensification of your sixthDiscipleship1, 245:your own lower nature. I say to you: Work with detachment and, because you are demanding nothingDiscipleship1, 252:sense of the little self. The practicing of detachment from self-concern and self-conceit which theDiscipleship1, 260:capacity to demonstrate this needed spiritual detachment. I would ask you also to follow a veryDiscipleship1, 261:be, in truth, the One whose nature is spiritual detachment and isolation (not separateness orDiscipleship1, 263:suggested that you do the attached review on Detachment. You will find it profitable to use for aDiscipleship1, 280:emphasizing and involves clear thinking and detachment on the part of the group members. All trueDiscipleship1, 291:available, they must be used. Your measure of detachment to those you love and to the results ofDiscipleship1, 292:of your interlude of deepened quiet training was detachment and the unfoldment of right actionDiscipleship1, 293:and the achieving, therefore, of that inner detachment which is his outstanding characteristic,Discipleship1, 294:next [294] six months. With the growth of that detachment, a deeper love and a deepened esotericDiscipleship1, 305:soul has indicated - the way that you should go. Detachment from the thoughts of others andDiscipleship1, 310:a finer and more clear-cut and clearly realized detachment is for you, therefore, a majorDiscipleship1, 311:1937 MY BROTHER: You are learning the lesson of detachment with rapidity, and [312] you areDiscipleship1, 312:undertaken, so the many acts of spiritual detachment lead eventually to the severing of that finalDiscipleship1, 314:It differs somewhat from the process called "detachment," because that process or motivatedDiscipleship1, 314:of the personality. It involves not only the detachment of the desire nature from that which isDiscipleship1, 314:the exterior world of affairs; to achieve true detachment whilst rendering to all that which isDiscipleship1, 321:to be (which you can do) produces increasing detachment from physical plane realities; it canDiscipleship1, 338:of moments of crisis. Face such times with detachment, with deep inner comprehension andDiscipleship1, 354:the depths of human living. Yet the glamor of detachment, leading to personal cleavages in yourDiscipleship1, 375:teacher and your friend. Your life lesson is detachment, and - in order to practice detachment as aDiscipleship1, 375:lesson is detachment, and - in order to practice detachment as a disciple should - you need toDiscipleship1, 375:of the soul, must be developed and used with due detachment. In these few words I state yourDiscipleship1, 380:Forget not also that I have given you detachment for one of your keynotes. Ponder more deeply uponDiscipleship1, 381:mind when I gave you the three key words - will, detachment, and strength. You needed to have theseDiscipleship1, 381:held before you, did you not? Today, your detachment is far greater than ever before and thisDiscipleship1, 383:(a thing you needed) and a freer and more rapid detachment. Much remains, however, to be done (andDiscipleship1, 383:1933 BROTHER OF MINE: Forget not to love with detachment. That is your main lesson, my brother, andDiscipleship1, 384:of demonstrating not only endurance but loving detachment and joy. What happens to the personalityDiscipleship1, 384:for you a problem. The achievement of emotional detachment and consequent right use of subjectiveDiscipleship1, 386:but subsidiary effects. Your intended lesson is Detachment and, as you free yourself from theDiscipleship1, 388:of your soul and your personality, and the final detachment takes place. But to transcend theDiscipleship1, 392:life, how can I do the duty of this day yet seek detachment? Meet every need yet free myself fromDiscipleship1, 393:and unafraid. I cannot too strongly urge this detachment on you and beg you to live henceforth moreDiscipleship1, 394:can I do the duty of this day, yet demonstrate detachment? 4th month - How can I meet each risingDiscipleship1, 405:you strong in what had been your weakest point. Detachment, strongly felt in love (for forget notDiscipleship1, 405:is your responsibility to give them strength and detachment. Shoulder not, therefore,Discipleship1, 417:has to learn is the growth of that [417] inner detachment which will enable him to merge himself inDiscipleship1, 417:of himself as a factor in the case. Only when detachment and humility are present can a discipleDiscipleship1, 422:the life of spiritual tranquility. The words, detachment and service, have for you much real andDiscipleship1, 429:a spiritual indifference, founded on spiritual detachment and dispassion. When it is present, thereDiscipleship1, 458:of your daily life have militated against detachment and this you know. But you have learnt muchDiscipleship1, 464:into the light and into renewed power and detachment. Find surcease from sorrow in the task ofDiscipleship1, 464:Be happy as the sannyasin is happy who (through detachment from the little self and attachment toDiscipleship1, 480:whereby the sons of God must live. 2nd month - Detachment. I seek to love and with my love to live.Discipleship1, 505:sannyasin for the remainder of your life and in detachment seek to serve the Plan. Ponder on thisDiscipleship1, 509:well within yourself that if you could achieve detachment and if you could arrive at a stable,Discipleship1, 515:as seed thoughts in meditation: 1st month - Detachment from that which holds the Self in chains.Discipleship1, 516:of that idea. For you, it is a symbol of a detachment which you erroneously feel you cannotDiscipleship1, 517:I ask you to love more truly. Your strength and detachment have never yet been used. I ask you notDiscipleship1, 517:will respond. Your problem, let me repeat, is detachment. You are beginning to learn it. What makesDiscipleship1, 517:day (not necessarily at night) a review upon detachment and will you do it conscientiously in theDiscipleship1, 518:day (not necessarily at night) a review upon detachment and will you do it conscientiously in theDiscipleship1, 519:realized knowledge if you can train yourself in detachment from personality activity with itsDiscipleship1, 522:or of divine carelessness and emotional detachment. Upon these three words - particularly the firstDiscipleship1, 523:this blessing; it speeds forth upon the wings of detachment and from a heart that has no care forDiscipleship1, 552:inner and outer, have been required. Detachment has been the lesson which you are learning [553]
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