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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETACHMENT

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Discipleship1, 571:plane when you have mastered the science of detachment, and the discipline of relinquishment. ThisDiscipleship1, 606:all planning at present, but perform action with detachment and with skill. Disperse the cloudsDiscipleship1, 621:rose of attachment." They find easily the way of detachment; they create with facility a protectingDiscipleship1, 621:But when the lesson of isolation is learnt and detachment is the line of least resistance, then theDiscipleship1, 623:attitude of the Onlooker in the head. Thus the detachment of the soul will grow whilst theDiscipleship1, 625:and it is also his weakness. He glories in detachment, e'en as you gloried inwardly over your powerDiscipleship1, 626:it is easy for the second ray disciple to learn detachment. Disciples on both those rays have anDiscipleship1, 626:attitudes, for the problem of attachment and of detachment is one. It is the problem of rightDiscipleship1, 628:your fellow disciples. Can you do this with pure detachment and with deep attachment? Such is yourDiscipleship1, 650:relation to them is one of complete yet loving detachment, they will be apt to hinder yourDiscipleship1, 650:thought life where they are concerned. Loving detachment is the method which should govern yourDiscipleship1, 655:yourself which (if you handle it with humor, detachment and sincerity) will end by enabling you toDiscipleship1, 663:The achievement of a more stabilized attitude of detachment, based upon conscious personalityDiscipleship1, 663:aspiration, of painful and oft agonizing detachment from all that the personality held dear. EachDiscipleship1, 768:too preoccupied with yourselves to achieve the detachment needed for world service? That is for youDiscipleship2, 10:leeway both of time and strength, and of mental detachment. My own sphere of occult work must alsoDiscipleship2, 74:like to ask you to read this with care, with detachment, with undimmed aspiration, and with theDiscipleship2, 244:all men have been and are being plunged, the detachment from the priority of things which is beingDiscipleship2, 451:consciousness are in reality points of detachment. They mark the cycles of tension and should beDiscipleship2, 505:balance the first ray ability to demonstrate detachment by the functioning of the opposite qualityDiscipleship2, 523:- feeling this way - you had naught for them. Detachment is the path of least resistance for aDiscipleship2, 523:Your second ray soul does not sanction detachment, and hence the conflict being waged within yourDiscipleship2, 569:whereby the disciple learns certain lessons of detachment and above all registers - as he learns -Discipleship2, 575:reached the stage of a detached observer. This detachment you can frequently attain. TemperamentDiscipleship2, 575:it in you. The second ray disciple has to learn detachment while at the same time he remainsDiscipleship2, 617: exists but doing so with complete detachment. That is the concept or idea behind theDiscipleship2, 657:his next step upon the Path of Liberation. This detachment, based on a phase of spiritualDiscipleship2, 658:the war ends to the cultivation of depth, of detachment, of humility. This process you will neverDiscipleship2, 684:by you as harshness, failure to understand or a detachment so cold that my very impersonality wouldDiscipleship2, 686:ray mind should enable you to observe with detachment the conflict between the personality and theDiscipleship2, 693:from phase after phase of thought. The lesson of detachment in relation to one's possible emotionalDiscipleship2, 693:Ashram. When he does this, the inference is that detachment is now one of his establishedDiscipleship2, 695:with consideration from the angle of personality detachment, from the angle of soul detachment,Discipleship2, 695:personality detachment, from the angle of soul detachment, particularly when the antahkarana can beDiscipleship2, 698:isolated, exclusive, antagonistic and prone to detachment. It is the conflict between these twoDiscipleship2, 734:with it and function in it but with complete detachment from it - just as you do not identifyDiscipleship2, 738:shock, applied by you in love and yet with full detachment and clarity of speech. You need to learnDiscipleship2, 753:Is [753] this a hard saying? Study it with the detachment you have so ably developed and you willDiscipleship2, 753:Reapply and reinterpret this virtue of detachment and much will be revealed to you. I shall not beDiscipleship2, 762:have to pass; it is a test of that occult detachment which every disciple has to master. ThisEducation, 120:of teaching the race the necessary quality of detachment, in order that its desire and plans shallExternalisation, 18:over years of effort. When this is done with detachment and is paralleled by a life of lovingExternalisation, 114:attack. A strong subjective life and spiritual detachment are the two safeguards. Where the form isExternalisation, 411:learnt that the Way of Release is to be found in detachment, dispassion and discrimination. WhereExternalisation, 412:be a conscious expression of divinity. Through detachment, the brain consciousness or state ofExternalisation, 412:senses and from the calls of the lower nature. Detachment is in reality the imposition of a newExternalisation, 413:Therefore we have: The Buddha, the method: Detachment, Dispassion, Discrimination. The Christ, theExternalisation, 513:endeavor into the life of service. The first detachment gathered into the coming Church will beExternalisation, 658:the primary lesson of mental discrimination and detachment - two basic qualities which must beExternalisation, 658:and the soul approach, thus learning that true detachment which was symbolically but erroneouslyExternalisation, 691:and yet at the same time preserve a spiritual detachment which will enable the disciple to do hisExternalisation, 691:of those with whom he is working. The necessary detachment cannot be based upon the innate instinctGlamour, 4:yet, at the same time, to preserve personality detachment. This detachment can be so easily foundedGlamour, 4:time, to preserve personality detachment. This detachment can be so easily founded on an inabilityGlamour, 19:records. Preserve the scientific attitude of detachment and of recognition and write down all thatGlamour, 243:divine Observer and through the attainment of detachment. These are things which I have oft toldGlamour, 243:if you could but grasp the full significance of detachment and stand serene as the observingGlamour, 245:of Indifference. Through concentration. Through detachment. We enter now the field of practicalHealing, 439:will here show that this ordered process of detachment, which the group life makes effective in theHealing, 474:of the nadis starts in the eyes. This process of detachment often shows itself in the relaxationHealing, 476:his grip on physical existence. In old age this detachment can be more easily noted than in deathHealing, 673:about by the development of the two qualities of detachment and discrimination. These two [674]Hercules, 174:come by hardening the heart, nor by tremendous detachment, nor by climbing a pedestal. The worldIntellect, 97:life as working rules of conduct. They lead to detachment, a quality which is emphasized both inIntellect, 98:intention along these lines as follows: "This 'detachment from self ', what does it mean?" "FirstIntellect, 98:does it mean?" "First of all, clearly, it is detachment from the lower and sensible Ego - that is,Intellect, 98:under a higher unity." "Again, it is detachment from the 'vainglorious Ego', the dispersed andIntellect, 98:to so fluctuating a unity." "Above all, it is detachment from the 'proud Ego.' We must have a rightMagic, 149:pulsating life of God Himself, and this through detachment and reorientation. It is notablyMagic, 150:which every disciple knows, when (through detachment and the capacity to withdraw) he is held byMagic, 150:interludes of silence, withdrawingness, and of detachment are frequently difficult and dark. All isMagic, 203:needs to be calm and peaceful and to cultivate detachment and so gain control of himself. We teachMagic, 316:man concerned. A fourth method involves complete detachment from the emotional body altogether, andMagic, 557:These can be summed up in three words: Power. Detachment. Non-criticism. So often simple words areMagic, 559:of Thought-Forms The second requirement is detachment. The worker in white magic must hold himselfMagic, 559:the world should recognize the need for silent detachment and the work before every student whoMagic, 559:cultivating a detached attitude. It is a mental detachment which enables the thinker to dwell everMagic, 560:written anent attachment and the need to develop detachment. May I beg all students in the urgencyMagic, 561:must all go. If the workers would practice detachment, knowing that the Law works and that God'sMagic, 574:and healing. His attitude would be one of detachment and he would have no desire to take prisonerMagic, 604:and needed will no longer be required. The detachment between a man and his usable forms will be soMagic, 604:two things. They are learning to practice that detachment which will enable them to live as soulsMagic, 606:difficult. Steadily they have to cultivate that detachment which characterizes the soul which knowsMagic, 607:form aspect in all three worlds. Their state of detachment is not yet complete. They bridge, andMagic, 609:attitude of right observation that brings about detachment from form, a subsequent power to useMagic, 620:that this relatively new attitude of personal detachment is tending to solve their own personalMagic, 624:He is either, through the strain, learning detachment, and this curiously enough is what might beMagic, 630:the instinctual reactions and evokes that inner detachment which enables a man to walk at libertyMeditation, 48:for periods of any length. It is the inner detachment that counts, and the ability to dissociatePatanjali, 79:understanding of this sutra is found in the word detachment. The aspirant (as he makes his sensePatanjali, 285:a selfless motive and carried out with complete detachment. He then produces the effect desired inPatanjali, 420:one's heritage. The isolation referred to is the detachment of the self from the field ofPatanjali, 422:who has arrived at the state of discriminating detachment, and through utter dispassion, knows thePsychology1, 11:unknown, should be attained, a certain degree of detachment from form should be achieved, and aPsychology1, 65:but see its plan and purpose. Quality - detachment. Through thee the life pulsates, the rhythm isPsychology1, 115:training initiate or teacher is one of complete detachment and impersonality; he is aware of thePsychology1, 351:one governs the Path of Initiation, producing detachment from form, the destruction of all thatPsychology1, 398:three disciples who revolted from the drama of detachment. The Jew embodies in himself the worldPsychology1, 406:ray induces a separative attitude and causes a detachment from the group of souls of [407] whichPsychology1, 407:The egoic ray induces group consciousness and detachment from external forms, causing attachment to
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