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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETACHMENT

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Psychology2, 34:from our hands; everything is taken away, and detachment from the world of phenomenal life and ofPsychology2, 34:essentially neither ego nor non-ego. Complete detachment and discrimination must finally lead us toPsychology2, 35:who have achieved liberation through loneliness, detachment, isolated unity, and purification. APsychology2, 75:trouble, apprehension and the processes whereby detachment and dispassion are enforced, are doingPsychology2, 76:material, and how ready he is for the work of detachment. In the life of every human being on thePsychology2, 76:forget, the inevitability of that final symbolic detachment which we call Death. But when life hasPsychology2, 78:side of soul expression, which is governed by detachment, the following phrases and sentences willPsychology2, 79:Real, which is only possible when there has been detachment from the seen, the false, the objectivePsychology2, 79:The paragraphs which detail the methods of detachment have been given earlier in A Treatise onPsychology2, 83:of Return and in connection with the process of detachment, which marks the progress of the soulPsychology2, 104:dispassion, then discrimination, and finally detachment. On these three words must all disciplesPsychology2, 105:for themselves and may have learnt much personal detachment. Little may they cherish the gain ofPsychology2, 111:aspirant, and so connected with the processes of detachment (at which disciples work soPsychology2, 128:suffering. There is a painful [128] process of detachment. There is a long effort to let the lifePsychology2, 356:of such intense inner focusing and alert mental detachment that he will be in a position to usePsychology2, 371:Stillness. Ray Four - Steadfastness. Ray Five - Detachment. Psychology2, 604:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics 4. Detachment. This is one of the major psychologicalPsychology2, 604:useful purpose and done a needed work. This is a detachment of the wrong kind. I realize as I givePsychology2, 604:life - devitalization, delusion, delirium and detachment - that those who have gained much from thePsychology2, 617:of motive, true love and a large measure of detachment, the subtler bodies of the one who is underPsychology2, 686:are to be known as "days of renunciation and detachment". [687] The day of the Festival is to bePsychology2, 706:between the unreal and the real. A process of detachment. This is the difficult and painful processRays, 73:service, upon a sense of proportion and upon a detachment which makes true help possible. Thus theRays, 100:The first sentence in this fourth rule refers to Detachment - the detachment of the soul from theRays, 100:in this fourth rule refers to Detachment - the detachment of the soul from the body or theRays, 100:in the Bible "the second death." It is not detachment as the aspirant practices it. It is theRays, 102:will here show that this ordered process of detachment, which the group life makes effective in theRays, 210:of "divine indifference," spiritual detachment and deep, persistent, unchanging love. To manyRays, 538:Periods of search, periods of pain, periods of detachment, periods of revelation producing pointsRays, 540:reasons - the planet of distress, dispassion and detachment. When he knows this, he knows all thatRays, 685:on the Way. These freedoms are the result of Detachment, Dispassion, and Discrimination. At theRays, 702:self, is only made possible by the practice of detachment every day. The word "detachment" is onlyRays, 702:the practice of detachment every day. The word "detachment" is only the Eastern term for our wordRays, 702:yourself to get accustomed to suffering with detachment, knowing that the soul suffers not at all,Rays, 703:by His teaching and His emphasis upon detachment. Think on these things and study the greatRays, 718:at the same time - their true meaning involves a detachment, a divine indifference and theTelepathy, 10:You can see, therefore, how a cultivation of detachment is a necessary qualification for success inTelepathy, 29:forget it. Fourthly, let the receivers work with detachment. Most receivers are so anxious toTelepathy, 34:of compassion and of sympathy, plus that detachment which will enable one to take right action.Telepathy, 101:It is developed through the attainment of detachment - the detachment of the Observer from allTelepathy, 101:through the attainment of detachment - the detachment of the Observer from all desires and longings
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