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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETAIL

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Astrology, 9:be only hypotheses to you) and the avoidance of detail and of detailed discussion. We will endeavorAstrology, 150:will, therefore, be no need to repeat in such detail what I have here said when we are dealing withAstrology, 242:shall later deal when discussing them in greater detail in another part of this section on esotericAstrology, 312:I do not intend to refer unduly and in detail to points with which you are already familiar, saveAstrology, 347:points I will endeavor to elucidate in greater detail when taking up with you the basicAstrology, 509:is not my intention to deal with the houses in detail. Modern astrologers have worked this outAstrology, 512:the vastness of the subject and the immensity of detail in the world of effects. AnotherAstrology, 516:the human consciousness. It is the complexity of detail which primarily is responsible for theAstrology, 553:the Mutable, Fixed and Cardinal Crosses - in any detail, owing to the fact that they are concernedAstrology, 594:threefold will. We have studied them in some detail in my other books from the angle ofAstrology, 603:the first case there is resemblance but not in detail. In the second, there is practicallyAstrology, 614:of unfoldment upon the Path of Discipleship. The detail of the process in a broad and general senseAstrology, 631:the minor Rays of Attribute contribute the detail in process and enterprise. They [632] areAtom, 68:ignorant dogmatism, and only the unwise deal in detail when considering these stupendous topics. Atom, 69:we can take this up in greater [69] detail; all I am endeavoring to do tonight is to show that inAutobiography, 58:yelled at me to move. I could not. So finally a detail of men advanced and picked up me, the cartAutobiography, 90:books which have been published giving in detail the past lives of prominent occultists areAutobiography, 255:to Their existence, and much harm by the foolish detail at times imparted. But They are not asAutobiography, 259:is given with very great rapidity and the detail teaching is impressed upon her consciousness withBethlehem, 13:Bethlehem can be paralleled in practically every detail in the lives of earlier messengers fromBethlehem, 49:now dominant in the world. Without going into detail or entering into lengthy expositions of theBethlehem, 56:three apostles supplied the setting and the detail, and apparently did much to bring that detailBethlehem, 56:detail, and apparently did much to bring that detail into conformity with the teaching of the past,Bethlehem, 56:events and occurrences. We have fought over the detail connected with the phenomenal appearing ofBethlehem, 57:a variation of the name Mary), the similarity in detail of the birth story, all indicate to us theBethlehem, 76:of His work. There is no sign that He knew in detail what that mission was; He went into noBethlehem, 103:periods and cycles, and though obviously the detail of what He had to do was only progressivelyBethlehem, 113:its parts, of the essential in a multiplicity of detail." - Religions of Mankind, by Otto Karrer,Bethlehem, 116:itself. He can be preoccupied only with the detail, with the problem in the immediate foreground ofBethlehem, 116:the light of conscience. For the disciple, the detail assumes less importance, and the generalBethlehem, 125:brief and concise, and remains undeveloped as to detail. The way out, in this particularBethlehem, 126:felt experience, refusing to deal with the [126] detail of the glamor of doubt, of emotion, ofBethlehem, 135:it may profit us to study before we consider the detail of the stupendous revelation which wasBethlehem, 231:and of neither of them do we know very much. The detail of the Resurrection episode, or crisis, inBethlehem, 250:and for his reason here on earth. With the detail of these theories there is no need, or time, toDestiny, 21:in consciousness. I have dealt somewhat in detail with these matters; the gist of them has,Destiny, 75:given time. I have given you France somewhat in detail so that you can appreciate the extent of theDestiny, 122:for the carrying out of the Plan in its future detail has not been learnt by these sincere, butDestiny, 133:of the disciple in the future will differ in detail from that of the past but the basic rulesDiscipleship1, 4:is, therefore, my intention to write a little in detail in connection with these groups. My time isDiscipleship1, 7:depend upon your patience, your exactness in detail, the discipline which you are willing to imposeDiscipleship1, 24:Mind, exist in their graded orders, and with the detail of their groupings we are not concerned,Discipleship1, 89:thus acquires facility to see - in large and in detail - that which he desires and for which heDiscipleship1, 98:pulsation of your light - not in watching the detail of your daily living. That is not warranted inDiscipleship1, 157:would be in order for you, omitting the detail of the stage of ascent but visualizing the inflow ofDiscipleship1, 162:you, my brother, as last year I wrote to you in detail and outlined to you the work of the comingDiscipleship1, 178:techniques which later we can study in greater detail: the technique of controlling one's ownDiscipleship1, 239:lately neglected and follow my instructions in detail and with meticulous care. In connection withDiscipleship1, 268:vibration. In the daily round of duties and of detail comes for you the opportunity to transfigureDiscipleship1, 271:in freeing yourself inwardly from much of the detail work with which you have been confronted. ThisDiscipleship1, 279:building, with the creative work of organized detail in every balanced production. Beauty is, afterDiscipleship1, 287:know, the seeds of danger - the danger of the detail and of the phenomenal happenings seeming ofDiscipleship1, 327:its inevitable counterpart in the exaggerated detail of daily life when recounted. There is everDiscipleship1, 327:with its clarity of outline and precision of detail, disappears into the mists of illusion. ThenDiscipleship1, 356:be helpful to you. I will not here outline it in detail as it is planned for individual need and isDiscipleship1, 369:the Master Workman and the plan, in all its detail, lay disclosed upon the Trestle Board. WithinDiscipleship1, 384:or emotional causes. Your life is so full of detail and of duty that the soul is oft irked thereby.Discipleship1, 391:You have a life tendency to over-emphasize detail and points of procedure with meticulous care andDiscipleship1, 402:Later we will go into this matter in greater detail. Your rays, therefore, are: The soul ray - theDiscipleship1, 403:ways of building. This I will take up in greater detail later. I would like to call attention toDiscipleship1, 484:to be noted in your diary. Keep it in fuller detail; not only will it train you in the recognitionDiscipleship1, 498:seventh ray) and the ease with which you handle detail (which is a second ray characteristic). ButDiscipleship1, 501:same time, guard against too much attention to detail which is always the line of least resistanceDiscipleship1, 503:instructions and your individual direction, and detail to you the readjustments and changes whichDiscipleship1, 537:is there but being the same, practically in detail, as that which your brothers already possess inDiscipleship1, 572:things externally, from the angle of the outer detail and from the standpoint of the non-essential.Discipleship1, 702:plane. I would like to consider in greater detail the nature of a Master's group, sometimes calledDiscipleship1, 710:not be possible for me to indicate the work in detail. I intend only to show you as far as isDiscipleship1, 732:cover the Probationary Path; I have dealt in detail with the Path of Discipleship. The angle of theDiscipleship1, 732:well known but cannot be described in too much detail. They vary according to person, and ray. IDiscipleship1, 763:i.e., the disciple in a physical body. The detail of the descent of energy or of the process ofDiscipleship1, 787:to their existence, and much harm by the foolish detail at times imparted. They are not asDiscipleship2, 38:Servers will be active, we shall later deal in detail, and I will give two series of instructionsDiscipleship2, 108:point out to them the dangers of mental pride, detail to them their personality limitations and theDiscipleship2, 147:Part VI I have given you this meditation in some detail, as I am anxious to have you comprehendDiscipleship2, 204:of what has transpired. Forget not that - in detail - the New Group of World Servers is composed ofDiscipleship2, 274:Chamber of Shamballa are visited - not in detail but as [275] a suddenly contacted inspiration;Discipleship2, 299:can be unfolded. Elsewhere I deal in greater detail with the will, its nature and what it is. 6.Discipleship2, 381:some of these capacities, but without going into detail: The capacity to be outward looking andDiscipleship2, 420:whole." Let us consider this statement in detail: The marks of readiness for initiation: What, myDiscipleship2, 506:can have the patience to cover the mass of detail needed and to persist in the face of apparentDiscipleship2, 518:two groups: They follow the way of specialized detail and of a comprehensive inclusiveness, and areDiscipleship2, 618:of the group. I may deal with this in greater detail when communicating with P.G.C. who has alwaysDiscipleship2, 630:of the intention and be not preoccupied with the detail. Formulate to yourself in clear conciseDiscipleship2, 645:difficulties. I am explaining this somewhat in detail as I am anxious to have you comprehend theDiscipleship2, 755:to fail in grasping life essentials, because the detail and the minute aspects of the dailyEducation, 3:of adequacy. The Piscean Age dealt with the detail of the endeavor to measure up to a sensed ideal.Education, 108:and general outlines and omitting any study of detail or of specific personalities, except by wayExternalisation, 192:interests of the whole at heart, can change the detail of organization whilst preserving the lifeExternalisation, 201:to Him whether the emphasis laid upon the detail and the veracity of the Gospel story is recognizedExternalisation, 229:of events is known to all of you, and with its detail I need not deal. The action taken by theExternalisation, 243:order (in broad and general outline but not in detail), an intelligent recognition of theExternalisation, 337:aid their fellowmen. As I explained elsewhere in detail (Esoteric Astrology, Pages 570-575), thisExternalisation, 352:this time to bring to your attention. I cannot detail to you what you should do or what should beExternalisation, 526:Great Lords. I have dealt with this in some detail in Initiation, Human and Solar, as well asExternalisation, 613:of the facts. Looking away from the detail of the foreground, which ever assumes undue proportions,Externalisation, 689:plane, and is impressed directly and guided in detail from the cosmic astral plane. From theFire, xv:source, its infallibility or the correctness in detail of its statements. No book gains anythingFire, 17:with the work, the lesser two but wrought with detail. The Stone had gathered fire, lambent withFire, 45:the unit man and then block out our subject in detail and consider the sections into which it will
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