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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETAIL

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Fire, 54:we can proceed to take up somewhat in greater detail the interior fires of the systems, microcosmicFire, 58:and microcosmic systems will be dealt with in detail in a later subdivision. Here we will only dealFire, 79:Let us trace the analogy a little more in detail, for in its just apprehension will be found muchFire, 123:of the matter we will take up in still greater detail when we handle our next point of "KundaliniFire, 136:to do. I will not therefore enumerate them in detail. I would only point out that in theFire, 148:system. This rule must not be carried too far in detail as long as man's mind is of its presentFire, 168:would like to describe these centers in greater detail, dealing with them as seen in ethericFire, 175:The correspondence lies in similitude and not in detail as seen in time and space. It covers theFire, 190:now proceed to take up each of these senses in detail: Fire, 213:The mystery cannot be explained in greater detail as the secrets of initiation are notFire, 245:must be: No, the analogy is never exact in detail but only in certain broad basic correspondences.Fire, 253:and the atom, again holds good but not in exact detail. e. A Heavenly Man is governed by the Law ofFire, 269:Manasaputras? This will be dealt with in greater detail in connection with our planet when takingFire, 305:is not occupied with the same problems in exact detail as are the perfected Manasaputras. Man aimsFire, 350:is not yet to be revealed. It is known only in detail to the Chohans. of the Seventh Initiation,Fire, 386:as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor CHART VII Detail of Earth Scheme as shown on Solar SeptenaryFire, 406:We say "correspond" for the analogy is not in detail. Uranus and Neptune are reflections of theFire, 408:of fundamental facts (to the exclusion of detail) are in any way possible in this treatise. CertainFire, 408:and lesser, and against accumulation of chaotic detail. This apparent chaos, and even seemingFire, 423:It is not possible to enter into this in greater detail, as the subject is too vast. Let us nowFire, 550:be wise for us to take up the matter in some detail. This section is not intended to giveFire, 682:body. We will not deal with them in greater detail at this moment for as we study the subject ofFire, 682:man can be enlarged upon as we proceed. More detail at this moment would but serve to complicate.Fire, 693:taking up the subject of the Agnishvattas in detail, there are three points which should be borneFire, 711:whose activity may not be the same in working detail, but the results are ever similar, and theFire, 746:and do not seek to infer analogy in detail, but only in purpose and in experience. It may be saidFire, 777:group. More of their work it is not possible to detail, for the work of the Agnishvattas is vastFire, 790:(accurate on general lines [790] though in detail not so apparent) exists between the building ofFire, 854:These groups are far too many to enumerate in detail. We have outlined and named five of the largerFire, 931:These will be dealt with somewhat in detail later. 2. The builders of the forms in the threeFire, 963:section we will consider in somewhat greater detail than the previous one, as it concerns much ofFire, 1000:concentration; he begins then to visualize in detail the form he is seeking to build; he picturesFire, 1001:is to embody egoic purposes, and pictures it in detail. We must not forget that we are here dealingFire, 1080:This relation is of a kind differing in specific detail from the meat-eating, and oft inhuman,Fire, 1110:of our entering upon the subject in greater detail. The causal body differs from the Brahma aspectFire, 1139:of life. The subject is too obscure, and the detail too vast. Until the student has fitted himselfGlamour, 7:to arrive at this concept through a study of detail and through arriving at the significance ofGlamour, 20:we shall divide our subject up into greater detail, but in this instruction I only seek to getGlamour, 22:thought-form of what we shall later discuss in detail. Glamour, 74:these glamorous for you a little more in detail. The Glamor of Materiality is the cause of all theGlamour, 80:to convey. Before taking up this subject in some detail, I would like to add something to ourGlamour, 89:these points we shall later take up in greater detail when we come to our third section and beginGlamour, 92:you contact in daily life. I will elaborate in detail the training which should be given to each ofGlamour, 140:[140] In our next section we will deal in detail with the technique of this scientific use of lightGlamour, 232:by the very act of naming it. I am going into detail on this matter because the work is a newHealing, 124:It is not possible for me to enter into explicit detail in considering these problems connectedHealing, 167:involved must be mastered step by step, detail by detail, precept by precept, application byHealing, 167:must be mastered step by step, detail by detail, precept by precept, application by application.Healing, 190:the exceptions and to deal with minutiae and the detail of bodily defects or their opposites. ItHealing, 215:pay too much attention to the immediate factual detail. The downward trend - producingHealing, 289:so desired - enter a field of such intricacy and detail that nothing profitable would eventuate.Healing, 294:is whole and sound and that which is known as detail and unwholesome in an awful sense - met uponHealing, 354:weakness. I shall consider this later in more detail. It will be obvious to you that when we beginHealing, 455:Before I take up this subject in greater detail I would like to make some reference to the "web inHealing, 479:indicate their direct causes and give, in detail, the processes of recovery? Because, my brothers,Healing, 493:they will not be aware of his. I can give no detail as to reciprocal give and take or to the modesHealing, 561:but list them; I will not deal with them in any detail for until the modern healer recognizes theHealing, 574:in comparison with the intricate and complex detail [575] anent the human mechanism and itsHealing, 583:been given out by me, for the first time in any detail, although they were hinted at in The SecretHealing, 602:for his thought would be deflected to the detail of the form and away from the energy and itsHealing, 625:his thinking with the multiplicity and detail of the other lesser glandular system and with theHealing, 680:be wise if we took this tenth Law somewhat in detail, where possible, so as to arrive at theHealing, 684:which are based on principle and not upon the detail of appearance have in them that undyingHealing, 685:and female. With this we need not deal in any detail, as it is well recognized and understood, atHercules, 10:drama, which the story of Hercules elucidates in detail for the aspirant. Hercules, 16:of our objective. The various accounts differ in detail, according to the bias of the historian,Hercules, 25:equipment, we read of a most intriguing little detail: [26] he went out and cut for himself a club.Hercules, 42:labors and one that is [42] told us in fullest detail. Some of the accounts given of the variousHercules, 71:to live, how to solve their problems and how, in detail, to guide their undertakings. I would likeInitiation, 7:essence, and not in the esoteric working out of detail as we think we see it from our presentInitiation, 7:to reduce to chart form and to tabulate in detail, he enters realms where he is bound to err, andInitiation, 19:levels, though the parallel cannot be pushed to detail. The intuition corresponds to the emotional,Initiation, 37:what those aims have been, nor to consider in detail who the active personalities have been duringInitiation, 44:in the Bible story (though with much error in detail) has he stayed with the sons of men; never hasInitiation, 89:first in small measure, and gradually in fuller detail. By the time the fourth initiation is takenInitiation, 150:end from the beginning and being aware of the detail of the consummated sphere. Then, when hisIntellect, 22:assimilate a vast amount of widely diversified detail, and yet we question sometimes whether we areIntellect, 84:Soul, III, 5-6. This we shall take up in greater detail later on. Through meditation, as aIntellect, 181:It is relatively unimportant what we mean in detail by that little word of three letters. It is butMagic, 32:which must be considered as a whole and not in detail and this for two reasons: Language, asMagic, 131:but beyond that the Great Ones do not go. The detail and the method of concretizing the ideal andMagic, 493:nature and modifications may be handled in more detail. But the time is not yet. Our subject now isMagic, 500:Before I take up this subject in greater detail I would like to make reference to the "web in theMagic, 527:This analogy you can think out in greater detail for yourself, but even superficially it will beMagic, 577:scientifically. I have no time to take up in detail the meaning of the hands as they wield theMagic, 586:do the very best they know; they fail to act in detail as their inner voice tells them; they leaveMeditation, 14:principles are all I seek to give. Method and detail must be worked out through the use ofMeditation, 94:any progress. Let us now take up these points in detail. Meditation, 126:Entities These are too numerous to mention in detail but I might enumerate a few. DiscarnateMeditation, 225:and exists not only broadly but likewise in detail. This is a fact to be grasped and worked out. AsMeditation, 225:facts will be ever more clearly demonstrated in detail, and perfect comprehension will ensue. "AsMeditation, 237:Why have I not dealt with the matter in greater detail, and why have I not entered into lengthyMeditation, 244:healing study the physical vehicle itself in detail. Then - with some idea of the inner conditionsMeditation, 247:of color. Later... we can take up with greater detail the work of these healing groups, whenMeditation, 278:differ so much that no universal rule in detail can be formulated. As you know, the Master makes aMeditation, 305:are fundamentally the same, though varying in detail, due to the racial characteristics of theMeditation, 305:in the future may not always work out in detail as foreseen. I but seek to lay before you the bigMeditation, 310:and ever each body in all its aggregate of detail must be wrestled with and subjugated. Only in theMeditation, 311:inevitably eventuate. We will here take each detail of our subject, as enumerated above, by itself.Meditation, 347:test out all applicants for service in the small detail of everyday life, and he who shews a record
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