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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETAILED

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Astrology, 9:to you) and the avoidance of detail and of detailed discussion. We will endeavor to work from theAstrology, 134:signs, and seeking to give a broad and not detailed picture [135] of what I might call the lines ofAstrology, 187:sensitive. I cannot here enter into a detailed analysis of the many energies which pour through theAstrology, 344:- to consider predisposing causes more than detailed and more easily ascertained facts. In thisAstrology, 344:before they take up the intensive study of the detailed and new informative suggestions which I mayAtomintended to serve as an introduction to the more detailed study and application of the laws of lifeAtom, 56:be, working out an idea, a specific concept, or detailed poem. A man is an embodied thought, andAutobiography, 140:technical phrases of Sanskrit words and of the detailed significances of the Ageless Wisdom. I findAutobiography, 240:of the Hierarchy, as far as we know, that the detailed instructions given by a Master to His groupDiscipleship1, 254:will be simplified and a study of the more detailed personality tendencies may reveal to youDiscipleship1, 433:meeting business needs. Train others to do the detailed work and work yourself behind the scenes -Discipleship1, 467:however, to give long extracts or to copy out my detailed instructions of the Buddha's Full Moon inDiscipleship2, 9:them. Let me endeavor to explain. All detailed, outer forms are expressions of some subjectiveDiscipleship2, 19:The accepted disciple never receives any detailed information or instruction; he is given no listDiscipleship2, 115:I call you all today, prior to the definite and detailed group work - later to be outlined. UnderDiscipleship2, 127:on the five days of the Full Moon (as earlier detailed), you will produce a group fusion of purposeDiscipleship2, 361:recognition of purpose, careful planning and a detailed and carefully thought-out program), both inDiscipleship2, 564:you need for the remainder of your life; further detailed instruction from me will not be necessaryDiscipleship2, 632:and concerned his relation to the Master. They detailed his progress from a rare contact to aEducation, 112:This I shall always do, and thus offset the detailed point of view, the distorted [113] foregroundExternalisation, 674:will still be from the buddhic plane, but the detailed and focused direction will be given fromExternalisation, 685:of the Plan, under impression from me; the more detailed structure and the sweep of theExternalisation, 700:(The Rays and the Initiations.) and a more detailed presentation will not be possible at this time.Fire, xii:and may serve as a scaffolding upon which more detailed instruction may later be built, as theFire, 88:lies in quality and method more than in detailed adherence to a specified action at any given timeFire, 198:Bodhisattva is that of Love-wisdom, and of the detailed science of the soul; it is the teachingFire, 224:he can then more easily and accurately fit the detailed information into its appropriate niche.Fire, 224:plan is becoming visible to him, but the pile of detailed material to be built in remains, as yet,Fire, 245:the stages of growth may not appear the same in detailed evolution, viewed from the standpoint of aFire, 255:of the correspondence, yet withal the lack of detailed analogy. (S.D., I 136.) b. A solar LogosFire, 288:leaving the subsidiary points for more detailed elucidation at some later period. 1. TheFire, 367:and the Lord of the Venus scheme. Until more detailed information is permitted publication anentFire, 479:until it again emerges and blazes forth. More detailed elucidation will not be possible here norFire, 480:only certain facts can be imparted, whilst the detailed work concerning process may not be dealtFire, 620:down to more technical details and to the more detailed consideration of these building forces asFire, 742:that of the human family. The student who seeks detailed information as to the Agnishvattas of theFire, 856:Lords who are concerned with those bodies, The detailed history of the elemental lives whoFire, 910:to extend the scope of this book to include more detailed information anent the deva evolution. Fire, 976:of greater purity and unselfishness, the more detailed explanation of the process must necessarilyGlamour, 7:concept will ever be synthetic. It will not be detailed and in sections. You may have to arrive atGlamour, 17:of their reactions and the wealth of their detailed records. Also, herein will lie eventually theirGlamour, 19:your task at first will be recording. Keep detailed records. Preserve the scientific attitude ofGlamour, 118:will serve no useful purpose for me to go into detailed particulars. I can indicate the majorGlamour, 219:like a very long formula but I have purposely detailed it in as full a manner as possible so thatHealing, 97:by the use of energy rightly directed and by detailed visualization; love also plays a great part,Healing, 249:race rather than with giving you a specific and detailed account of the diseases which are alliedHealing, 269:generalities and that I give no specific and detailed analysis of particular diseases, particularlyHealing, 276:practitioner cannot cope with the mass of detailed knowledge now gathered re the physical body, itsHealing, 549:in the New Age is therefore more basic and less detailed. He deals with areas and not with organs;Healing, 602:with untrained healers, is sufficient. Too detailed a knowledge of the formation, condition andHealing, 713:tell you the reasons I am refraining from more detailed information and from a clear analysis ofInitiation, 112:is in itself a complete ceremony, and capable of detailed division. Let us now take up the variousMagic, 291:the omniscience of the soul is tapped, the more detailed knowledge will gradually fall into place.Magic, 362:C. of esotericism. Waste not time however in too detailed deduction. All that is now possible is aMagic, 465:Large generalizations are indeed safer than the detailed and oft erroneous information anent theMagic, 486:trouble. These are the facts of information, the detailed material, the news (if so you like toMagic, 541:may be lacking. Two: The danger of minute and detailed instructions consists in the fact that wereMagic, 601:the secondary teachings, and finally arrange the detailed data under the various heads which haveMagic, 634:the mind of the disciple be thus freed from the detailed analysis of the world situation among theMeditation, 67:for this is not yet, and need arises not for detailed description, yet if things progress asMeditation, 71:too great for us to venture yet to give full and detailed instructions. We seek to develop MastersMeditation, 228:tabulate in broad general fashion, leaving the detailed working out to the student of meditation.Patanjali, 11:certain terms and the way prepared for the more detailed instruction to follow. The aspirant facesPatanjali, 45:the "hares." In some of the old books there are detailed accounts of these three groups ofPatanjali, 389:and have experienced the effects of meditation, detailed in Book III. The yogi is now a liberatedPsychology1, 217:line of forces, 2-4-6. When we come to a more detailed analysis of the rays and their effects on aPsychology1, 271:to the readers of this book to enter into a detailed analysis of the marriage customs of the ages,Psychology1, 335:planetary Logos. Too much accuracy and too detailed information is not at this time good forPsychology1, 402:more definitely established. The experiences detailed in the Bhagavad Gita become the experiencesPsychology2, 42:for knowledge. This leads to material activity, Detailed analysis, Intense materialism andPsychology2, 207:than this we need not go, except by inference. A detailed analysis is not, however, in order, owingPsychology2, 393:grasped in meticulous entirety. This wide, yet detailed, scope or universal recognition isPsychology2, 394:The second ray has been [394] called the Ray of Detailed Knowledge and where this term has beenPsychology2, 394:"detail". It might rather be called the Ray of Detailed Unity or the Ray of the Divine Pattern, orPsychology2, 394:comprehension the general equipment and more detailed purpose of the organized whole which we callPsychology2, 725:plans laid down and the actual working out into detailed expression of the intended ameliorativeRays, 166:ignores the Three. Let me paraphrase this, for detailed comment is not possible or permissible. TheRays, 255:from His Ashram at this time. We come now to a detailed analysis of Rule XIII. In the foregoingRays, 331:can express, in powerful ritual and in organized detailed rites, the history of man's movingRays, 529:conscious building of the antahkarana, has been detailed; but I have pointed out in this connectionSoul, 20:a valid induction, supported by a multitude of detailed facts." - Berman, Louis, M.D., The GlandsSoul, 71:points merit discussion, before we pass on to a detailed account of the Eastern teaching as to theSoul, 115:column - a relationship too intricate to be detailed here. Of the seven centers, two are in theTelepathy, 19:of the activity of the centers, as they are detailed in the Hindu philosophy; and until there isTelepathy, 61:which, as you study it, will summarize the above detailed analysis. I said, defining impression,
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