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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETAILS

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Astrology, 316:been laid so strongly on small and unimportant details have distorted and diverted the wide sweepAstrology, 325:and living, evidenced in the speculative details anent individual return given in the currentAstrology, 517:of the problem will disappear and the details fall into obvious position and in such a manner thatAutobiography, 11:crooked places for which we are responsible. The details of my unhappiness are so remote that IAutobiography, 23:things and valuables. It is curious how little details such as this man handing over my father'sAutobiography, 66:very good to me and attended to all the business details. Remember, again, that I was young,Autobiography, 88:tried people. I have sat amazed at the intimate details that they have brought to me, seeminglyAutobiography, 92:and whatever I did in a previous life, I failed. Details are immaterial but the fear of failure isAutobiography, 104:all expenses. I found when it came down to the details of married life that I had absolutelyAutobiography, 121:that diocese would, of course, have to know the details. I remember well the evening in which I putAutobiography, 124:their disputations concerning non-important details, and preach a Christ, risen, living and loving,Autobiography, 227:There is no need for me to deal with the details of the story. On all counts Mildred handled a mostAutobiography, 272:choosing the spectacular and the unimportant details and [273] omitting that which is spiritual andAutobiography, 296:simply for consideration and as aspects or details, implementing or growing out of the moreBethlehem, 6:disappear. We have been occupied with the details of the outer form of the faith, and have sadlyBethlehem, 43:these high points, in the intervals of which the details are given us in the Gospel story, the workBethlehem, 116:or not do, because we are sons of God? That the details of each difficulty, test and trial mayBethlehem, 177:distances and racial differences in the details of their services, the general outlines of theirBethlehem, 207:is obvious that there is no need to recount the details of it. [208] It is so well known and soDiscipleship1, 237:so much attention to the small but engrossing details, presented by circumstances and by otherDiscipleship1, 327:lower man and inclines him to over-emphasize all details, and to exaggerate the usual and theDiscipleship1, 338:they have themselves set in motion, or by the details which emerge out of their creative activity,Discipleship1, 415:a real lack of balance, an undue attention to details of process, and of devotion to those detailsDiscipleship1, 415:to details of process, and of devotion to those details from the emotional satisfaction which comesDiscipleship1, 491:nor have they the intention, to study the details of a disciple's life or to intrude into his ownDiscipleship1, 527:of inferiority and [527] preoccupation with details which keep you always devitalized. Enter intoDiscipleship1, 576:Plan, from the New Group of World Servers to the details of everyday life and which is never quietDiscipleship1, 591:is working under my direct supervision. The details of the Plan have in them the seeds of worldDiscipleship1, 591:furthered - produce lasting world effects; these details must be worked out; they can and must varyDiscipleship1, 681:for the average person to be fluid and to change details and methods in relation to that which hasDiscipleship1, 762:The soul is preoccupied with its own life; the details of the personality life (its inadequateDiscipleship1, 764:The mental unit. The throat center. These details, brother of mine, are of technical interest, areDiscipleship1, 766:minutiae, such as the permanent atoms and the details connected with the individual form nature.Discipleship2, 67:opposed to the inflow of soul energy, but the details are of no interest to the soul. The soul isDiscipleship2, 83:work. There is here no need for me to go into details anent these two spiritual enterprises. YouDiscipleship2, 109:their knowledge of petty and unimportant details anent the lives and methods of the Masters, a highDiscipleship2, 279:even if his practical knowledge of mundane details - historical, geographical, economic, andDiscipleship2, 283:have this group which I am training forget the details about initiation as presented so oft by theDiscipleship2, 381:written. Isolated statements and interesting details are really of no major importance. It is theDiscipleship2, 526:concern not themselves with the personality details of a disciple's life expression; therefore, whyDiscipleship2, 615:the situation, though he has no time for the details. He replied: "Tell R.S.U. to move to theDiscipleship2, 628:forward is concerned. You may and will fail on details, techniques and methods; you may err inDiscipleship2, 678:phone or written her a letter. These personality details matter not to her and are of no importanceDiscipleship2, 752:ineffective by your reaction to the outer details of physical plane living and to the reactions ofEducation, 26:It is not my intention to deal with the details of this process, nor to elaborate the methodsEducation, 85:with the [85] wholes of life as well as with the details of daily individual living. The child, asEducation, 110:engrossing attention. I do not intend to go into details or definitions. The exponents of theExternalisation, 117:picture, I shall have to overlook many essential details; I shall also be forced to take the alwaysExternalisation, 127:grip upon the situation for me to emphasize the details of that great war and its modernExternalisation, 200:and determine all economic policies. With the details of these future adjustments I shall not deal.Externalisation, 209:of the whole family of nations. The working details will have to be developed by all peoples in theExternalisation, 245:do. It is not for me to tell you what it is. The details are for you to decide; the methods whichExternalisation, 316:were necessarily large in outline and without details as to application. It will be for a liberatedExternalisation, 316:be for a liberated humanity to work out these details, to make the necessary adjustments, and to soExternalisation, 321:or the country of His choice. These are the details which concern Him and not you. Your task is toExternalisation, 322:of triangles. It is not for me to decide the details of your outer activities. That is for you toExternalisation, 333:workers must not be so occupied with the details of the Plan, with the production of that whichExternalisation, 335:will automatically tend to take care of the details. By this I mean that the establishing of soundExternalisation, 433:and must now be fought out to a finish. With the details of this struggle (fought on mental levels)Externalisation, 547:- as must ever be the case - to work out the details according to their contributing civilizationsExternalisation, 604:teaching by dogmatic assertions on unimportant details and by ridiculous claims, that they haveExternalisation, 609:anticipatory nature (though not in the factual details as I have hinted them to you) that I find itExternalisation, 613:proportions, and divorcing oneself from those details as they deluge one's daily life withFire, 7:The Law of Correspondences will explain the details of this relationship. This Law ofFire, 33:mind has familiarized itself with some of the details, may come to be regarded as providing aFire, 81:exquisite adjustment of its parts in all major details, is only the physical expression of Vishnu,Fire, 193:are of course the vowels and the consonants. The details of the philosophy of sound in its relationFire, 219:are of course the vowels and the consonants. The details of the philosophy of sound in its relationFire, 308:general outline and then proceed to fill in the details. I. Three Manifestations of Manas 20 TheFire, 326:action of these ethers is realized, and as the details concerning their composition utilization,Fire, 360:be possible to reveal for general publication details as to His specific Identity, His number andFire, 360:Being in Whose body it is a corporate part. The details of the plan may not be given. [361] TheFire, 620:substance itself, we come down to more technical details and to the more detailed consideration ofFire, 707:Doctrine, and supplemented here by further details, will suffice for the investigations of studentsFire, 732:get, and an idea of the general plan, but the details are as yet unrecognizable. Fire, 862:when the aspirant has complied with certain details. He must work upon the unfoldment of the fifthFire, 971:clothing it with color, and painting in its details. Hence will be seen the great value of a trueFire, 1089:through the medium of sound and symbol. The details of that development are lost in the night ofFire, 1154:fires. It is only a correspondence, and the details must not be pushed too far. The Saturn schemeHealing, 56:the pathological conditions, and the distressing details attendant upon the breakdown of any humanHealing, 56:constitution of the human body; and pathological details, the description of diseases, and theHealing, 104:to your mind and then dismiss it. Forget now the details of the work, such as the group, yourselfHealing, 166:the physical, psychological and systemic details of a purely academic nature when, by an act of theHealing, 403:unimportant, inaccurate and purely speculative details which they give out as truths anent theHealing, 403:and the circumstances of man after death. These details are largely dependent upon the clairvoyantHealing, 403:Yet in the Scriptures of the world these details are not given, and H.P.B. in The Secret DoctrineHealing, 480:this reason that I have wasted no time with the details of disease, with enumerating or consideringHealing, 549:and their distributing points, and not with the details of the physical body, with the constructionHealing, 658:the skeleton structure of the idea, but not the details; more can be inferred and given when weHercules, 9:applicable to modern conditions are the various details of the dramatic and oft-times amusing storyHercules, 16:treated by many writers. Discussion as to the details of his life, and argument as to the sequenceHercules, 123:... The Virgo's typical preoccupation with details of work, with technique, with health andHercules, 140:He has used the best available material for the details of the story casting it in the iambicHercules, 167:so much to say about it. I have omitted so much. Details of the Story We read that the marshes ofHercules, 183:of a sordid and sexual kind. I shall not go into details, but I want to tell you what I think is ofInitiation, 7:Logoic thought-form into which he can fit the details as he acquires them through manyInitiation, 51:should carefully remember that all these details are relative, and that the work and personnel ofInitiation, 133:It is not possible here to publish the details of the next stage, beyond using the description asInitiation, 166:by all aspirants, and as they learn to imprint details accurately upon their memory they are layingInitiation, 186:blind than to elucidate, and that the briefest details only are possible. 1. The Path of Earth
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