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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETERMINATIONS

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Astrology, 465:the personality influences, inclinations and determinations as they appear in the chart of theAstrology, 541:of my reiterated statement that the issues and determinations of the present situation are in theAstrology, 541:or bring destruction, according to human determinations. Men can achieve liberty and organize forBethlehem, 111:No account is given to us of His thought and determinations, His realization and consecration atDestiny, 86:refusal to be moved from certain attitudes and determinations. Italy sees more clearly than GermanyDiscipleship1, 66:from preconceived ideas and hasty judgments and determinations (based upon your own background,Discipleship1, 381:developed but from the angle of those interior determinations which carry a man forward along theDiscipleship1, 662:if your likes and dislikes, your personality determinations and affections, your feeling and yourDiscipleship1, 716:that many who read my words will recognize these determinations as the basic motivation of theirDiscipleship2, 233:meditative work are the result of certain mental determinations, which embody the will of theDiscipleship2, 269:The objectives, goals, theories, aims and determinations of the bulk of mankind already testify toDiscipleship2, 278:that today the goals and theories, the aims and determinations now expressed in human thinking andExternalisation, 213:of men and the placing in their hands of certain determinations which could, if rightly directed,Externalisation, 295:making the way clear. New hope awakens and fresh determinations are made. Strength to establishExternalisation, 312:is subordinated and only the following determinations are dominant: The determination to offerExternalisation, 379:find an easy audience. Mass psychology and mob determinations have been exploited down the ages,Externalisation, 424:these subjective happenings and these spiritual determinations - under the Law of Action andExternalisation, 562:far as certain interior and purely hierarchical determinations are concerned, and to a hastening ofHealing, 43:the form of desires, impulses, longings, wishes, determinations, incentives, and projections, thusHealing, 255:the dead weight of preconceived and ancient determinations which have to be moved before theHealing, 558:This law indicates that one of the primary determinations at which the healer must arrive is thatRays, 17:which have emerged in the realm of human determinations and objectives. These are all the resultsRays, 85:It is also brought into activity through the determinations of humanity itself which - under theRays, 360:them. His choice is naturally dependent upon ray determinations and past activity but isReappearance, 67:affairs have effects upon His action, so great "determinations" and "profound settlements withinSoul, 89:soul... is through the corpora striata... All determinations of the will also descend by that
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