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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETERMINE

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Astrology, 11:of that entity we call space and condition and determine the outer expression, the activities andAstrology, 16:duly cast and then taking [16] steps to determine what should be done to negate the planetaryAstrology, 20:some wide horizons and yet today I stand. I will determine for myself the way to go. Then onward IAstrology, 21:upon soul contact and much meditation, to determine the processes of astrological interpretationAstrology, 103:as these that the astrologer of the future will determine the type of horoscope which should beAstrology, 137:rays. These are pre-eminently the rays which determine the final stages of man's progress as wellAstrology, 137:path than they are in the middle period. They determine the final stages and happenings of the PathAstrology, 219:the Christ child is brought to the birth. They determine or condition the physical, astral andAstrology, 305:the particular Being under investigation; they determine the time of manifestation and the natureAstrology, 346:emerge more clearly when astrologers are able to determine accurately the point of development andAstrology, 395:will be available when the investigator can determine the relative age of the person or of theAstrology, 396:The individual, planetary and cosmic Crosses. To determine these angles will involve among otherAstrology, 396:humanity. One aspect of this will eventually determine statistically the average of the signsAstrology, 514:Rays and the Signs It is just as impossible to determine which of the planetary influences areAtom, 152:distances are so vast that it is impossible to determine whether certain systems are following aAutobiography, 194:I want to feel that these principles will still determine policies. The basic training given in theAutobiography, 272:of forming. They do not establish policies or determine issues. Just in so far as theBethlehem, 62:itself of a so-called heathen opportunity to determine a Christian rite or a day of sacredBethlehem, 112:life, and his subjective attitude to them, which determine whether his life reacts to evil or toBethlehem, 141:and persons, could no longer influence Him nor determine His conduct. He had achieved contact withBethlehem, 273:of motive, purpose and group usefulness will determine the spiritual nature of an activity. To workDestiny, 11:which are seeking to govern human thought, to determine natural and human evolution and to produceDestiny, 11:of its nature. These five energies together will determine the trend of world affairs. The problemDestiny, 31:and can express soul quality condition and determine the current culture. [32] The activity of theDestiny, 41:as a result, though They can frequently determine the probable happenings. If I say to you that theDestiny, 63:more about group astrology and know also how to determine past influences as well as forecasts, itDestiny, 75:appreciate the extent of the influences which determine any nation and make it for the time what itDestiny, 91:in the American people and will eventually determine the lines along which their education will runDiscipleship1, 28:alignment of soul and personality which will determine the success of this work. Third: There isDiscipleship1, 65:the brain as well as the etheric brain; these determine the reactions of the lower centers,Discipleship1, 65:embodied form which can be directed as I may determine. Discipleship1, 74:immediate future holds for humanity because men determine their own destiny. The Law of Cause andDiscipleship1, 142:which you may voluntarily subject yourself will determine the scope and the extent of your futureDiscipleship1, 170:personalities. It is needed to force issues and determine results (note that phrase) but not toDiscipleship1, 178:is to give you an analysis of the rays which determine your personality equipment so that you canDiscipleship1, 273:the main difference. Motive and creative thought determine the magnetic power of any individual,Discipleship1, 273:power of any individual, group or center. Determine your motive; see that your group ideal andDiscipleship1, 489:of your soul direct and the love of your soul determine attitudes, guide policies and release intoDiscipleship1, 644:does not remember. If you accept and determine this occult hypothesis as your basic premise andDiscipleship1, 727:gauge the rate and type of development and can determine the time for authorizing the seniorDiscipleship2, 10:general condition of receptivity - for that must determine the scope of the intended communication.Discipleship2, 119:and the outer life of expressed love which will determine the success of the needed group relationDiscipleship2, 206:appeal of the Hierarchy to karmic law, and thus determine "in the deep silence of their unitedDiscipleship2, 280:application and interpretation, [280] which determine the future of humanity and of the planetaryDiscipleship2, 344:in their right order. That order is for you to determine. I have no intention to give it to you,Discipleship2, 452:be enabled to gauge your life processes and determine activity. By means of them also (rightlyDiscipleship2, 454:your effective use of "interludes." Only you can determine their timing, and this - to beDiscipleship2, 493:and national heritage, and inclination [493] determine his personal allegiance. This will be trueDiscipleship2, 538:good or attract the bad, and vice versa; it can determine - through the contacts made and theDiscipleship2, 600:too hard a lesson and a task, my brother? If so, determine within yourself if it is so or if it isDiscipleship2, 608:firmness and judgment. Let not your heart always determine the issues at stake, but call in theDiscipleship2, 629:ask you, on receipt of this instruction, to determine in your mind, upon quiet reflection, what isDiscipleship2, 630:lessons of the past can stand revealed to you. Determine then within yourself what is the nextDiscipleship2, 682:of human beings. Who, my brother, are you to determine what is right and which point of view isDiscipleship2, 736:and of indecision ends and the soul begins to determine action; karma then comes under theDiscipleship2, 757:You do not use those words. You can, if you determine to do so. The art of spiritual letter writingEducation, 10:the following directions. 1. Astrologically, to determine the life tendencies and the peculiarEducation, 25:train the infant minds of the race will be to determine, as early as possible in life, which of theEducation, 37:the grasping of the seven types of energy which determine a man and his activities, will bringEducation, 47:of the different countries take will inevitably determine the nature of the coming civilization.Education, 105:formative years which inevitably condition and determine the young person's future. I am not hereEducation, 121:These will inevitably condition the future, determine the type of culture and civilization,Externalisation, 30:of the new schools of [30] thought which will determine the new culture; together and as a groupExternalisation, 57:the nature of the incoming forces which will determine and motivate the culture of the time. TakingExternalisation, 62:immediate future holds for humanity because men determine their own courses. The Law of Cause andExternalisation, 71:making the five that - together - will determine the trend of world affairs. To repeat briefly: 1.Externalisation, 83:or understanding fusion. The law which will determine the results can be expressed in the wordsExternalisation, 113:of [113] humanity itself; men must increasingly determine their own fate as they emerge from theExternalisation, 125:of thought and the right of the individual to determine the issues which control or should controlExternalisation, 127:have assumed control of the masses and can thus determine the policies and methods - religious,Externalisation, 127:group of people decide all important issues and determine all major national activities. This theyExternalisation, 131:with its financial goals, its power to determine living conditions, and its quick and sympatheticExternalisation, 137:which of these two great agencies of life will determine humanity's future and indicate the wayExternalisation, 175:these man must choose, and his choice will determine the future. The years 1941 and 1942 will beExternalisation, 198:the world can be adequately fed; they must determine the nature and extent of the contributionExternalisation, 200:of supply, distribute all such supplies and determine all economic policies. With the details ofExternalisation, 209:and not just the rulers of nations, must determine these tremendous issues. As they do so they mustExternalisation, 256:[256] these emerge out of the past and seek to determine and bring about a very evil future whereinExternalisation, 302:strong enough to call Them forth. Time alone can determine that. God grant that the aspirants andExternalisation, 337:Hierarchy will be able to make prediction and determine action; in that decision will be discoveredExternalisation, 370:take a predominant position; human beings will determine, as far as in them lies, their own destinyExternalisation, 445:by the new group of world servers, can and will determine the destiny of man for centuries to come.Externalisation, 446:made on those whose responsibility it is to determine policies (national and international) and toExternalisation, 482:of the spiritual values which should determine the objective policies. These Forces will salvageGlamour, 28:the united auras of the group members ever determine the group condition, the group activity,Glamour, 28:the first job that each of you has to do is to determine his own peculiar problem. In giving youGlamour, 105:and inherited factors cannot be evaded. They determine the nature of the life urge, the trend ofGlamour, 105:the archetype or pattern, and to outline and determine the structure of the kingdoms into whichGlamour, 148:Such forces, however, when they control a man, determine him in a separative attitude and produceGlamour, 149:the true inner or spiritual man and could thus determine what combination of energies conditionsGlamour, 160:freedom to go forward into the light if you so determine or to remain static and unprogressive,Glamour, 174:are (in the last analysis) the factors which determine and condition the world process. TheseGlamour, 229:of the group in this type of work will determine the nature of the glamor to be dealt with. As IHealing, 4:practiced by the initiates of the world. These determine the techniques which must be employed. YouHealing, 37:man is consciously upon the Path. The centers determine the man's point of evolution as far as hisHealing, 76:of the centers in the etheric body. These determine the rate of the bodily vibratory activity andHealing, 87:their turn, condition the glands; these, later, determine the nature and the expressedHealing, 89:and which - rightly understood - would determine the use of the sex relationship, includingHealing, 90:Law of Rhythm on the physical plane), and can determine the proper cycles for the variousHealing, 102:thought is focused. [102] The healers have to determine the effectiveness of what they are
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