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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETERMINED

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Astrology, 6:that his life trends and circumstances are thus determined. This makes him feel himself to be aAstrology, 83:out of all the signs, the particular sign being determined by the nature of the personality rayAstrology, 97:which brings about the [97] "three needed and determined deaths" in the life of the human being. IAstrology, 103:The crucial question, however, to be determined in every case, is the direction in which the man isAstrology, 140:the old influences are not altered. They have "determined" his nature and fixed his qualities and,Astrology, 222:planets will then govern his chart. Having determined [223] the ray of the man undergoing tests inAstrology, 235:point in time and this will be astrologically determined. Through the legal minds and through rightAstrology, 266:of crisis whereby the point in evolution is determined. In this connection it should be noted that:Astrology, 271:and the destiny of our solar Logos be finally determined." Behind this statement are to be foundAstrology, 304:potent in expression in this sign, achieving a determined point of revelation and producing,Astrology, 306:particularly in the human family, is determined by the control of those two mysterious planets,Astrology, 309:life; he inevitably believes that his destiny is determined and that all that he has to do [310] isAstrology, 339:personality manifestation, this being largely determined by the ray of the personality. When theAstrology, 339:is soul or egoic emphasis, and this again is determined, as to quality, by the nature of the egoicAstrology, 395:person or of the group whose destiny is to be determined and whose horoscope is being cast. Each ofAstrology, 512:rule of two sacred planets, which planets being determined by the rays of the soul and of theAstrology, 514:the point in evolution is known and it can be determined upon which stage of the Path of Return theAstrology, 572:the human consciousness is brought about by the determined attitude of the souls of men, massed andAstrology, 585:which is the name we give to realized and determined desire. It could then create such a drivingAstrology, 602:unavoidable events as well as to definite and determined forms of Being. As we proceed with ourAtom, 67:is intelligent Love, and the fulfilment of His determined purpose, for God is intelligent lovingAutobiography, 22:manner. The orientation of the life could be determined and much later miseries offset, if theAutobiography, 55:half way through there came a point where I had determined to quote some poetry, to give lightnessAutobiography, 92:possibly require. My personal durzi or tailor determined to go with me, paying his own expenses toAutobiography, 194:were certain basic principles which we were determined should govern all the activities of thisAutobiography, 198:the road of selfish, spiritual self-culture. We determined that the work should be hard and stiffAutobiography, 223:sat down and told the girls all about it. I was determined that they should not be so innocent thatAutobiography, 292:and his political ideology are usually determined by his place of birth and his national backgroundBethlehem, 3:validity of the Christian religion remains to be determined. Claims are made that Christianity hasBethlehem, 58:development warranted, spoken those words which determined the culture and the civilization of theBethlehem, 62:of Christmas Day on December 25th was so determined. The same writer quoted above tells us that:Bethlehem, 142:of such perfection that, for all time, He determined the goal of our race. There is a still higherBethlehem, 168:of the thinkers of the race. Then their fate is determined, and eventually the new and unique ideaBethlehem, 204:do, "in the light," those things which are determined and vitalized from the lower levels of ourBethlehem, 253:expression is that of the self-conscious, self-determined Deity. From automatic forms ofDestiny, 18:time and with no recognition of the fact, being determined by the Will of God. Second: The nextDestiny, 19:and abortive effort but the issues are not yet determined and the Lord of Shamballa, with HisDestiny, 22:the response - distorted and yet a definite and determined, sensitive reaction - to the energiesDestiny, 40:or not. They know that man's salvation is determined by the processes of evolution and is not aDestiny, 40:him to "his desired haven." His salvation is not determined by his acceptance of some dogma,Destiny, 127:the past and by no one else; the lines have been determined by the mystics, impractical andDestiny, 132:teaching affected Christianity and indicated and determined the lines of its development andDestiny, 143:disastrous. The ray cycles are usually set and determined, but, in collaboration with each otherDiscipleship1, XII:the alleviation of human sufferings. This is the determined goal of all whose instructions areDiscipleship1, 76:position to pronounce as to time; that has to be determined by each individual aspirant. See to it,Discipleship1, 98:aura, within my Ashram. Your position there is determined by yourself and not by me. There existsDiscipleship1, 166:must follow effort - the united pressure of determined souls pushing through to victory in spite ofDiscipleship1, 243:to your future unfoldment. The steely, brittle, determined, dynamic will of the devoted aspirantDiscipleship1, 244:ray and be one-pointedly directed towards some determined program, there is no hindrance in yourDiscipleship1, 352:the one-pointedness of your fifth ray mind has determined the nature of your mental approach toDiscipleship1, 498:The man who stands alone, and who has determined that condition of isolation for himself has aDiscipleship1, 592:those who are making no progress or who are not determined to face the Angel of the Presence or toDiscipleship1, 594:and increasing service and cooperation with my determined plans. These, all of you who are myDiscipleship1, 611:the things you were asked to do. You were determined to find time for the things that yourDiscipleship1, 716:into the spiritual life, to follow the way of determined orientation to the things of the spiritDiscipleship1, 727:level of the consciousness of the outer Ashram determined by the personnel of that group or by itsDiscipleship1, 741:not easily reached and warned as they are ever determined that their clairvoyant and clairaudientDiscipleship1, 755:the extent of the sphere of influence will be determined by the extent to which the Master isDiscipleship2, 17:present importance, and this in its turn is determined by the group condition - for which you areDiscipleship2, 28:where these exist and where there is also a determined orientation towards the light. It is thisDiscipleship2, 28:orientation towards the light. It is this determined orientation which has enabled W.D.S. to standDiscipleship2, 32:cause of clear thinking, ardent aspiration and determined application may sound easy and quiteDiscipleship2, 68:world affairs are not and cannot be molded or determined by any hierarchical knowledge in theDiscipleship2, 72:remembering that your only value is group determined. Placement determines effort (I suggest thatDiscipleship2, 126:back for any of you, but the time factor is determined by each of you and not by me. There may beDiscipleship2, 138:the inspiration and impression consciously, by determined contact with their sources. I willDiscipleship2, 204:subject to hierarchical impression and are determined to serve their fellowmen. An increasingDiscipleship2, 333:effect upon every Ashram, the effect being determined by the ray or by the "unfoldment of theDiscipleship2, 352:certain disciplines and made certain self-determined progressive advancement in consciousness intoDiscipleship2, 386:there referring to planetary purpose and to the determined insistence of the Sons of God thatDiscipleship2, 396:the life-aspect of the space-entity; all are determined by the time factor with which the discipleDiscipleship2, 453:but to an inner, constant, cyclic attitude of determined and planned abstraction. [454] If you willDiscipleship2, 475:will entail a task of watchful observation, of a determined going out to help wherever that helpDiscipleship2, 519:in deep and concentrated meditation and by the determined use of the will. There is no one who canDiscipleship2, 528:peak of the testing period. The only point to be determined is: Can you overcome in this life andDiscipleship2, 530:is your problem. It will be solved and wisely determined and you will enter upon a new cycle ofDiscipleship2, 549:any intrusion into his organized field of determined self-government. Let me illustrate in a mannerDiscipleship2, 569:and to the group of co-workers with whom you are determined to cooperate. You render recognition toDiscipleship2, 699:forces should end, and the conflict can only be determined by the subjugation of your first rayDiscipleship2, 736:aims will be motivated by the personality and determined by the lower self. Later, after a life orDiscipleship2, 750:contacts, of monotonously regulated and determined duties, carried forward year after year becauseEducation, 26:A child's note and quality will be early determined, and his whole planned training will grow outEducation, 78:in evolution and character tendencies which are determined by ray forces and astrologicalEducation, 83:rating) definite life trends [83] can be determined and certain professions and life careersEducation, 103:is steadily unfolded. The future of humanity is determined by its aspiration and ability to respondEducation, 122:grasped idea more than of some specific person's determined and imposed plan. The Piscean type ofEducation, 131:their teachers the idea of their essential and determined independence. The revolt of youth, inExternalisation, 64:be led to realize that their policies must be determined by world good. The success that the groupExternalisation, 100:of the group life and relation, or to a determined process of correlation with the life and purposeExternalisation, 132:new conditions and a new order - planned and determined and foreseen. This has been brought aboutExternalisation, 178:the destruction of the evil forces. These had determined to prove that might was right. Therefore,Externalisation, 189:a belief in God, and on a common sense which is determined to establish security, right humanExternalisation, 202:of right government within each nation has been determined by the free will of their respectiveExternalisation, 204:and rebuilding will then have to be determined. It is with these periods that we must concernExternalisation, 209:utmost difficulty and can only be satisfactorily determined if goodwill is actively present andExternalisation, 213:national and racial interests remains yet to be determined. Two things are, however, obvious to usExternalisation, 254:consequent correct action for the group and is determined every time by that which is right for theExternalisation, 260:to other great and outstanding figures who have determined the basic trends of human civilization;Externalisation, 279:cultivated habits of thought and every determined effort to make the world conform to a patternExternalisation, 306:[306] physical service and activity, and determined effort to struggle, even unto death, for the
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