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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DETERMINING

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Astrology, 166:be carefully considered by all astrologers after determining the approximate place of the subjectAstrology, 189:Students would do well to regard initiation as a determining process in life, and should endeavorAstrology, 227:of balancing, of weighing this and that, and of determining which way the scales shall fall so thatAstrology, 262:upon which I have scarcely touched but which is determining in its results. There must beAstrology, 337:in time and space the controlling factor and determining condition is the sensitivity of theAstrology, 347:in Leo, the triangle of constellation energies determining the interpretation of the horoscopeAstrology, 368:aspect of the Mutable Cross, setting or determining the changes and their rate of progression. Astrology, 375:this statement and thus test all their major determining activities by the question: Is my presentAstrology, 387:the ruler is Vulcan, conditioning the planet and determining the fact that man is the macrocosm ofAstrology, 415:we shall find one line of the triangle embodying determining and dominating force and two linesAstrology, 424:streams of forces and energies and in the major determining life activities of That in which allAstrology, 441:of energy can, therefore, be seen as basic and determining in all planetary affairs andAstrology, 457:leading to effects of planetary significance and determining the trend of events. A study ofAstrology, 465:man. I deal with the influences and with those determining energies which pour upon the man who isAstrology, 508:which can be (though it often is not) a major determining factor, prior to passing on to theAstrology, 527:fourth must and will play an important part in determining human destiny. Therefore, through theAutobiography, 231:effort to free themselves from the possible determining factors. Bethlehem, 55:affairs, modifying them, changing them and determining - far more than we can realize - the wayBethlehem, 100:all wishes and of that desire life which is the determining factor with most people. The firstBethlehem, 112:in the consciousness of the young, and therefore determining their later beliefs - the devil andBethlehem, 183:Three Kings (symbolized by Orion's belt) was the determining factor. The Virgin was seen in theBethlehem, 183:her center, and this is one of the factors determining the doctrine of the Virgin birth. [184]Bethlehem, 200:We are coming to the knowledge that the determining factor in human life is love, and that "God isDestiny, 7:to deal with causes - predisposing, effective, determining, and productive of those events whichDestiny, 10:making him - as an individual - what he is and determining his beliefs. And, secondly, it wouldDestiny, 33:in this particular era, prove a decisive and determining factor in the age old conflict betweenDestiny, 36:at the point where its united will will be the determining factor in world affairs and this will beDestiny, 40:they do not regard them as conditioning factors, determining man's salvation or not. They know thatDestiny, 63:making them anti-social or cooperative, and determining their relations with each other. The trendDestiny, 70:when the intuition will suddenly reveal determining laws and when the capacity to think abstractlyDestiny, 71:the form aspect; there are no means, as yet, of determining the date, for instance, of the birth ofDestiny, 71:of a nation or of a race. Boundaries are not determining factors nor is history itself, as nowDestiny, 80:in Scorpio upon the path of discipleship is determining in its effect upon the future. Destiny, 92:leading to results of profound significance and determining the trend of events. These five pointsDestiny, 102:fourth must and will play an important part in determining human destiny. Therefore, through theDestiny, 126:bring about results which will be effective in determining the forms of the coming culture andDiscipleship1, 128:group of disciples. In your particular case, the determining causes were the contribution you canDiscipleship1, 219:my group [219] of pledged disciples their five determining or conditioning rays so that they canDiscipleship1, 260:group of disciples can help set the way, aid in determining the pace and so swell the numbers -Discipleship1, 539:wherein choices have to be made that are determining for a cycle, but for a cycle only. It isDiscipleship1, 688:sense when the vision is to him an important and determining fact in his consciousness and one toDiscipleship2, 41:and the men and women of goodwill can be a determining factor in the New Age and can tip the scalesDiscipleship2, 140:of my planned work you are equipped to do. Determining how to do it. Considering the factor ofDiscipleship2, 277:of crisis and are far-reaching in effect and are determining of conditions for several thousandDiscipleship2, 334:associated, but his critical mind is not the determining factor, as it is with most of the lessDiscipleship2, 461:or of semistarvation of the etheric body (determining the physical condition) and also of theDiscipleship2, 534:line of activity (which was of a definitely determining nature) was, for you, quite the mostDiscipleship2, 632:and control, though this growth is one of the determining factors as regards his position in theDiscipleship2, 644:At some time, every disciple is faced with some determining choice which leads eventually to theDiscipleship2, 663:your personality and gripped your mind (a major determining factor in all processes connected withDiscipleship2, 683:need when that need was of a spiritual nature, determining character and conditioning the future?Education, 25:as early as possible in life, which of the seven determining energies are controlling in each case.Education, 62:to that which is unseen, conditioning and determining. This is the esoteric task. Education, 71:governing, natural process. This will serve as a determining factor in the racial life and willEducation, 73:a possible goal; they are of small use in determining process and method. The imposition of the newEducation, 77:form of group relation) is a potent factor in determining a child's character and future vocation.Education, 85:for present happenings and the present as the determining factor for the future, will increasinglyExternalisation, 28:the idea was manifested. Two ways in which these determining ideas in the past came into being andExternalisation, 84:religious organizations. I am concerned with the determining factors which are today conditioningExternalisation, 89:of nations. Politics. Esotericism. First Ray. Determining. THE PLAN. New. Destroys. Will. II.Externalisation, 96:to human need and to spiritual unfoldment as a determining factor in world affairs. Small groupsExternalisation, 199:environment and who at present play no real determining part in world events, except in so far as aExternalisation, 209:emphasis upon past historical boundaries as a determining factor is ever dangerous. Wise and slowExternalisation, 211:of April, May and June are most significant and determining, and upon what happens during the nextExternalisation, 229:from action (which latter course is just as determining for good or evil as is the former), that IExternalisation, 264:- more capable of handling his own affairs and determining consciously his own events. No matterExternalisation, 266:and the liberation of its power to be self-determining (which is an aspect of freedom) has becomeExternalisation, 370:itself; the will of free peoples must be the determining factor and not the will of technical,Externalisation, 373:no war if the democratic nations had been the determining factor. That in itself gives rise toExternalisation, 432:people do not realize that love is a process of determining action on the basis of the ultimateGlamour, 33:and no deliberately self-induced response to the determining factors which have produced glamorGlamour, 150:of the life thought will prove inevitably determining and conditioning. The methods used may notGlamour, 156:forces: Personality ray - 5th - basic and determining. Mind ray - 4th - the creative effect. AstralGlamour, 160:and postponing - until a much later cycle - your determining choice. This is true of you and ofHealing, 34:body is, for the majority of mankind, the major determining factor to be considered. It is anHealing, 46:which is an effect of the seven centers, and the determining controlling factor in the physicalHealing, 46:effects; they are not predetermining causes. The determining causes in man, and that which makesHealing, 49:forces (which are, as we know, pre-eminently the determining life forces for the majority of men atHealing, 54:those energies are focused, proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health, andHealing, 134:those energies [134] are focused, proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health,Healing, 204:the glands are, par excellence, the major determining factor in connection with the general healthHealing, 218:- as externalizations of the centers - are the determining factors in the health of the body, andHealing, 247:supervenes. The length of the cycles and their determining cause are a deep mystery and areHealing, 248:and the fiat of the planetary Life are the final determining factors, except in the cases of war,Healing, 261:of Independence and the Bill of Rights, determining national policy. The Atlantic Charter and theHealing, 283:pour energy into the center which is the determining factor in that area of the physical body whereHealing, 296:concerned, will include four lines of activity: Determining the nature of the cause and the area inHealing, 310:tendencies which find their way out, as vital determining factors, on to the physical plane. ThereHealing, 310:interests or malpractice. Bring these two major determining factors together and - under the law -Healing, 317:astral conditions, which in their turn aid in determining the physical condition. It is syphiliticHealing, 349:is my first point. Ponder upon it. Karma is a determining factor, but unless a healer is anHealing, 463:of the physical elemental is largely the determining factor. The soul is then focused in theHealing, 493:the Old Commentary expresses it: "These seeds of determining recognition are not unique to me andHealing, 533:whereon those energies are focused proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health.Healing, 558:whereon those energies are focused proceed those determining conditions which produce ill health.Healing, 624:about this control, this conditioning, and this determining process by the soul; human beings areHealing, 625:(if I may use that word) from the angle of its determining his psychological effect upon his fellowHealing, 659:Law of Evolution. It is the higher aspect or the determining cause of the lower; the lawsHealing, 693:is in control, these ray methods and techniques, determining the use and direction of the rayHealing, 713:producing that which is new and needed and determining the coming culture, civilization and
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