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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVA

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Astrology, 36:fourth or human Creative Hierarchy and the two deva Hierarchies, the fifth and the sixth. TheAstrology, 456:The second kingdom in nature. Sacral center - Deva evolution - 7th ray - 2nd root-race -Astrology, 456:of the form aspect and the evolution of the deva, or angel, line which parallels the human and toAstrology, 686:This affected the sixth Hierarchy one of the deva Hierarchies, dwelling in the Venus scheme. ThisAstrology, 692:Heavenly Man, whose body is made up of human and deva monads, and Who has likewise His permanentAtom, 150:should consider also the angel evolution, or the deva evolution, as the Hindu calls it. This opensDiscipleship1, 676:into form along with lives self-conscious, the deva lives which build the forms indwelt by all theDiscipleship2, 224:is slowly being taken out of the hands of the deva evolution (hitherto responsible) and placedExternalisation, 505:His endeavor. With Him works the great Angel or Deva of the spiritual plane, referred to in theExternalisation, 562:esoterically called "angelic essence" from the deva kingdom, under the direction of certain greatFire, xv:we may suspect to have been inspired in us by a Deva (that is, in presumed spiritual inspiration);Fire, 12:of the air continue with the plan. " The Deva-Lord and Builders upon the plane of air worked withFire, 39:pp. 72-74, 94-95. 5 Mahadeva is literally "great Deva." The term is frequently applied to the firstFire, 66:into numerous groups of fire entities, from the Deva-Lords of a plane down to the littleFire, 67:fires of the microcosmic systems. Certain of the deva kingdom who may be described as ensoulingFire, 67:rays. Other forms of such elemental lives and of deva groups might be enumerated, but the aboveFire, 67:for the elemental is then transmuted into the deva. Their grades and ranks are many, but theirFire, 68:the astral. Further information concerning these deva lives will be found further on in theFire, 90:man's etheric body through the agency of certain deva entities of a very high order, and of aFire, 91:might here be given: When men understand the deva evolution somewhat more correctly and recognizeFire, 93:the apparent deadness of the Moon? Is there deva life upon it? Does solar prana have no effectFire, 93:life, but the Moon is dead because man and these deva groups have been removed from off itsFire, 93:of the three Logoi, and comprise the strictly deva and human forms. There is also the still simplerFire, 96:emanative radiations to a much higher grade of deva. These devas are of a more pronounced hue, andFire, 97:sun down to the humblest violet via the [97] deva evolution which acts as the transmittingFire, 113:Their influence all the sons of men. Fifth. The Deva Lords of the four planes of Buddhi, or theFire, 120:(or the grouped consciousness of the human and deva Monads) begin to function, and to escapeFire, 146:objective existence in relation to the human and deva hierarchies. In this system, the blending ofFire, 211:of the World - its main guardian, aided by the deva Lord of the second plane. The Buddhas ofFire, 219:cosmic geometrizer known as Viawakarma, the deva carpenter in our Puranic writings. The revealedFire, 237:D., II, 107. Such devas are, for instance: The deva Lord of a plane. The sphere of his body is theFire, 244:the units in Their bodies, which are composed of deva and human monads form, in their totality, theFire, 249:Men are formed by the aggregate of human and of deva units. His responsiveness to outerFire, 251:in His body are made up of the aggregate of the deva and human units who vibrate to His key note,Fire, 256:all lesser lives, the lesser groups, human and deva units, cells atoms and molecules. Seen fromFire, 270:bodies are made up of the units of the human and deva evolutions in the same manner (only on aFire, 288:separated units of consciousness which we call deva and human [289] beings), and that we view theFire, 299:Heavenly Man, whose body is made up of human and deva monads, and Who has likewise His permanentFire, 301:be remembered that the sumtotal of human and deva units upon a planet make the body vital of aFire, 310:body which is held in coherent shape by a mighty deva Entity, the Raja Lord of the mental plane.Fire, 314:on the evolutionary arc, or a large part of the deva evolution, undergo a paralleling synthesis. OnFire, 326:which, at a little later date, the human and the deva evolutions will touch. From this fourthFire, 328:Further, the two great evolutions (human and deva) find their group unity on the buddhic plane, andFire, 353:to the myriads of cells which correspond to the deva and human units. A solar Logos in a stillFire, 356:fog surrounding this subject. The human and deva units on the upward arc, who are the cells in HisFire, 356:with a Heavenly Man. The two great Hierarchies - deva and human - are force centers in the body ofFire, 356:body. a. Man and the Planetary Logos With the deva evolution at this point we have nought to do. IFire, 360:and each cell in every body - logoic, planetary, deva and human, blaze forth with perfected glory,Fire, 378:This affected the sixth Hierarchy, one of the deva Hierarchies, dwelling in the Venus scheme. ThisFire, 383:the cells in His body are evolutionary lives (deva and human units) animated by the life of theFire, 397:of objectivity - S. D., II, 625. They are the deva aspect of manifestation - S. D., I, 241. Five -Fire, 398:of the close relationship between man and the deva evolution, man being the repository (through theFire, 398:human hierarchy, and the fifth and sixth or the deva hierarchies. The other hierarchies fulfilFire, 403:Love-Wisdom. When three fifths of the units (deva and human) that go to the composition of theFire, 403:a planetary Logos, yet we must remember that the deva units in some schemes preponderate. AlthoughFire, 404:close relationship) between the fifth deva Hierarchy and the fifth logoic principle, and we shouldFire, 404:aspect of Brahma. The sumtotal of manas is pure deva essence, and it is only as union is madeFire, 404:active, intelligent ether, ensouled by the deva evolution. 43 These [405] work blindly and underFire, 405:by it. In fact, little as it is realized, the deva evolution controls for the greater portion ofFire, 405:which may be conceived as the point in which the Deva essence is changed into Pitric essence or theFire, 413:planetary Logos of Their own scheme. The great Deva of the Earth planet. They work with the law;Fire, 417:of the evolution of a certain number of deva and human groups. The origin of the feud between theFire, 431:utility and that in the sixth subrace the deva evolution will be exceedingly prominent. The fourthFire, 431:plane is the plane of at-one-ment for certain deva and human units, and certain groups (the fourthFire, 431:(the fourth Creative Hierarchy and the sixth Deva Hierarchy) have a pronounced karma to work outFire, 437:are ever seven in number, and are composed of deva and human units in group activity, or of forceFire, 438:Human Factor Ray influences work equally on the deva and human Hierarchies, as they function in aFire, 438:are the product of the work of the Builders (deva forces) and of active intelligence (the humanFire, 438:Heavenly Men. They energize and are active life. Deva Builders. They work in matter and hold theFire, 438:system. 2. Planetary Logos Human group units. Deva Builders. A scheme. 3. A Man Seven ethericFire, 438:freely anent the devas) it will be seen that a deva Lord of a plane, for instance, works throughFire, 439:rounds. Duality always will be seen, - human and deva manifestation forming the sumtotal, andFire, 441:devas of the ethers, in cooperation with their Deva Lord. He guides and directs the production ofFire, 442:to: The animal kingdom. The human kingdom. The deva kingdom. Third. The results to be looked forFire, 444:Men. Seven schemes. Seven rays. Seven types of deva and human monads. Sumtotal: Solar fire. VishnuFire, 446:is being effected of certain groups of human and deva Monads out of the human kingdom into theFire, 446:group of highly advanced units of the human and deva kingdoms (members of the occult Hierarchy) toFire, 447:are the effects of this Ray, both on the deva and human units in their different kingdoms thatFire, 447:have seen that it has a powerful effect both on deva and human units; we have found that the primeFire, 448:manifestation. The fact of the identity of the deva evolution with the essence they manipulate mustFire, 450:of force by the trained adept can both utilize deva activity to effect certain results inFire, 451:knowledge of man himself. Words concerning the deva evolution which control, and bring differentFire, 455:are dangers incident also upon contact with the deva evolution and the knowledge of the powers andFire, 457:coming centuries upon the animal kingdom and the deva evolution. The profundity of the interestFire, 460:(the fourth Hierarchy) being found, with the deva evolution, as the centers of the solar Logos. TheFire, 463:[463] Owing to the increased activity of the deva evolution, and specially of the devas of theFire, 466:for immediate consideration concerns the [466] deva evolution, and the effect of the incoming rayFire, 467:receptive to positive force for the feminine or deva aspect, being negative, becomes responsive toFire, 467:of the plane, or the substantial body of the Deva Lords. Owing to the receptive condition of thisFire, 469:or substance is intelligent material composed of deva essence. Cosmic Karma - Imposed upon theFire, 472:is not much to be added at this point anent the deva evolution; much that might be imparted isFire, 473:for the danger is real, and near at hand. The deva evolution will, through this seventh Ray forceFire, 482:of transmutation concerns the material form, and deva substance. Man, being not yet master even ofFire, 487:process the magician or alchemist works with deva essence through the control of the lesserFire, 488:is living matter, or is the vital substance of deva entities. For instance, a plane, and formsFire, 488:is the material form or sheath of a great deva, who is the essence back of manifestation and theFire, 489:in the mineral kingdom works practically with deva essence in its earliest form on the upward arcFire, 489:second kingdom on the first. Postulate IV. All deva essences and builders on the physical plane areFire, 490:and do not concern Themselves at all with his 'deva' aspect. The same basic rule will be found toFire, 490:of the destructive nature of the substance (deva essence) itself. They burn and destroy the
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