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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVAS

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Fire, 1143:and insect world. The bird evolution. The devas. Human units, egoic groups, monadic lives, [1144]Fire, 1151:as greater liberated Existences, or the raja-devas of a plane), the appearing of the planetaryFire, 1157:or Ego. Force from the planes, from the Raja Devas of a plane, or fohatic energy, via the spirillaeFire, 1168:globe and round, The vegetable kingdom, The devas of desire in their second reflected groupings,Fire, 1170:lotus, as well as a connection with certain devas who are the sevenfold life of the vegetableFire, 1186:Fohatic. Central Fire. Initiatory. 2. Plane Devas. Centers. Prana. Solar Energy. Form buildingFire, 1186:Electric. 2. Atomic Unit of Form. Sphere. Plane Devas. Balancing. Solar Fire. 3. Electrons. Nuclei.Fire, 1199:opportunity to flame forth. They are the devas who are ready for service, which is to give toFire, 1207:in the words of the old Commentary: "The devas hear the word go forth. They sacrifice themselvesFire, 1234:and employs the rational quality. The lesser devas and all the subhuman entities and all thoseHealing, 109:Add to this the feminine evolution of the devas, consisting of 140 thousand million, and you haveHealing, 248:process within the subhuman kingdoms, and to the devas whose task it is to control the process. AsHealing, 362:in the world of men which will permit the devas to work. It is their readiness and their responseHealing, 362:and which has somewhat perplexed them. The devas can only be sensed and felt; they cannot beHealing, 421:to note, for the greater Builders and Devas who are the active agents during manifestation, and whoHealing, 421:human, planetary or logic) these building devas (on the same Ray as the unit desiringHealing, 599:and in this particular case with the healing devas. These seven Members of the Hierarchy are aidedHealing, 647:work in cooperation with a healing deva. Such devas exist and have the power of bestowing life.Healing, 647:exists between the two evolutions, for the devas are not upon the involutionary arc. Relations areHealing, 647:his Master may instruct one of the serving devas to aid him. Only healers of great purity and ofInitiation, 23:Logos They act as the transmitter to men and devas or angels, of the will of the Planetary Logos,Initiation, 36:of beings called angels by the Christian, and devas by the oriental. Many of them have passedInitiation, 36:every form familiar and unfamiliar. The devas who cooperate with the Hierarchical effort, concernInitiation, 41:Lords are the large groups of initiates and devas who occupy themselves with the right adjustmentInitiation, 42:He works in closer cooperation with the building devas than does his Brother, the Christ, for toInitiation, 48:above the fifth initiation, and a group of devas or angels. The Blue Lodge, comprised of allInitiation, 55:him, and with him cooperate certain of the great devas of the mental plane, and three great groupsInitiation, 55:on mental levels, in connection with the lesser devas who vitalize thought-forms, and thus keepInitiation, 58:works largely, too, with certain groups of the devas of the ethers, who are the healing devas, andInitiation, 58:of the devas of the ethers, who are the healing devas, and who thus collaborate with him in theInitiation, 59:the group, and in connection with certain of the devas of the astral plane he works to open up toInitiation, 69:from the Masters or from some of the great devas or angels. These teachings are usually imparted atInitiation, 84:plane; he is brought in contact with the astral devas; he learns to control the astral elementals;Initiation, 89:learns to direct the activities of the building devas, and at the same time, he works continuallyInitiation, 90:in the Lodge, and his contact with the devas is more complete. He is rapidly exhausting theInitiation, 96:Universality of Initiation Initiation and the Devas The question may be asked whether the devasInitiation, 96:the Devas The question may be asked whether the devas undergo initiation, and we might deal brieflyInitiation, 97:therein through love and service. The devas, with the exception of those greater devas who have inInitiation, 97:The devas, with the exception of those greater devas who have in earlier cycles passed through theInitiation, 97:to initiate and impose a higher rhythm. The devas follow the line of least resistance, and seek toInitiation, 97:unreality, or the things of matter. The devas seek to feel, whilst man seeks to know. For theInitiation, 106:chosen to watch over the evolution of men and devas until all have been occultly "saved." He it isInitiation, 151:of forms. This effect is dual in character: The devas on the evolutionary path, the great buildersInitiation, 151:it forth, and thus the work is carried out. The devas on the involutionary arc, the lesserInitiation, 153:not to human entities, but to the seven great Devas or Raja-Lords who are the ensouling lives of aInitiation, 203:Applicants Rule 10 The Army of the Voice, the devas in their serried ranks, work ceaselessly. LetInitiation, 203:to tamper with the parallel evolution of the devas, yet it is necessary and safe to investigate theInitiation, 203:substance and the activity of the controlling devas. The laws of the macrocosm will beInitiation, 215:paramountly lord. Agnichaitans A group of fire devas. Atlantis The continent that was submerged inInitiation, 217:being, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Devas are divided into many groups, and are called notInitiation, 223:who ensoul the seven planes. These are great devas who are the sumtotal and the controllingMagic, 99:forms which will serve the needs of the lesser devas and angels will be one of the results. In theMagic, 211:- Rule Six - The Work of the Eye RULE SIX The devas of the lower four feel the force when the eyeMagic, 353:are finding conditions more difficult. The devas and disciples, aspirants and those upon theMagic, 354:preparation. They are aided by bands of lesser devas or angels who suggest, guide and control.Magic, 354:either Christian or Oriental. The higher devas guide them, the blue and yellow devas, as the formerMagic, 354:The higher devas guide them, the blue and yellow devas, as the former group are guided by the blueMagic, 354:the success of their work. Great white and gold devas attend their labors. Back again of theseMagic, 354:of these three groups stand the Masters and the devas of the formless levels - a Great Brotherhood,Magic, 373:his body, yet remaining dissociated from us. The devas of the ethers from this very stimulation areMagic, 373:ray is the ray that controls the etheric and the devas of the ethers. It controls the seventhMagic, 377:schemes. In the hands of a large number of devas of superhuman evolution. These in their aggregate,Magic, 389:the bodies of, certain lives whom we call the devas, in their greater and lesser groups, and thatMagic, 389:items of information: The lowest types of devas or builders on the evolutionary Path are violetMagic, 389:or builders on the evolutionary Path are violet devas; next come the green, and, last of all, theMagic, 389:next come the green, and, last of all, the white devas. These are all dominated by a fourth andMagic, 389:are other groups of lives, wrongly entitled devas, which work in obedience to the law, and areMagic, 390:to Agni, the controlling factor in this age. The devas of the fire will play an increasinglyMagic, 532:human hierarchy through the medium of pain. The devas do not suffer pain as does mankind. TheirMagic, 533:the forms built and the work accomplished. The devas build and humanity breaks and through theMeditation, 66:It attracts the attention of certain of the devas or angels whose work lies with the bodies of men,Meditation, 68:that definitely work at making contact with the devas, and collaborating with them under the law.Meditation, 88:to the invoking of the assistance of the higher devas to bring [89] about desired results. TheMeditation, 89:through H.P.B. Information as to the invoking of devas in meditation cannot yet be safely given toMeditation, 89:and of the Church. Formulas that put the lesser devas under the control of man will not yet beMeditation, 91:be trusted with the formulas that will bring the devas of lesser degree under his control. TheMeditation, 100:the cooperation of the Lord Agni, and the high devas of the mental plane working with the Ruler ofMeditation, 101:in different quarters of the earth - the fire devas, the fire elementals and those obscure entitiesMeditation, 120:on either the emotional or the mental planes. Devas, either singly or in groups. The darkMeditation, 121:involves the student with certain groups of devas, bringing him into contact with the devas of theMeditation, 121:of devas, bringing him into contact with the devas of the emotional or mental planes and making himMeditation, 126:kindred vibration may be felt. Some of the lower devas, harmless but mischievous who, from sheerMeditation, 127:done in future years with the direct aid of the devas of the shadows (the violet devas or devas ofMeditation, 127:aid of the devas of the shadows (the violet devas or devas of the ethers). The strengthening of theMeditation, 127:of the devas of the shadows (the violet devas or devas of the ethers). The strengthening of theMeditation, 128:earlier in these letters that contact with the devas can be brought about through specific formsMeditation, 129:by the Planetary Hierarchy to communicate to the devas their part in the scheme of things, and theMeditation, 129:and set mantric forms play in the evolution of devas and of men. I only desire to point out thatMeditation, 129:the unwise use of forms for the calling of the devas, in experimenting with the Sacred Word withMeditation, 129:see on the astral or the mental plane. They see devas at a meeting in which ritual has beenMeditation, 130:it is literally possible to play with fire. The devas of the mental levels manipulate the latentMeditation, 130:dominate the elementals, to cooperate with the devas, and to learn the forms and ceremonies, theMeditation, 135:gray and somber-hued. They cannot control the devas of high development, nor the fairies of colorsMeditation, 148:and learn the rules whereby the building devas work. Before initiation the mystic path might beMeditation, 154:for calling elementals. Forms for contacting the devas. Special forms connected with Fire. Meditation, 167:being or planet, or the form of races, nations, devas or the other evolutions. The Bodhisattva orMeditation, 173:Use of Form in Meditation Forms used in calling Devas and Elementals August 14th, 1920 In taking upMeditation, 173:the mantrams and forms used in contacting the devas, angels or builders, and in calling theMeditation, 174:fourth cycle on the fourth or earth planet. The devas are on the evolutionary path, on the upwardMeditation, 174:the system, working in graded and serried ranks. Devas are to be found of the same rank as the
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