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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVASTATING

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Discipleship1, 6:the inner side of life must proceed amidst the devastating racket of modern life in the greatDiscipleship1, 720:stop the raging inferno of fire which is today devastating the world, the fire of spirit must beExternalisation, 5:no denying the fact that great and frequently devastating forces have been let loose upon theHercules, 21:years, we are told, he slew a lion which was devastating the countryside and that he began toHercules, 30:number of brood mares. These were running wild, devastating the countryside, doing much damage andHercules, 35:and which are let loose upon the world, devastating and destroying when emanating from the lowerHercules, 37:wrong speech and erroneous ideas, had been devastating the countryside. One of the first lessonsHercules, 37:can easily prove that he possesses these devastating brood mares, if for one entire day he paysHercules, 38:[38] in unison were needed to guard these devastating horses. Abderis alone was not strong enough,Hercules, 103:task of slaying the Nemean lion, which was devastating the countryside. For a long period the lionHercules, 108:and his personality is, therefore, a devastating force in the family group, society, organizationHercules, 150:upon line, precept upon precept. It might be a devastating experience if I so quickly cleared up myHercules, 167:reaction, the conqueror discovering that he is a devastating force; that by his words and thoughtsIntellect, 240:is a form of energy, producing big results. The devastating effect of uncontrolled emotion, forMagic, 148:only in an [148] embryonic condition there is a devastating sense of loss, a groping in the dark,Magic, 432:increasing. On the one hand, you have the devastating expression of the wild hunt for pleasure, ofPsychology2, 353:the first thing which is revealed to him is the devastating sight of that which he has destroyed.Rays, 174:for initiation must go through the same devastating process. Glamor disappears, and for the firstRays, 199:faces the Monad and is impelled forward by the "devastating Will" of the first aspect. Of this IRays, 675:fire to water" produces certain most serious and devastating results. The water, under the action
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