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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOP

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Astrology, 126:of will and wisdom, the work of Jupiter is to develop these two qualities and bring them intoAstrology, 292:of its small cosmos. This attitude continues to develop and to become emphatic and dynamic (I useAstrology, 403:the creative ability to build and gradually to develop a better mechanism of reception which [404]Astrology, 493:by need and environing cosmic circumstance to develop love-wisdom and both these words are [494]Astrology, 525:the national intent (if intuitive enough) and develop the characteristics of the people, leaving inAstrology, 634:eternal synthesis and will; through Ray V, we develop the means to understand the nature of thatAtom, 84:in line with the thought that we are seeking to develop tonight. Man is there defined as "the LifeAtom, 107:them we learn, we grow, we become aware, and we develop; through them all [108] the great instinctsAtom, 129:build up something of very great value, and develop by slow and laborious degrees the rudiments ofAtom, 135:each decade. A few are also beginning to develop the power to think in abstract terms. When this isAtom, 139:ruler, endeavor to become radioactive, and to develop group consciousness. [143] Atom, 148:its place within the group, and enables it to develop something of value to give to that group whenAutobiography, 199:month, I did the same thing as I continued to develop the Arcane School. I was continuously writingAutobiography, 219:are in the United States. The thing we have to develop in the world today is the world citizen andAutobiography, 237:creates the medium through which the Sons of God develop. It also concerns the fire of matterAutobiography, 239:This they did in order to give man time to develop free will, to become an adult using his mind,Autobiography, 241:are definitely getting results. Later we hope to develop certain groups that will use some of theAutobiography, 283:minds or who show at least a willingness to develop and use their mental processes. The need of theAutobiography, 290:which the Arcane School student is encouraged to develop is best summed up in the following linesBethlehem, 265:we may help to found [265] the kingdom and to develop those values which will warrant immortality.Destiny, 18:force will be more frequent because men will develop the power to stand and [19] withstand it.Destiny, 61:is: "I link two ways." Their task, which will develop as they come to truer understanding, is theDestiny, 100:the national intent (if intuitive enough) and develop the characteristics of the people, leaving inDestiny, 114:all textbooks on discipleship upon the need to develop discrimination. Desire - taste -Destiny, 136:are one or two points which I would like to develop in connection with this, so as to make theDiscipleship1, 49:to the lower psychic powers which may or may not develop as time goes on and the need for themDiscipleship1, 50:All these powers, the disciple must eventually develop, but the process is necessarily slow. NextDiscipleship1, 51:as to your own capacity: To demonstrate them. To develop them, outlining your method of so doing.Discipleship1, 54:the race needs and which are not yet active. Develop the six supernormal powers to which I haveDiscipleship1, 62:careful, patient attention to them so that they develop eventually into stable habits and so giveDiscipleship1, 64:for all wrong done, that they too will begin to develop the love aspect and to transmute theirDiscipleship1, 84:further the processes of evolution as well as to develop that deep love of mankind which is theDiscipleship1, 114:as the heart or stomach) connected with them develop more slowly and are more carefully protectedDiscipleship1, 122:working asset. This sensitivity I would have you develop into still greater usefulness through theDiscipleship1, 126:problem. The need of every disciple is ever to develop a closer and more direct alignment betweenDiscipleship1, 130:of life, of people and of yourself. You must develop the attentiveness of the one who looks on atDiscipleship1, 158:when I say that your personality detachment must develop into a deeper attachment to the soulsDiscipleship1, 176:carry. The Joy of the Lord is my strength, and I develop strength in joy for others. 5th month -Discipleship1, 181:I seek to lay stress is alignment. You need to develop a straight and direct contact between soulDiscipleship1, 194:are a part of the great illusion. The goal is to develop the powers of observation which are thoseDiscipleship1, 223:your mind upon your chosen field of service, and develop an increased inflow of soul wisdom.Discipleship1, 234:or subconsciously - made a strenuous effort to develop the qualities as indicated by me. Love, youDiscipleship1, 236:be. If all is ultimately to be revealed as men develop the powers of the soul, it is time weDiscipleship1, 292:you bring what mental power you have, and develop it thereby, to the group you bring yourDiscipleship1, 328:attitude of gentle unswerving intensity and not develop any further that powerful dynamic intensityDiscipleship1, 339:in the emotional nature, evoke aspiration and develop faith. The focus of your soul is in the brainDiscipleship1, 390:lose their meaning. When you are told to develop the consciousness of the Presence, it indicates,Discipleship1, 414:old proverbial injunction) and the other is to develop a sense of humor, a real (not forced)Discipleship1, 453:The coming world education and what should develop in that field of training. What are the needs ofDiscipleship1, 484:you that which we have wrestled to discover and develop during many years of difficulty. I believeDiscipleship1, 507:love. Say to yourself each hour - if you can develop that time consciousness - I must love. OnlyDiscipleship1, 521:as the soul and (as a constant habit of life) develop the attitude of recognizing your own divinityDiscipleship1, 552:through healing. The best way in which you can develop the needed understanding and technique isDiscipleship1, 556:major problem. As we train disciples, we seek to develop in the occultist mystical awareness and,Discipleship1, 575:of contact were brought about by me? Seek to develop sensitivity to my vibration during the nextDiscipleship1, 690:implications and its responsibilities. I seek to develop in you that sense of world need and thatDiscipleship1, 690:in deed. The primary task of the Masters is to develop in their disciples a world sense which willDiscipleship1, 737:to focus upon the work and its needs and to develop the power to cooperate with those also engagedDiscipleship1, 740:disciple must stage situations in order to develop the pupil is contrary to occult law. The moment,Discipleship1, 768:- you can begin to get that training which will develop in you world usefulness. Are the majorityDiscipleship2, 19:of the "rainbow bridge" of each disciple. III. Develop in each of you some measure of telepathicDiscipleship2, 23:life and in the Hierarchy. Your task is to develop sensitivity in these three classes of spiritualDiscipleship2, 23:It is an impersonality which you yourselves must develop and apply, once you love enough. Love isDiscipleship2, 26:which it is intendet [26] during the New Age to develop. It is a part of the true and emergingDiscipleship2, 46:I made was the need for you to emphasize and develop the Will. Presumably, you have all beenDiscipleship2, 88:It is in these relationships that you will develop the humility and pure motives which are theDiscipleship2, 131:know, that the great need of the group was to develop the relatively simple attitude ofDiscipleship2, 141:and intentions behind this meditation would develop in the disciple's consciousness a realizationDiscipleship2, 158:meet, are potentiality in latency, and finally develop into the full flower of divinity, with allDiscipleship2, 186:which makes their work possible; they will develop a technique of directed concentration which willDiscipleship2, 203:adequate - they receive the inspiration and develop the intuition in any case. It is those in theDiscipleship2, 204:of consciousness and a receptivity which can develop into fixed intention; this can be followedDiscipleship2, 212:impression as a member of this group should develop rapidly into an habitual life tendency. Thus isDiscipleship2, 243:and their service suffer from their failure to develop that divine indifference which is theDiscipleship2, 257:chelas." To contact the Master at will. To develop divine indifference. In connection with theDiscipleship2, 267:sometimes in the form of symbols. These serve to develop the "initiate hearing" and the "initiateDiscipleship2, 280:task of the Master is to aid the disciple to develop the intuition, and at the same time, keep theDiscipleship2, 302:hints. In the future, the true method will be to develop in the disciple the sense of synthesis andDiscipleship2, 306:giving you is intended to be suggestive and to develop in you the power to use the interpretiveDiscipleship2, 311:unfoldment, and all expansions of consciousness, develop so that divinity is embraced, and everyDiscipleship2, 325:and honest in their endeavor) master ideas and develop responses which it took them years to masterDiscipleship2, 395:events as aspects of time, he not only begins to develop a needed continuity of consciousness, butDiscipleship2, 400:upon) will begin to train your perception and develop the third eye, enabling it to reorient itselfDiscipleship2, 414:or even senses in his effort to advance, to develop usefulness and to pass through the door ofDiscipleship2, 444:for this leads to direct transference of energy; develop divine indifference as to your form ofDiscipleship2, 473:back on my understanding and call on me at need. Develop telepathic sensitivity to my voice - as IDiscipleship2, 484:full comprehension with someone else. This will develop in you an outgoing spirit and an interestDiscipleship2, 534:and consistently and steadily you have tried to develop it through meditation, by theorizing and byDiscipleship2, 564:ray; it is necessary, also, that you should develop those conditions which will enable you toDiscipleship2, 565:realized that it has been necessary for you to develop more will and fiery determination andDiscipleship2, 575:and of this the training of children to develop an awakened conscience is a symbol. This awakeningDiscipleship2, 578:increased output in service - service which will develop normally without undue planning, and whichDiscipleship2, 597:indicate certain basic attitudes which she must develop and hold as she stands steadily with youDiscipleship2, 608:for the remainder of this incarnation you should develop the facility to make full use of what youDiscipleship2, 634:There are five more pillars which you must develop the ability to pass before you have the completeDiscipleship2, 660:repository of twelve forces or energies, seek to develop them by pondering upon the virtues throughDiscipleship2, 662:gone forth from your soul and from my Ashram to develop and evolve your own definitely plannedDiscipleship2, 669:a continuance of the teaching. You can, however, develop within yourself a more consciousDiscipleship2, 673:unaware. It is your task - at any cost - to develop the love quality. The wisdom attitude makes youDiscipleship2, 673:It is this quality of love which you must develop before you see the Christ - not simply as an
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