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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOP

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Discipleship2, 674:is the complement of wisdom. F.C.D. needs to develop wisdom as the complement of love. As regardsDiscipleship2, 684:on my part and then - what would that feed and develop in you? Just self-satisfaction and aDiscipleship2, 691:recognitions confront all disciples? How can I develop the power to recognize the new, the divine,Discipleship2, 709:you in my last instruction. You need badly to develop sensitivity not only to me, your Master (forDiscipleship2, 709:co-disciples. Above everything else, you must develop a much more sensitive response to all youDiscipleship2, 709:classes, the likable and unlikable. The need to develop this was one of the reasons, plusDiscipleship2, 718:by your versatile and fluid mind. If you will develop these qualities - simplicity from the mentalDiscipleship2, 731:effect in physical plane activity. If you can develop mental perception to a fuller degree, and ifDiscipleship2, 738:within another. But relinquish not the first. Develop joy in self-forgetfulness and serve yourDiscipleship2, 758:developed and a tendency to negativity. You can develop this theme yourself. But the beneficentDiscipleship2, 759:life is full of paradoxes. We set out to develop a sense of unity and of oneness with all beings,Discipleship2, 760:realized it. I want you now to realize it and to develop into outer expression what has alwaysDiscipleship2, 763:for fear of a critical spirit - so hard it is to develop the true practice of loving understandingEducationof the human spirit. It must assist persons to develop a satisfactory personal philosophy and senseEducation, vii:an appeal to the Orient to preserve and develop the fundamental values in its regional cultures.Education, 35:of men. 4. The new education will organize and develop the lower concrete mind. 5. It will teachEducation, 50:third duty of education will be to evoke and to develop the intuition. When these three areEducation, 58:which are coming to light in the present. Develop the memory and the power to recognize that whichEducation, 64:on any specific level. It is his task to develop within himself the needed responsiveness andEducation, 65:towards the qualified life aspect, he begins to develop the subtle, inner mechanism through whichEducation, 80:aspects which are good and desirable; we must develop the new attitudes and techniques which willEducation, 82:When this type of training is given, we shall develop men and women who are both civilized andEducation, 87:be lost as we grope for the new and better ways, develop the new textbooks and find the men andEducation, 89:in the future. If, during the next 150 years, we develop this technique of bridging the manyEducation, 92:of a child's being. The task ahead of him is to develop consciously the middle or balancing aspectEducation, 109:contact; then the steps taken to facilitate and develop that contact. Our theme is the study of theEducation, 130:in school and college. They will thus govern and develop the new form of family unit which mustExternalisation, 14:Training schools and classes which seek to develop the student must be graded according to hisExternalisation, 14:of himself and of his powers; it should develop those powers without risk and with care, and heExternalisation, 27:to "bear fruit upwards." Should these groups develop as intended, should the corporate life of theExternalisation, 29:and as a group they can establish the ideals and develop the techniques and methods of the newExternalisation, 45:the laws of health and of right relationship. To develop that continuity of consciousness whichExternalisation, 98:Plan for man, but - as the seed groups grow and develop - the narrowness of this partial view willExternalisation, 104:upon the work which serving groups must seek to develop is that of an organized, scientificExternalisation, 117:unenlightened. In time to come, man will develop that mental attitude which will consider causes ofExternalisation, 118:sinless and free state of existence in order to develop full divine awareness upon earth, throughExternalisation, 120:a capacity for emotional [120] reaction began to develop. Hitherto, in Lemurian times, desire andExternalisation, 193:essential that the new world order should develop in humanity a sense of divinity and ofExternalisation, 193:Men must feel secure because they are seeking to develop international goodwill and can trust eachExternalisation, 196:human life, and these science can increase and develop. The mineral wealth of the world, the oil,Externalisation, 217:for some time taught. I have for years sought to develop in the world a group of men and women whoExternalisation, 312:relations upon the planet. The determination to develop everywhere the spirit of goodwill. TheExternalisation, 329:free to work and plan within the group plan; develop the experience of love in your individualExternalisation, 377:seems best to it, but that each and all should develop the realization that they are organic partsExternalisation, 382:many have already made a good beginning) he must develop in himself and evoke in others the spiritExternalisation, 506:all those who are true psychics, and who develop their powers for the good of the community. HeExternalisation, 523:hierarchical center can get a general idea and develop (if you attempt to do so) an [524] intuitiveExternalisation, 534:are certain synonyms which here may serve to develop your synthetic thinking and so bring in aExternalisation, 561:that students endeavor to grasp this, and so develop within themselves at least the rudiments ofExternalisation, 561:can aid all earnest aspirants and disciples to develop this type of understanding with as muchExternalisation, 578:and hating ecclesiastical authority - will develop the new world religion. Paralleling theseExternalisation, 650:develops, so will the responsiveness among men develop, and if the reaction is that which is hopedExternalisation, 660:and not behind the scenes, as hitherto, and to develop that [661] "resistant capacity" which isFire, 41:D., III, 540) They come into manifestation to develop the second aspect. (S. D., I., 108) TheirFire, 114:correspondences to the higher ethers, and to develop full consciousness on these three higherFire, 162:and transmute his threefold lower nature. Develop knowledge of himself, and equip his mental body;Fire, 207:of the life through the vehicles in order to develop the seven principles. He is fire by friction -Fire, 234:each other must be borne in mind, for no one can develop without the other. What, therefore, haveFire, 234:That is the fundamental characteristic He has to develop during His life cycle. Each Heavenly Man,Fire, 244:with the aid of the intelligence of Brahma, to develop love-wisdom, or the Son aspect, the VishnuFire, 246:Rotary motion. Discriminative power. Ability to develop. An atom, we are told, contains withinFire, 268:to act, to build, and to evolve in order to develop the faculty of active love, When the Logos, WhoFire, 289:that the work of the cells within His body is to develop the mind principle. When throughFire, 353:prone to enter our minds, but they serve only to develop abstract thought [354] and to expand theFire, 443:the forms which the Lord of Life utilizes to develop consciousness within. The force or vibrationFire, 459:Ray. This was necessitated by the need of man to develop along the manasic line, and resulted in aFire, 467:put into their hands, [467] true masonry will develop but slowly. Nevertheless, under the magneticFire, 483:I, 188. II, 246. III, 129. We must eventually develop powers. - S. D., I, 518. II, 85. We must leadFire, 578:the goal for the monads of activity who have to develop the love aspect. In the five worlds ofFire, 623:these forms out of their own substance, and thus develop the divine plan. These three types ofFire, 667:for them. Man aims at self-control. Devas must develop by being controlled. Man is innately Love -Fire, 680:interested in himself, and before he can duly develop must comprehend scientifically the laws ofFire, 712:incarnation and as They, in Their groups, can develop. They work, therefore, through egoic groupsFire, 780:enable atomic substance - after many kalpas - to develop self-consciousness. In connection with aFire, 802:can be predicated of them is that they tend to develop consciousness of some kind, impose certainFire, 806:of macrocosmic and microcosmic evolution to develop. Finally the unfoldment of the nine egoicFire, 810:This, if true, must lead to the tendency to develop within the physical brain a consciousFire, 814:they can ascertain knowledge for themselves, can develop the intuition, and thus draw upon theFire, 814:to assume control of the mental body, and thus develop their latent powers. In the above fewFire, 837:forming the egoic body - S. D., I, 237. They develop the human type - S. D., II, 243. Compare S.Fire, 841:than the earlier classes but need much to develop the second petal. With them the first and theFire, 910:atoms of the deva kingdom. The devas do not develop as do the human race. They reincarnate inFire, 919:sumtotal of Intelligence, evolving in order to develop Love. Fire, 966:Eye. - S. D., III, 548. Goal of evolution to develop the inner vision. The occult significance ofFire, 1126:of time, the black magician can persist and develop his powers because one-third of the force ofFire, 1141:cosmic facts. The pupils of the Masters. They develop intuition. Symbolic books in the Master'sFire, 1176:with a group who pass with facility and develop with equal facility on the three planets that makeGlamour, xi:it is your definite and specific obligation to develop the intuition. The means or methods wherebyGlamour, 15:fit. [15] If aspirants will do three things: Develop the power to visualize, Train the mind toGlamour, 52:attention to himself, to the mission he is to develop, and to the confidence that the Master andGlamour, 69:my last instruction. You are thus beginning to develop that discrimination which will lead to rightGlamour, 133:you may realize how illusions come, how they develop and how they must eventually disappear; thusGlamour, 179:These steps must precede all effort to develop the intuition, and this may take several months (orGlamour, 184:upon the way of the intuition can begin to develop in himself the power to recognize that which theGlamour, 226:glamors of the race as a whole. Let them develop facility in handling some of the lesser and moreHealing, 43:The astral body of man, being the latest to develop (the physical and the etheric being the firstHealing, 88:coming from the astral plane, and they thus develop actions and reactions which are not purelyHealing, 130:greater length when I take up the diseases which develop from the four categories. TheseHealing, 132:reason, disciples on the fourth ray usually can develop by the power of the intuition anHealing, 240:the qualities and characteristics which man will develop when the centers are all properly
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