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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOP

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Healing, 261:everywhere in the world liberty and freedom to develop the divine reality within themselves. TheHealing, 319:and even then grave and serious issues might develop. But some hastening of the processes of deathHealing, 354:On Using the Mind and the Imagination to Develop Group Consciousness When a member of a group, suchHealing, 509:as yet only in the process of reorientation can develop an adequate personality integration. ThisHealing, 509:personalities during this life, but they can develop the mental concept of its possibility and itsHealing, 583:accept certain basic ideas which will serve to develop his understanding; certain broad and generalHercules, 83:intellect. The great need of Hercules now is to develop his intuition and to become familiar withHercules, 88:to which he is held, by his instinct, and to develop instead the intuition, which will enable himHercules, 174:to be personal. The impersonality we must develop is an expansion of the personal love we have forHercules, 174:be attained in Capricorn. That which we have to develop does not come by hardening the heart, norHercules, 192:but we can begin to get a [192] larger picture, develop the consciousness of humanity as a whole.Initiation, 20:of forces has four pre-eminent lines of work: To develop Self-Consciousness in all Beings TheInitiation, 21:of the faculty of discriminative love. To develop Consciousness in the Three Lower Kingdoms As isInitiation, 21:and it is the work of the Hierarchy to develop these types to perfection through the adjustment ofInitiation, 43:segregating the groups out of which races will develop, of manipulating the forces which move theInitiation, 71:Great Ones as he sees it and as best he may. To develop the powers of the Ego, to expand hisInitiation, 84:due amends have been made. All people do not develop exactly along the same or parallel lines, andInitiation, 84:any particular direction (people do not usually develop evenly), upon his individual karma, andInitiation, 87:centers. It is not necessary nor advisable to develop the synthetic faculties, or clairaudience andInitiation, 97:are not as yet self-conscious. They grow and develop through feeling and not through the power ofInitiation, 101:gland and the pituitary body, will begin to develop rapidly, and he will become conscious of theInitiation, 178:not a hindering factor as now. He must likewise develop group activity, and learn to work in aInitiation, 200:be interpreted thus: The would-be initiate must develop somewhat the vibration of the seven headInitiation, 201:and a life of service. The centers will then develop normally, whilst the applicant bends hisInitiation, 207:therefore, this rule incites the applicant to develop self-consciousness, and thus learn toIntellect, 25:of their group relationships; they are taught to develop powers and capacities, especially throughIntellect, 37:'feel' of one's world if one is able to develop another habit of mind. It is, in short, the habitIntellect, 51:and these "mask" or hide the soul. These aspects develop sequentially and progressively, accordingIntellect, 54:relation and its consequent recognitions, which develop into that sense of oneness with all beingsIntellect, 107:would necessarily involve concentration and so develop it. True meditation is after all an attitudeIntellect, 107:thought on what we are doing and so gradually develop the capacity to concentrate. To thisIntellect, 185:whereof, being allowed to shine unobstructedly, develop themselves, as he knew, into the threefoldIntellect, 200:and an understanding never used before; they develop an awareness, even of the phenomenal world,Intellect, 228:- The Practice of Meditation Meditation Form To Develop Concentration Stages The attainment ofIntellect, 257:world, in some subject which will tend to develop the mental capacity and so bring about theMagic, 35:brings the form into being, which enables it to develop and grow so as to house more adequately theMagic, 54:deterrent forces of life to have enabled them to develop a fairly true sense of values. I assumeMagic, 60:so that they may take the needed steps and develop the desired awareness. Until this is done, theMagic, 127:attention to the inaudible hearing which will develop the sensitivity of the inner ear, the ethericMagic, 129:fulfil your obligations and do your duty, develop restraint of speech and that calm poise thatMagic, 135:strain incident upon high endeavor. They must develop the capacity to recognize those who are sentMagic, 153:the knowledge of the band is theirs too as they develop the capacity to apprehend it, - and knowingMagic, 184:under control, stabilize the astral body and so develop and strengthen the thread soul that it canMagic, 188:for any work a Master uses [188] them. They develop themselves and work out their own salvation andMagic, 194:it is deemed necessary to proceed slowly and to develop the mental processes as well as theMagic, 213:light increases so does the apparatus of vision develop, and the mechanism whereby he can seeMagic, 260:work to substantiate this group integrity and to develop the power to recognize all such workersMagic, 302:fear that will as yet show a growing tendency to develop and will cause much distress in the worldMagic, 367:it lies latent in the mind of the Logos. As men develop this capacity, they will touch sources ofMagic, 379:working under instruction from Shamballa to develop the energy centers of the human unit, stimulateMagic, 429:group now in process of forming, will in time develop its own "yoga" and school of training whichMagic, 464:unrewarded, except in so far as it tends to develop the mental apparatus. This solar system is aMagic, 503:through the steady practice of concentration; develop the capacity to live increasingly as the kingMagic, 538:service by a conscious and deliberate effort to develop the intuition and to achieve illumination.Magic, 541:this knowledge so that the student can begin to develop in himself that which may be lacking. Two:Magic, 559:Failure never prevents success. Difficulties develop the strength of the soul. The secret ofMagic, 560:been written anent attachment and the need to develop detachment. May I beg all students in theMagic, 572:This consequently involves the necessity to develop the centers, to bring them into a state ofMagic, 586:a capacity to walk alone, if he has to [586] develop the ability to be truthful in all things, heMagic, 590:and disciplines himself, leaving his centers to develop and unfold more slowly and therefore moreMagic, 607:of this second circle of workers are taught to develop sensitiveness in three directions: to theMagic, 609:that the objective of all inner training is to develop the esoteric sense, and to unfold that innerMeditation, 17:and the attainment of perfection. Its exponents develop along the line of music, rhythm andMeditation, 48:work in band, and because of their tendency to develop certain qualities which might handicap theMeditation, 59:Temple will be discovered, and the pupil will develop the faculties of the causal body, andMeditation, 67:of the work done by them. Later, as individuals develop the higher consciousness, wardens of groupsMeditation, 71:give full and detailed instructions. We seek to develop Masters of Compassion, dispensers of theMeditation, 71:of the love of the universe. We seek not to develop Masters of Black Arts and specialists inMeditation, 109:life." The object of that one incarnation is to develop the mental capacity of the student; toMeditation, 119:of logical reasoning. To do this we teach men to develop themselves, to do their own thinking,Meditation, 123:specific period... As more and more of the race develop continuity of consciousness between theMeditation, 150:and hence to learn their value. Secondly, to develop appreciation of the concrete, and to learnMeditation, 158:at the forms upon the Rays of Aspect, and so develop knowledge of the concrete side of Nature -Meditation, 247:now lies ahead to be mastered and done is to develop the knowledge necessary anent the etheric, toMeditation, 266:all are involved in the ability of the man to develop group consciousness. On the planes of theMeditation, 272:their united point of view. In this way He will develop His pupil's discrimination and judgment,Meditation, 283:consequently to a process that will attune and develop it more quickly. The body of the emotionsMeditation, 315:prototype. As their work will be largely to develop the lower mind of the pupil and to link it upPatanjali, 43:or Aryan race, for those whose function it is to develop the fifth principle or mind and thusPatanjali, 130:heavenly Man, a planetary Logos and that he must develop awareness of: His group vibration, HisPatanjali, 132:which is around it; to do this it has first to develop the senses whereby contact and awarenessPatanjali, 137:attachment, or killing out desire, is to develop the power to balance the pairs of opposites on anyPatanjali, 154:the sixth sense or the mind begins to develop also. Later he begins to perceive in all around himPatanjali, 166:is drawn to the primary quality which he must develop, that of discrimination. Its meaning isPatanjali, 321:to contact worlds otherwise closed to it, and to develop full awareness in all parts of thePatanjali, 337:is the greatest diversity. The aspirant has to develop the power to distinguish between: The voicesPatanjali, 395:will make this comprehension possible, and to develop those powers which will enable him to contactPatanjali, xi:as we study the life of Christ, what it means to develop the powers of the soul, to attainProblems, 18:idealistic propaganda, the German people can develop right habits of thought as easily as they haveProblems, 51:men to cope with their environment; we must develop the new attitudes and techniques which will fitProblems, 53:When this type of training is given, we shall develop men and women who are both civilized andProblems, 60:elapse as we grope for the new and better ways, develop the new textbooks and find the men andProblems, 63:in the future. If, during the coming years, we develop this technique of bridging the manyProblems, 85:who are seeking to bring about right action and develop a more balanced and constructive attitudeProblems, 116:in the arena of world affairs? How can we develop the consciousness that what is good for the partProblems, 120:exists and tear it down. They will have to develop (with deliberation) true goodwill (notPsychology1, xxi:and will serve to convey truth and to develop the intuition. The last book, A Treatise on WhitePsychology1, 172:in order to make mankind more sensitive and to develop certain latent but hidden powers, and alsoPsychology1, 185:of training will be instituted which will develop the new powers that will substantiate the oldPsychology1, 187:which they employ serve the general good and develop the realization of Brotherhood. I ask you to
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