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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOP

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Psychology1, 232:they can find sustenance and the means to develop. Few people can evolve from within themselves thePsychology1, 244:and to educators who should seek to develop them in the child and the adolescent. They work outPsychology1, 281:which will offer choices to man, and thus develop a truer sense of values. False and true standardsPsychology1, 289:is going on under the new impulses. As we develop the sense of purity in man, as the growth of thePsychology1, 324:and of the need of every personality to develop its powers to the fullest capacity in order toPsychology1, 337:and sensitivity and human sentimental reaction develop into a rudimentary mind. The consciousnessPsychology1, 359:type of aspirant. The seventh ray will develop the magician who works in the field of white magic.Psychology1, 378:sons of God can build those bridges and develop that understanding which will offset this law, thusPsychology2, 51:and undergoes racial experience in order to develop certain manifested qualities, there are fivePsychology2, 95:Much that happens today, and which may develop, has its roots in that aspect of energy. Seeds sownPsychology2, 129:It is for this reason and in order to develop a group of servers who can work along true andPsychology2, 210:today upon the planet who are beginning to develop now with equal rapidity (but not earlier, soPsychology2, 217:and inducing an interstellar activity. To develop a station of light, through the medium of thePsychology2, 239:which the Hierarchy are seeking to work and to develop in the souls of men [240] (it would be ofPsychology2, 244:Every aspirant must, as time elapses, develop the power to see the whole and not only the part, andPsychology2, 249:endurance, meditation, and imagination - he will develop in himself the power to respond to thisPsychology2, 293:[293] Ray Five In unevolved Man The power to develop thought. The spirit of materialisticPsychology2, 300:or the inaccuracy of his own diagnosis, and thus develop a better sense of proportion as to his ownPsychology2, 338:medium of many smaller awakenings. They begin to develop from that of the "closed bud to that ofPsychology2, 368:lethargy; the first ray personality, seeking to develop inclusiveness might go to extremes, deemingPsychology2, 428:the creative purpose of humanity, and seek to develop the creative imagination more constructively,Psychology2, 451:environing situations wherein human beings can develop, and wherein the true values also mayPsychology2, 477:but [477] with the modern aspirant. For him to develop the previous racial consciousness and toPsychology2, 486:result is to turn the consciousness inward, to develop the spirit of introspection, and to orientPsychology2, 489:they may feed the emotional nature, develop hysteria or aspiration; they may develop the ambitiousPsychology2, 489:nature, develop hysteria or aspiration; they may develop the ambitious tendencies of their victimPsychology2, 498:in consciousness but is just beginning to develop mental activity) usually a sound and safe way toPsychology2, 499:systems which psychologists could elaborate and develop in order to handle the three types ofPsychology2, 506:the teaching which the two coming races will develop and unfold, and thus trains the disciple andPsychology2, 555:for too long been occupied with the effort to develop the form side of nature so that it shallPsychology2, 558:the existence of other powers which he can develop and use if he so desires and is willing to payPsychology2, 558:threshold of his current awareness in order to develop the mind and thus become himself a conquerorPsychology2, 582:shift their forces into the ajna center and to develop mental faculties. This has an integratingPsychology2, 602:would be well advised gently and gradually to develop in him a cycle of doubt, leading even to aPsychology2, 618:which could, if given cooperation and time to develop, prove constructive agencies through whichPsychology2, 644:religious differences. Year by year there should develop much active work and much dissemination ofPsychology2, 731:employed by these third ray Masters is to develop the minds of aspirants and thinkers in theRays, 26:but [26] also that your effort so to do will develop in you the beginning of that initiateRays, 44:unity which is finally achieved by those who develop a sense of unity, and who refuse to acceptRays, 47:That the Path of Initiation is one on which we develop the Will aspect of divinity. We learn alsoRays, 73:of his new group by strenuously endeavoring to develop their capacity for spiritual impersonality.Rays, 95:on behalf of humanity will tend also to develop group consciousness and the formation of manyRays, 109:of the more exalted dreamers and which will develop the civilization of the Aquarian Age. ThisRays, 118:the Lord of the World. It enables him later to develop the equipment - qualities and gifts of aRays, 121:the things which the new esoteric schools will develop in their students and neophytes, for it willRays, 150:to work intelligently with matter in order to develop love in response to divine purpose - which isRays, 151:emanating from the environment. These centers develop progressively and under the impact ofRays, 170:light which - in its turn - will condition and develop the outer mechanism of contact. Ashrams onRays, 215:which a group preparing for initiation needs to develop, to consider and unitedly to achieve. TheyRays, 217:dealt with the four qualities which a group must develop in unison prior to initiation. We shallRays, 236:for initiation; they have been taught to develop the initiate-consciousness; they have taken thenRays, 243:and [243] the consideration of them) is to develop in you, the disciple, the power to thinkRays, 293:an undue registration of success, or it fails to develop a sense of proportion. When, however, theRays, 346:some one initiation. This group admission will develop rapidly as the world settles back into aRays, 361:Master, a definite objective; He is beginning to develop a great sensitivity to that level ofRays, 420:major rays, and secondly, every Master has to develop an understanding of the world of cosmicRays, 452:of his being. The task ahead of him now is to develop consciously the middle or balancing aspect,Rays, 452:the past forty years, so this science must develop its own peculiar vocabulary. In the meantime, weRays, 463:he has seven states of mental awareness [463] to develop; these are all innate or inherent in him,Rays, 500:but - given right motive and the effort to develop simultaneously a good character and a stableRays, 523:by becoming the Path Itself, and in this way develop the mechanism and the capacities which areRays, 533:use to you. It enables you, however, to begin to develop the esoteric sense of synthesis. TheseRays, 543:appropriate center; it naturally takes time to develop this facility and (until he passes throughRays, 595:is the prime disaster; it is the refusal to develop the universal consciousness. Many governmentsRays, 638:Let each disciple and all groups of disciples develop the ability to think sanely, with rightRays, 660:a mode whereby men can reach perfection and develop better forms through which to manifest thatRays, 719:the true aspirant, and these he can now begin to develop. I would like first of all to point outRays, 727:lives on our planet have to submit has been to develop this sensitivity which will make revelationReappearance, 67:His pledged disciples share. Their task is to develop "the mind that is in Christ" and as they doSoul, 70:question is whether and how it is possible to develop deeper Being. When we speak of the Being of aTelepathy, 37 To:with deepest love and understanding; that you develop impersonality so that when a brother tunes inTelepathy, 38:of conditions will be relatively accurate; to develop and unfold a group ability to work as a unit,Telepathy, 58:disciples has one main objective: to increase, develop and enable them to utilize in service theirTelepathy, 60:of contact and impact, the first task is to develop the needed apparatus of contact, the medium ofTelepathy, 72:themselves and to use this new potency and thus develop the needed mechanism. They can knowTelepathy, 84:or the Hierarchy that mass impression would develop more quickly than that of individualTelepathy, 85:and to recognize the opportunity to train and develop invocative groups. Instead of working inTelepathy, 104:of the outstanding needs of the disciple is to develop adequate sensitivity to ashramic impressionTelepathy, 115:simple; all the disciple has to do is to develop right receptivity, plus an intuitive intelligenceTelepathy, 146:the rest of the vehicle, and these in due time develop into responsive distributing centers. The
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