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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPED

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Astrology, 13:man and with Uranus when considering, the highly developed man. They would find some interestingAstrology, 52:mental principle, the discriminating mind, is developed and in this specific connection (not in aAstrology, 64:confusing to the beginner who has not yet a developed and trained intuition to reconcile theAstrology, 87:the new style of horoscope which will be later developed, then the Science of Destiny will beAstrology, 91:time as the Science of the Rays has been further developed; the astrologer must ascertain the rayAstrology, 94:to Capricorn and to Libra and Cancer, whilst the developed man reverses the process. We could, forAstrology, 96:but this time through vision, comes to the developed man through the activity of the subjectiveAstrology, 114:was the basis of animism) and having not yet developed the consciousness which permits him to enterAstrology, 115:mechanism for divine perception has not yet been developed in the human family on any large scaleAstrology, 124:Devotion to the needs of the self into developed devotion and response to the needs of humanity.Astrology, 136:(Pisces) and the universal love of the truly developed Aquarian. On the wheel as it "rolls onwardAstrology, 136:there is little to be found. Esoterically, the developed Aquarian puts all he has into his waterAstrology, 138:and occult planet. His will is focused and developed by the Uranian influences and he develops intoAstrology, 144:of return, plus the longing to serve. Desire is developed and focused in Taurus when the man isAstrology, 159:the mechanisms for responses were not adequately developed. Originally, there were eight signs;Astrology, 163:use their power of [163] individuality through a developed personality and through the potency ofAstrology, 177:the personality is built up, constructed, developed and integrated, to the final crucifixion of theAstrology, 180:In Sagittarius, the intellect which has been developed, used and finally illumined, becomesAstrology, 181:to dismount constantly from his white horse (the developed and purified personality) and find whereAstrology, 185:is on this Cross that the mind nature is finally developed and begins its integrating control ofAstrology, 190:this faculty of sensitive direction is rightly developed it becomes, in the early stages, an effortAstrology, 191:of love-wisdom and this is ever selflessly developed and always consecrated to the good of theAstrology, 191:experience of the disciple, but they become more developed and potent as he cyclically returns toAstrology, 192:Secondly, the power of the mind, having been developed, tested and found true in the sign Scorpio,Astrology, 196:wherein the consciousness of individuality is developed, utilized and finally consecrated to divineAstrology, 196:"refacing and recovering that which is lost" is developed. This eventually brings a man back to hisAstrology, 203:may be cultivated, optimism and understanding developed and the nature of the tests to which theAstrology, 207:- there eventuates a life wherein the highly developed and powerful personality becomes, in itself,Astrology, 210:character and quality which he has unfolded and developed within himself during his longAstrology, 212:[212] through the battle between the highly developed personality or form nature and the soul whichAstrology, 219:the group consciousness of the individual is developed, so that through the tests in Scorpio andAstrology, 220:In Cancer, you have the devotion of the soul, developed to such an extent that the urge to manifestAstrology, 224:new order of life and conditions and this - when developed in the life of the disciple - in itsAstrology, 225:in this sign because the intellect - having been developed and used - must now be subordinated to aAstrology, 249:upon the physical plane and the power of the developed Libran to project the inner spiritualAstrology, 251:without obscurity. To the average man with no developed spiritual consciousness, the word goesAstrology, 253:is (as far as humanity is concerned) the developed and qualified expression of the third aspect ofAstrology, 254:perfection in Leo, the sign of the individual, developed self-consciousness and personalityAstrology, 262:will condition the new astrology but will be developed as astrologers work with the hypothesesAstrology, 268:are also, on Their own level, unequally [268] developed and some of them are further advanced uponAstrology, 268:to make here is that it is all a question of developed reception and sensitivity. Upon the reversedAstrology, 270:of response upon our planet become more highly developed and sensitive and are, therefore, capableAstrology, 271:says to Arjuna (the world disciple, or developed form aspect): "Having pervaded the entire universeAstrology, 272:They are not unmanifested in the case where such developed planets as Uranus, Jupiter or Saturn areAstrology, 280:is believed to be the director of the energies, developed and recognized in the first solar system.Astrology, 288:of purpose, of a self-directed life and of a developed and definite life plan and program. WhereAstrology, 289:instinctual than is self-awareness. In the truly developed self-conscious man not only isAstrology, 291:reasoning powers of the soul are complete and developed. But souls - oriented towards incarnationAstrology, 307:self-conscious, mystically oriented and occultly developed. He must be aware of himself as heAstrology, 307:is - a soul involved in form which is itself developed and unfolded through soul activity; he mustAstrology, 307:and unfolded through soul activity; he must be a developed mystic, capable of pure vision,Astrology, 319:two kingdoms, at least in some measure, and is a developed human being and also a citizen of theAstrology, 323:influence comes in and the responsive soul - developed by the five indirect influences of theAstrology, 348:consciousness preserves the individuality, developed in Leo, as well as the universality ofAstrology, 368:yet preserving all the versatility earlier developed but controlling and governing the tendency toAstrology, 370:until [370] such time as astrologers have developed a four-dimensional consciousness and know theAstrology, 377:the will-to-power which is characteristic of the developed lower nature, the personality aspect ofAstrology, 397:by compassion for all humanity, and this must be developed into the selfless service of theAstrology, 425:Science of Triangles is a consciousness which is developed to a certain definite and personal pointAstrology, 434:the responsiveness of the units in the form. A developed sensitivity which emerges from theAstrology, 472:about the demand for world adjustment; it has developed the international spirit and has led to theAstrology, 475:is brought about by a certain habit of mind, developed in the vehicle; it is surmounted in timeAstrology, 494:Wisdom connotes skill in action as the result of developed love and the light of understanding; itAstrology, 496:of the herd becomes the self-awareness of the developed man in Leo. Instinctual reaction givesAstrology, 498:true; this will happen where disciples, highly developed aspirants and initiates are concerned. TheAstrology, 504:the head and the throat centers are to the developed initiate on this planet. He has taken thoseAstrology, 519:kingdoms in nature. Humanity, being the most developed - both from the angle of the mechanism andAstrology, 526:all these lands; the rule of the people is being developed in all of them though it is as yet in anAstrology, 526:tendencies. But democratic principles are being developed, if not controlling; religious unity isAstrology, 605:will express the divine will, as this is slowly developed through the experiment and experience ofAstrology, 617:through the intellect which humanity itself has developed - all of these used dynamically andAstrology, 618:wherein they would visualize and expect to see developed the needed transformation carried forwardAstrology, 648:potent in influence and until etheric vision is developed, all calculations will be full of error."Astrology, 675:round, had the mind principle coordinated and developed and four minor mental aspects had beenAstrology, 685:had the fifth principle of manas coordinated and developed, the minor four manasic aspects had beenAtom, 16:particular point of view. Until, we have further developed our mental processes, and until we areAtom, 25:in small children, and in those who are little developed. They are normally self-centered; theirAtom, 26:we have already seen, the first or atomic stage developed by means of selfishness, or theAtom, 49:we, as yet, know little. When this thought is developed, and the human being is recognized as aAtom, 53:unity of consciousness, or of intelligence, as developed somewhat in the lecture last week, and toAtom, 63:from form, and attains liberation plus [63] developed psychical quality and graded expansions ofAtom, 110:this change brought about? The atomic stage was developed by means of the five senses, and throughAtom, 114:interest and not self-interest, when we have developed physical bodies that are strong and clean,Atom, 132:and grows, so will his control of the air be developed and grow. Another thing we can look for (andAtom, 134:in the flood, the emotional nature of man was developed. Then in the race to which we belong, theAtom, 137:us in contact with individuals, but when we have developed the powers of the soul, and haveAtom, 156:intelligent aspect, that one which was first developed, and which we might call electrical matter.Autobiography, 9:down the years confronted. Then what we developed as character either stands the test [10] andAutobiography, 32:I acquired my taste for mystery, later to be developed into a great love for detective and mysteryAutobiography, 79:in a great state of mind. Suicidal mania had developed and the doctor warned me that a homicidalAutobiography, 87:to marry me. That was a funny time. I had developed measles while at a certain Indian station andAutobiography, 135:ordered discipline of my life when a girl. This developed in me an inability to be idle. I wasAutobiography, 142:the intuition does not work unless the mind is developed and that has been a lot of the trouble.Autobiography, 150:ashamed of and very frequently the more highly developed you are and the more sensitive you are,Autobiography, 197:It is a school wherein true, occult obedience is developed. This occult obedience involves noAutobiography, 226:with a strong sense of humor and a well developed investigating spirit. She was a great student ofAutobiography, 231:a menace and a handicap. If a person is highly developed they will begin to rule their stars. TheyAutobiography, 247:thought-provoking English which together we have developed as a medium for transmission of theAutobiography, 248:not so correct, however, in the case of highly developed people, aspirants, disciples and initiatesAutobiography, 265:plans of the Hierarchy. The intuition will be developed and a still higher fusion brought about -
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