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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPED

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Discipleship1, 447:and concrete knowledge should be and can be developed and related by you in your daily life; toDiscipleship1, 459:is one of your dearest dreams can be ultimately developed, but you must proceed with care. DreamsDiscipleship1, 498:this. It is that latent wisdom which must be developed, and for this, your service will provide anDiscipleship1, 499:to enter the world of ideas must be constantly developed. These concepts will aid by stretchingDiscipleship1, 570:deep inner love, your true consecration and your developed devotion. I could not count upon yourDiscipleship1, 582:I did not realize that such an inclusive mind, developed to the point which yours has reached, is aDiscipleship1, 617:to my impression (which can increasingly be developed) and your relation with the inner group onDiscipleship1, 622:do, and this work will be possible when you have developed the facility to register theDiscipleship1, 628:and deeply rooted sense of isolation. This was developed in your last life as a defense mechanismDiscipleship1, 687:Obedience can only be rendered when there is a developed understanding and an inclusive vision; ifDiscipleship1, 688:of the mind. This [688] demonstrates in its most developed stage as world perception where humanDiscipleship1, 697:influenced by the One who is his Master and developed and fed by his experience, unfolded as hisDiscipleship1, 699:by the potent inflow of desire-energy. The developed man, with an integrated personality, graduallyDiscipleship1, 725:exist, they must be definitely and consciously developed. A second rule governs this telepathicDiscipleship1, 725:their level of work and understanding the more developed? Will they make a supreme effort toDiscipleship1, 736:attitudes - either natural and belonging to a developed personality or forced through attention toDiscipleship1, 738:of living souls. Impersonality has also to be developed in connection with the Master himself. HeDiscipleship1, 744:as need and opportunity arise. The disciple has developed a sense of proportion as to the work andDiscipleship1, 771:and to a deep humility and, naturally, to a well-developed intellect and controlled astral body.Discipleship1, 771:the ordinary world loyalty which I seek to see developed in the group. Some of you, particularlyDiscipleship1, 779:thought-provoking English which together we have developed as a medium for transmission of theDiscipleship1, 780:not so correct, however, in the case of highly developed people, aspirants, disciples and initiatesDiscipleship2, XIII:which may appear as a "hangover" not to be developed but to be transcended. He knew theDiscipleship2, 23:point of development, there is also being developed by the Hierarchy a new technique which - whenDiscipleship2, 32:foundation of wisdom, which is the result of a developed intuition, and which is also anDiscipleship2, 48:old methods to modern needs and to more highly developed men is under way. I write not for you inDiscipleship2, 52:it does the power to Visualize, has also to be developed and consciously used in obedience toDiscipleship2, 52:must be expected and an inner sensitivity developed which will eventually obviate surprise and leadDiscipleship2, 79:nature, and their sense of universality has been developed, in order to fit them for the work ofDiscipleship2, 87:a school for adults wherein occult obedience, is developed. This is not obedience to man-made rulesDiscipleship2, 89:lay upon your shoulders. That the years may see developed in all of you a firmer dedication, aDiscipleship2, 94:It is a sense which has been laboriously developed - under evolutionary law - from the moment whenDiscipleship2, 105:for a joint meditation. One of the qualities, developed through ashramic contact, is the ability toDiscipleship2, 136:the subjective world, and finally bring the most developed of the sons of men into a faint glimmerDiscipleship2, 164:us is not yet attained. The Plan is not yet so developed that its structure is universallyDiscipleship2, 194:using the totality of the awareness already developed and already "enlightened" by the soul, andDiscipleship2, 195:which is tinctured by the life qualities and the developed ray characteristics. Along that stream,Discipleship2, 195:Along that stream, the life qualities and the developed ray characteristics can pass at will; theDiscipleship2, 210:active contemplation of the divine Purpose. In a developed receptivity to that aspect of theDiscipleship2, 236:the creative work of the Spiritual Triad can be developed and a higher form of creative meditationDiscipleship2, 239:can be immediately effective is organized and developed. [243] Discipleship2, 252:which can perceive, reach out and include has developed with the ages. Upon the Path ofDiscipleship2, 252:things normally and as an established fact in a developed awareness. It is the spiritual parallelDiscipleship2, 286:the Law of Sacrifice through the medium of the developed, pure, reasoning will, and not simply fromDiscipleship2, 288:of nature, Sanat Kumara is non-existent. In developed humanity, prior to moving on to theDiscipleship2, 291:the personality that the [291] mechanism (now developed within the personality) can be used in theDiscipleship2, 298:The mode par excellence by which the will can be developed is the cultivation of the recognition ofDiscipleship2, 299:by disciples but which can now be intelligently developed, producing more rapid vision and a moreDiscipleship2, 303:these ideas. As these ideas are considered and developed, they are subjected to analysis and takeDiscipleship2, 307:be the quality of their reaction to what their developed understanding will reveal? What can theyDiscipleship2, 317:for initiation - according to their status and developed ability. The difference, brother of mine,Discipleship2, 317:upon the Path as of less importance than his developed capacity to serve his fellowmen, servingDiscipleship2, 334:factor, as it is with most of the less developed. He is far more conditioned by the aspirations,Discipleship2, 351:given time. At the same time, nothing hitherto developed or gained is ever lost, and the quality ofDiscipleship2, 358:time, he learns that only in so far as he has developed group consciousness and is beginning toDiscipleship2, 381:have taken place, and also when the group has developed certain capacities - as a whole andDiscipleship2, 407:There have always been those in every land who developed and expressed the Christ consciousness;Discipleship2, 412:closer to acceptance in a Master's Ashram; it developed the mental apparatus, providing a betterDiscipleship2, 435:levels and off the cosmic physical plane. A developed wisdom then grows in relation to GodDiscipleship2, 443:One of the things, my brother, which is being developed in your consciousness is the basicDiscipleship2, 444:there is frequently a changeableness and a developed habit of experimentation. The very versatilityDiscipleship2, 444:for you to evoke the latent will which must be developed and controlling in you by the time theDiscipleship2, 473:telepathic sensitivity to my voice - as I have developed it to yours. Discipleship2, 482:in a negative attitude to people as a whole; you developed an insulation which made it difficultDiscipleship2, 485:to release the magnetic quality of your already developed nature and thus break down the barriersDiscipleship2, 486:plane. As I have told you before, you are well developed on the inner planes, but your esotericDiscipleship2, 498:yourself sensitive to our "impression." This developed sensitivity is ever a difficult task for theDiscipleship2, 501:you have arrived at a high water mark in your developed life of service and can therefore go noDiscipleship2, 509:[509] As familiarity with this meditation is developed, you should eventually arrive at a contact,Discipleship2, 518:the group which finds its way into Shamballa a developed simplicity will be found to govern allDiscipleship2, 566:of a Master of the Wisdom; the Will-to-Good is developed and understood in the Ashrams of those ofDiscipleship2, 575:frequently attain. Temperament and training have developed it in you. The second ray disciple hasDiscipleship2, 595:ray people in whom the love element is highly developed, but not over-developed. You are apt to beDiscipleship2, 595:love element is highly developed, but not over-developed. You are apt to be suspicious of people'sDiscipleship2, 625:and differentiations can be drawn clearly by the developed disciple and the initiate. He thenDiscipleship2, 625:not my feeling apparatus. I am not that which is developed through the interplay between myself andDiscipleship2, 634:conduct. When these aspects of behavior are developed, the disciple can pass up and down theDiscipleship2, 635:service in the outer world may dictate. He has developed the sensitivity to know when, or when not,Discipleship2, 657:I shall not deal with it. If you have not developed an instinctual reaction to it at this time,Discipleship2, 658:upon the wisdom which you have undoubtedly developed during many lives. This tends to give you aDiscipleship2, 659:the many methods and the widely differently developed techniques. Their attitude (when they haveDiscipleship2, 661:eventually to synthesis when the head center is developed. Compassion, which is essentially theDiscipleship2, 674:handicap to you, not [674] because of its developed aspect but because of its crystallizedDiscipleship2, 689:perceptive attention - which, if altered or developed, discarded or intensified, would bring aboutDiscipleship2, 690:These latter can always be dissipated by love - developed and consciously expressed - but it is notDiscipleship2, 704:of a right sense of proportion. This, when truly developed and correctly applied, will enable youDiscipleship2, 712:by her. With the unfailing love of F.B. and the developed understanding of yourself, of R.S.U. andDiscipleship2, 720:ever sees it) that confidence and security are developed. In the place of your Sunday morningDiscipleship2, 752:plane living and to the reactions of those less developed than you are. Is [753] this a hardDiscipleship2, 753:Study it with the detachment you have so ably developed and you will find in due time that I amDiscipleship2, 758:themselves, and thus again their weaknesses are developed and a tendency to negativity. You canDiscipleship2, 763:This occult solitariness must be consciously developed by you, and not left to circumstances. It isEducation, 10:response apparatus will be carefully studied and developed. 4. Vocationally, so as to place themEducation, 11:the entire equipment of the child, latent or developed, into functioning activity and to unify itEducation, 12:through the memory, of these facts; thus are developed interest, correlation, synthesis andEducation, 17:of training is instituted, the mind will be developed into a reflector or agent of the soul and soEducation, 19:or purpose. This, through education, should be developed to the point where the manifested life isEducation, 21:of the race. The right direction of this already developed tendency is the aim of all trueEducation, 23:particular attribute of divinity is now highly developed in one aspect, so that we have today muchEducation, 26:For it the new science of psychology, which has developed so remarkably during the past thirty
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