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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPED

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Glamour, 61:levels only when there is a very highly developed soul contact, a potent mind control, a trainedGlamour, 62:the mind to be inclusive, well-stocked and well developed from the angle of modern intelligence. Glamour, 63:to the difficulties encountered by those developed souls who do touch the world of the intuition,Glamour, 81:must be cultivated and the illumined mind developed, asking yourselves if those purposes areGlamour, 87:or from the lower astral where the more developed or average man is concerned. The moment, however,Glamour, 102:opportunity to another until he has developed in himself three major capacities: The capacity toGlamour, 102:to use the intuition. These capacities he developed by resolving the pairs of opposites on theGlamour, 107:became more active, then glamor and illusion developed very rapidly. The first indications ofGlamour, 109:to lower activity. This nebulous conscience developed eventually into what we call the Voice ofGlamour, 110:then a growing demand for that mind nature to be developed and brought into play in the effort toGlamour, 124:questions: What is the method whereby ideas are developed from the moment of impressing the mind ofGlamour, 134:- and achieved this through a feeling and a developed sensuous perception. Today, under the name ofGlamour, 135:These will produce, when sufficiently developed and understood, a form of control and guidance andGlamour, 173:for that word) of the intelligent and highly developed people, of those who stand on the Path andGlamour, 174:are concerned with the whole, and lead to a developed appreciation of the oneness of life and withGlamour, 175:interpret it or to apply it usefully - it has developed into an illusion and enters upon a careerGlamour, 177:This is the built-up illusory form of thought, developed down the ages, which controls so much ofGlamour, 182:they are still rare but will increasingly be developed in humanity. The next few stages are called,Glamour, 195:perception and to serve the Plan is slowly developed. These distinctions (in time and space,Glamour, 197:a time control until the intuition is more fully developed. This illusion will produce vastlyGlamour, 203:desires, and objectives with those which were developed by means of the creative imagination, thusGlamour, 205:totally unknown because the mind was so little developed. It was then only recognized as aGlamour, 209:and is carried forward through mental control, developed in meditation. When these two oppositeGlamour, 209:eventually produces a black magician. He has developed the capacity to draw [210] upon the lightGlamour, 212:process. These three stages must be somewhat developed before effective use of the formulas can beGlamour, 227:evolved in whom the sense of drama has to be developed and who need external aids, and they doGlamour, 245:only when goodwill [245] is finally and fully developed on Earth, through the agency of humanity.Glamour, 245:of related teaching if true perception is to be developed. Let us divide our consideration of thisGlamour, 251:the recipients of the established rhythm of the developed human being, and present consequently anGlamour, 264:clearly in the light of the soul, and with a developed sense of values; he can consequently dispelGlamour, 266:activity, of control and of fusion. But having developed those capacities, He now becomes faintlyGlamour, 267:that the Dweller upon the Threshold is the fully developed personality - the sumtotal of all theGlamour, 268:The personal self is now very highly developed; it is a useful instrument which the soul can use;Healing, 12:pain (where the sentiency is exquisite and developed) and everywhere congestion, corruption andHealing, 36:response apparatus, or bodies, becomes more developed, the quality aspect of the soul begins toHealing, 42:centering their consciousness. It is the most developed of the bodies at this time, and thereforeHealing, 43:man, but are turned upwards in the case of the developed, so there are conditions in the astralHealing, 49:which are not properly equipped, or adequately developed, to handle the force. The above is aHealing, 63:(if I might use so paradoxical a term) and so developed evil habits in sexual intercourse fromHealing, 68:of its purpose and field of activity, and has developed some of the greatest of the soul qualitiesHealing, 70:be en rapport. Telepathically, and also with a developed sense of prevision, men are today addingHealing, 78:of inhibition which the race, as a whole, has developed. It is this congestion at the point ofHealing, 88:and of its seven major centers and, through a developed sense of touch in the hands and fingers, toHealing, 137:by one or more of three things or conditions: A developed soul contact, thus producing theHealing, 142:nervous system has not been as yet adequately developed in modern medicine. Much, however, has beenHealing, 151:blades. It is an exceedingly powerful and well developed center where average humanity isHealing, 157:when the mental faculties have been adequately developed and have reached a fairly high stage ofHealing, 170:a Science of Triangles, so there will later be developed a science of triangles in relation to theHealing, 172:synthesis of the personality forces, when highly developed) is a great directing and distributingHealing, 172:plexus center (the synthesis of the average developed personality energies, prior to the process ofHealing, 174:life. The major problem of the man who is highly developed but not yet spiritually inclined is thatHealing, 180:direction of the sacral energy, hence the over-developed animal nature and functions of averageHealing, 187:webs. When the fourfold personality is highly developed and the ajna center is awakening, thenHealing, 194:centers. The appearance in the etheric body of a developed or a developing center indicates theHealing, 201:of energy, as it conditions the human being, developed. In the meantime, there is much difficultyHealing, 208:are non-receptive; others are prematurely developed and transmit too much force to the areas theyHealing, 209:is not yet awakened, or is only slowly being developed, as the disciple submits himself toHealing, 217:the same quiescence. As the emotional nature is developed and the mind begins to function, theHealing, 223:which - if recognized and rightly handled and developed, from the educational angle and withHealing, 224:the newer racial strains with the older and more developed. I hold no brief for the manner in whichHealing, 235:is built up, however, as methods of cure are developed, as preventive medicine comes into its own,Healing, 238:and this in spite of care and a carefully developed Science of the Centers. It is something whichHealing, 244:an over-shadowing agency. Of all who die, highly developed or not, the later stages of dissolution,Healing, 277:healing, particularly as clairvoyant vision is developed and becomes recognized by science, andHealing, 277:As the true astrology comes into its own and is developed into a reputable science, the charts ofHealing, 278:origin. Over the centuries it has grown and developed until modern skill, modern research, modernHealing, 278:aptitude would normally have died. In this developed skill and knowledge, and in this aptitude inHealing, 279:healing, they ignore the beneficent aspects of developed medical science. They thus attempt toHealing, 280:methods that the medicine of the future will be developed. The value of all the many groups - goodHealing, 283:humanity through its agency, and had it developed the idea correctly that energy follows thought,Healing, 287:a healing group, and the [287] ability should be developed to send streams of energy to the patientHealing, 291:in mind. The Aryan race is now, however, so developed mentally and on a large scale that karma isHealing, 297:Therefore, until They, as spiritual Beings, have developed "sublime control" - as it is called -Healing, 298:seven sacred planets but are not yet as divinely developed as They are. The problem of humanity inHealing, 305:medium of matter impregnated with the qualities developed in system one. What was perfection atHealing, 319:of abstraction. When that consciousness has been developed in man, and the process has come to beHealing, 322:life. When a better sense of proportion has bee developed, and men are beginning to think in termsHealing, 339:fixe, so that the person is the victim of a well developed thought-form. A tuning-in, throughHealing, 358:coming Age wherein group work will be greatly developed, it will be of value to understand groupHealing, 369:exposed to the positively electrified ions developed feelings of fatigue, dizziness and headache,Healing, 372:Healing These schools of healing are not to be developed in the near future, not before the closeHealing, 374:forming of subsidiary groups to be taught and developed by the members of the pioneer healingHealing, 381:areas of the soil to the impact of fire, will be developed into a new and most helpful science.Healing, 382:earth of a very great number of advanced and developed souls, and the coming of the Hierarchy andHealing, 382:three worlds and are liberated. The ability - developed during the past fifty years - to cope withHealing, 385:a spiritual clairvoyant, when that capacity is developed by the initiate healer. A belief in theHealing, 399:realization are old habits of thought, the developed materialistic attitude [400] of the present,Healing, 401:at times that the crowning gift to humanity is a developed and cultured mind, and that those whoHealing, 404:upon timing, are characteristic of all highly developed people in incarnation and of those whoseHealing, 409:his own true state of consciousness (whether developed or undeveloped), and the second deathHealing, 414:in his etheric body. When etheric vision is developed, the thought of death will assume veryHealing, 429:plexus and not via the head. In the case of the developed man, the mental type of individual, theHealing, 429:which is the brain of the average animal. Highly developed and domesticated animals are beginningHealing, 430:The head center The solar plexus. For highly developed people and for those upon the Path ofHealing, 436:of the voice of the soul is not yet generally developed. These are matters, however, which are onHealing, 442:Continuity of consciousness will be so widely developed, and so many of the highest types of menHealing, 447:as not new. In his sleeping hours he has developed a field of active service and of learning. HeHealing, 449:place. Quality, the major divine attribute being developed in this planet, becomes dominant, isHealing, 450:becomes consciously possible because, having developed awareness of two divine aspects - creativeHealing, 486:the basis of this idea. Few people are as yet so developed that the vehicle in which they find
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