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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPED

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Magic, 141:plan. Through the cultivated receptivity of the developed and controlled mental body, aspirantsMagic, 148:purpose of the soul. All that is lacking is the developed spiritual body which is equipped toMagic, 177:and the very karma of service itself, they have developed the capacity to touch the higher sourcesMagic, 204:thence service to humanity. Eventually there is developed a consciousness of and service of theMagic, 229:proficient in black magic, which is only the developed powers of the personality, subordinated toMagic, 230:progression. We are told that power is grown or developed in silence, and only he who can find aMagic, 301:as not new. In his sleeping hours he has developed a field of active service and of learning. HeMagic, 301:Continuity of consciousness will be so widely developed and so many of the highest types of menMagic, 305:his soul is firmly established, and when he has developed the faculty of passing in and out of hisMagic, 310:whereby the solar plexus center is abnormally developed. In the bulk of humanity the sacral centerMagic, 315:its power to attract others who are sufficiently developed to respond with adequate sentiency andMagic, 335:and changes will be brought about and new forms developed through its medium. One hint only may IMagic, 366:in their true sense and connotation. From that developed idealism, he must progress even deeperMagic, 381:increased; little by little the mysteries were developed as the people became ready for them untilMagic, 411:and synthesis, the thought power of man is developed and the abstract mind can be unified with theMagic, 419:and circumstances. Breadth of vision must be developed and that [420] wide horizon pointed outMagic, 424:interplay and extended sentiency must be developed and are also closely interlinked with eachMagic, 434:quality of any form, or hold another back from a developed manifestation. It is not opportune hereMagic, 460:in a previous solar system and must be used and developed in this one. In the words "the light ofMagic, 466:of self-sufficiency in which the personality is developed and used; then they begin to find theirMagic, 494:is not understood. The mind of man is so little developed that fear of the unknown, terror of theMagic, 498:with its own affairs. In the case of highly developed human beings we often find a sense ofMagic, 514:of [514] experience. The inner life, slowly developed during the cyclic interludes, becomes theMagic, 516:a scientific utilization of the interludes, developed in breathing, between points of inhalationMagic, 521:of sacrifice is grasped, if skill in action is developed and if work without attachment is theMagic, 523:the next century, when man's equipment is better developed and when a truer meaning of groupMagic, 525:extremes we find the many and varied types, the developed and the undeveloped, the intelligent andMagic, 526:and self-realization. When these are developed, as they are not in the subhuman kingdoms, a man canMagic, 543:whom we call Black Magicians; they are highly developed intellectually and can motivate mentalMagic, 605:mind and the power of intuitional response are developed in the human family, it is not possibleMagic, 614:of those forms of life which have not yet developed astral consciousness? It is the dual nature ofMagic, 625:is cultivated, if the power to stand steady is developed, if every situation is handled in a spiritMagic, 627:has thus grown; its sense of acquisitiveness has developed and the power to grasp has emerged (theMagic, 633:and welfare. Those Pisceans who are enough developed to respond to the Aquarian message, but who -Magic, 638:call a Master, with so much leisure, of such developed powers that he can occupy himself with theirMeditation, 21:more, one judges less. A person may be well-developed on the love side, yet in some particularMeditation, 24:body and when lower mind desire is being developed. Later Atlantean days hold the analogy hid. TheMeditation, 35:of those egos whose causal bodies are less developed than their own. All is beautifully subject toMeditation, 38:and it is only as the second or wisdom aspect is developed that synthesis becomes possible. On theMeditation, 42:ray or on the personality ray) will be much developed. You can look to see very definite formsMeditation, 46:having the faculties of the causal body fully developed, will apply the method to the immediateMeditation, 72:first solar system the three lower centers were developed and with them the occultist has naught toMeditation, 74:The throat. The head. The divine activity has developed the solar plexus center, is controlling allMeditation, 79:The essence of the Personality, the faculties developed, the knowledge gained, and the remembranceMeditation, 90:of the bodies through meditation, the faculties developed in each vehicle by definite formulas inMeditation, 109:body, with a view to future work. He may be over-developed on the heart side, too much of theMeditation, 126:fourth cases already cited. They require highly developed bodies, having no use for weak orMeditation, 131:and power and activity in service, a man has developed his vehicles to a point of real achievement,Meditation, 134:misused) result in a lop-sided causal body, over-developed in some direction and full of greatMeditation, 182:and Words until such a time as the reason was developed somewhat, and the spiritual mind showedMeditation, 185:of Flame in implanting the spark of mind has so developed and grown, that now the fire of intellectMeditation, 202:be greatly aided. The intuition will also be developed and contacted. In the above statements IMeditation, 233:the aura of a savage and in those of the average developed man are extraordinarily dissimilar. Why?Meditation, 236:instability of vibration. Many very highly developed souls will come in who are at present hinderedMeditation, 239:link) becomes more evolved and comprehension is developed. On the path of return, renunciation isMeditation, 239:Not potential are these attributes divine, but developed into powers for use. Inherent faculty hasMeditation, 250:Mental comprehension of the method will be developed. They were raised through the ability of theMeditation, 260:the monadic. This means occultly that He has now developed the creative faculty, and can sound theMeditation, 275:of vibration for a specific length of time is developed, the length of time being that wherein heMeditation, 284:be studied, and the quality of discrimination developed. Discrimination and fire are occultlyMeditation, 292:This is indicative of the pupil's having developed (mayhap in small degree, yet definitelyMeditation, 293:can make the channel of access, through power developed in meditation. As time elapses this abilityMeditation, 309:in all occult training, will be fostered and developed, being not based, as is so oft seen, onMeditation, 316:proficient teachers, and the lower mind will be developed as much as possible, and kept in check byMeditation, 327:about three. Their innate knowledge will be developed by encouraging them to teach the youngerMeditation, 330:where his centers will be scientifically developed so that he will become a conscious psychic ofPatanjali, 32:attachment to an object or to a form has been developed, all resources have been utilized, [33] andPatanjali, 47:and the heart qualities must be equally developed, for both are equally divine. Patanjali, 52:has been subjected to proper culture and thus developed, until it flowered forth into the fullPatanjali, 63:the first three means of yoga have been used and developed. These are: The five commandments, (See:Patanjali, 83:the seven Heavenly Men. Every center has to be developed through the use of the Word. This word isPatanjali, 109:and because the truth-perceiving faculty is developed, the man is thereby safeguarded from errorPatanjali, 122:the Atlantean race the desire or astral body was developed, and the flower of that race were truePatanjali, 161:some cause. This method of endeavor can only be developed gradually. The spectator passes graduallyPatanjali, 189:turn him back. Only when this quality has been developed and proved and when it is found that noPatanjali, 190:arrive at the thoughts which words convey. It is developed by a close scrutiny of the causes whichPatanjali, 234:light. 6. This illumination is gradual; it is developed stage by stage. 7. These last three meansPatanjali, 234:focusing the light in the head. This power is developed in one-pointed meditation. 33. All thingsPatanjali, 234:hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are developed, producing intuitional knowledge. 37. ThesePatanjali, 234:sound, an organ for spiritual hearing will be developed. 42. By one-pointed meditation upon thePatanjali, 234:remains possible. 52. Intuitive knowledge is developed through the use of the discriminativePatanjali, 255:Results 6. This illumination is gradual; it is developed stage by stage. The evolutionary nature ofPatanjali, 256:neophyte to attempt to comprehend until he has developed the internal instrument for comprehension;Patanjali, 270:the relation of all lives to each other will be developed and the life of the aspirant will bePatanjali, 293:opens before the head center. Love must ever be developed before power can be safely used.Patanjali, 308:human being, students who have their intuition developed will see the correspondence between thePatanjali, 309:of values. Then follows dispassion which, when developed, gives him a distaste for the life ofPatanjali, 313:focusing the light in the head. This power is developed in one-pointed meditation. This is aPatanjali, 321:is gained, consciousness awakened, faculty is developed and powers are unfolded. Third, that asPatanjali, 321:nature and one's distinction from the form is developed. One knows oneself in truth to be, not thePatanjali, 322:hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell are developed, producing intuitional knowledge. ThroughPatanjali, 333:sound, an organ for spiritual hearing will be developed. To understand this sutra, it is essentialPatanjali, 353:the mind. With him, the intuition has been developed into a usable instrument, and directPatanjali, 357:and he is liberated. Having achieved liberation, developed the soul-powers and attained mastery,Patanjali, 358:the solar, and group [358] consciousness can be developed into God consciousness. The first stepPatanjali, 358:With safety now the spirit or will aspect can be developed and power delivered into the hands ofPatanjali, 358:been established and the powers which have been developed, and the perceptions which have beenPatanjali, 360:of the perfections achieved and the powers developed, the Son of God, the Christ in manifestation,Patanjali, 362:and its Results 52. Intuitive knowledge is developed through the use of the discriminative facultyPatanjali, 365:is made apparent that the liberated yogi who has developed the intuition can know all things about
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