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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPED

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Patanjali, 366:to comprehend until soul-consciousness is developed. To say that time is a succession of states ofPatanjali, 369:the time concept of the present is the result of developed characteristics and holds latent seedsPatanjali, 379:means are given whereby the psychic powers are developed and it is interesting to note that we havePatanjali, 385:are correspondingly influenced, stimulated and developed. Patanjali, 398:the time concept of the present is the result of developed characteristics, and holds latent seedsPatanjali, 408:we become aware of that in other forms which is developed in ourselves. We fail to see aspects ofPatanjali, 408:unknown; the form aspect and its limitations are developed in us and the soul is so hidden that wePatanjali, 409:the promise of our success. Latent faculty, when developed, will reveal to us a new world. ThePatanjali, 409:be carried forward and potential faculties to be developed if the truth in its fullness is ever toPatanjali, 413:days) the sense of sight was simultaneously developed. As evolution proceeds, a higher coordinationPatanjali, 415:this thinker cannot be known until the mind is developed; he can be sensed and felt by the mysticPatanjali, 415:the instrument of knowledge, the mind, has been developed. Here is where Eastern knowledge comes inPatanjali, 418:of yoga his instrument has been discovered, developed and mastered and must now be brought intoPatanjali, 424:the high as well as the low, has to be developed. Many people, when they are transferring from thePatanjali, 426:potential powers and latent possibilities, has developed them to their full extent and unfolded theProblems, 5:the limited vocabulary of the savage races have developed into the intricate language systems ofProblems, 6:dug-out of the uncultured [6] islanders has developed into the greyhound of the sea, racing fromProblems, 15:countries and with the type of rule each country developed. These lines of demarcation are fiercelyProblems, 20:in their handling of smaller and less developed nations and have really helped them. BeingProblems, 35:These newer techniques and methods must be developed gradually and will hasten the process ofProblems, 37:is systematically ignored; his memory is developed through the impartation of uncorrelated facts -Problems, 48:to preserve right group relations, is not developed but if a child is handled with understanding,Problems, 52:use of the five senses and it is also developed from the attempt to seize upon and [53] understandProblems, 57:living. The child, as an individual, will be developed and equipped, trained and motivated and [58]Problems, 60:can be done, if patience and understanding are developed and if educators realize that "where thereProblems, 60:perish". An international system of education, developed in joint conference by broadmindedProblems, 63:seen, been the history of the past. Man has been developed from an isolated animal, prompted onlyProblems, 66:immediate in nature and the other to be later developed. The first is that those whose largeProblems, 81:This new and better way of life will be developed for two main reasons: The purely spiritualProblems, 89:the few to the many, of the undeveloped to the developed, or of one religious faith to another moreProblems, 91:condition their thinking; all have their own developed or developing culture and all are boundProblems, 97:the course of these wanderings he has inevitably developed certain habits of living and thinkingProblems, 105:part in the arena of world history and who have developed a culture and identified themselves withProblems, 131:advent of Pope John XXIII can be nourished and developed. Problems, 139:demand for light. It will be implemented and developed by the spiritually minded in all churches,Problems, 177:and cooperative public opinion must be developed in every land and the doing of this constitutes aPsychology1, xviii:aspirants so that group awareness may be developed that these books have been written. RecognizePsychology1, xxii:rules whereby the light within him [xxii] may be developed and the power of the intuition bePsychology1, xxv:by minds which are developing but are not fully developed. It is becoming gradually apparent thatPsychology1, 12:the rays must remain profitless until there is developed within each student that apparatus ofPsychology1, 16:in the sensuous perception of a highly developed and high grade emotional nature. All ourPsychology1, 27:love are the outstanding characteristics of a developed son of God, whilst their lower reflectionsPsychology1, 51:mental levels, works very close to the soul. The developed personality produces the [52] clearPsychology1, 55:when it is adequately refined and sufficiently developed: The lower concrete mind, the mental body,Psychology1, 83:and the animal life will be modified and developed, and much that is latent in the forms of bothPsychology1, 90:and a most careful selection, man has developed; he now possesses a mechanism which is responsivePsychology1, 91:that is conditioned by an underdeveloped or over-developed glandular system, that hides at somePsychology1, 95:men, through meditation and group service, have developed an awareness of their own controlled andPsychology1, 112:light of your own intuition and illumined mind (developed and brought to usefulness throughPsychology1, 114:of them) have to be willing to be instructed and developed as group units, with the other membersPsychology1, 129:from life to life, until all the qualities are developed and expressed. Certain souls, by their rayPsychology1, 130:whereby consciousness may be increasingly developed. Light, or radiation, the effect of thePsychology1, 132:and constitutes its most refined and most highly developed aspect. As the aeons pass away there isPsychology1, 137:less full of illusion. When the understanding is developed, when men have learnt to see below thePsychology1, 182:is everywhere. There is an eye which can be developed and used, and which will enable its possessorPsychology1, 194:This other response apparatus may be either more developed or less developed than the one that doesPsychology1, 194:apparatus may be either more developed or less developed than the one that does the contacting. ItPsychology1, 197:but they are those qualities which have been developed during the evolutionary process of thePsychology1, 197:kingdoms. Each of the kingdoms in nature has developed, or is developing, one outstanding quality,Psychology1, 199:love. When the mentality of the race is more developed, then man can, by arbitration and the rightPsychology1, 204:His imaginative faculty will be highly developed, i.e., he can by the power of his imaginationPsychology1, 217:its present condition of supreme beauty and its developed symbolism of color. The vegetable kingdomPsychology1, 221:revelation until the inner eye of true vision is developed and the forms underlying the creativePsychology1, 244:of the part played therein by those miraculously developed organisms, - the ants and bees - andPsychology1, 248:and more inclusive contact is gradually being developed, and this is the consciousness of God, thePsychology1, 257:whereby the divine Plan may be more rapidly developed. To offset the fear found in humanity as aPsychology1, 294:majority whose standards will have developed as the decades pass, so that they will embody thePsychology1, 302:and with their group awareness much more fully developed than is now the case. They will solvePsychology1, 314:place to the radiance which is the glory of the developed son of God. Only [315] a little effort isPsychology1, 323:to follow, being mixtures of pure selfishness (developed often to the nth degree), of a growingPsychology1, 326:as the predisposing factor, and on the developed sense of awareness which produces an inner demandPsychology1, 330:of the human being, in whom the senses (slowly developed in the lower kingdoms) are alreadyPsychology1, 356:intellect, and that aspect of man's nature was developed which is called (in theosophical books)Psychology1, 357:analogous to that period wherein kama-manas was developed, and we shall then have the entire racePsychology1, 357:we shall then have the entire race expressing a developed synthesis of intellect-intuition,Psychology1, 362:infant souls. The seventh ray will release the developed souls from the nursery stage andPsychology1, 364:The new and esoteric psychology will be steadily developed. It will be apparent therefore that APsychology1, 375:of the ritual of service it can be still further developed. The ritual of the solar system is thePsychology2, 5:first place, as the third aspect is consciously developed, man arrives at a knowledge of matter, ofPsychology2, 9:objective of expressing the Will of God through developed love and a wise use of the intelligence.Psychology2, 11:deep foundational belief of humanity. The first developed evidence of the emerging self-assertionPsychology2, 16:body. Awareness of the Presence is thus steadily developed. This fact merits the deep study andPsychology2, 17:more active; in the brain of the man who is a developed personality, an increased awareness ofPsychology2, 27:the definite and specific effects of this developed consciousness, for some lives are predominantlyPsychology2, 30:Hierarchy of Lives. The qualities generated and developed through the first of thesePsychology2, 63:The nervous reactions of the disciple and highly developed person, [64] whose etheric body is inPsychology2, 68:soul. It is the lower consciousness which (when developed) enables a man eventually to makePsychology2, 71:and whereon the major virtues should be developed. Much of the spiritual instruction given in thePsychology2, 72:foundation of good character and the qualities developed upon the Probationary Path. The effort toPsychology2, 91:evolutionary cycle, in order to bring about the developed consciousness, the increasing refinementPsychology2, 107:and cooperation Must be established and developed, in spite of the outer divergences of opinion.Psychology2, 127:sacrifice, in its worst implications, has been developed. This idea emphasizes the necessary andPsychology2, 144:disciples on this ray is to capitalize on the developed tendency of humanity to recognize ideas,Psychology2, 159:to emerge in humanity) has been adequately developed in the aspirant, and he knows the pairs ofPsychology2, 176:to distinguish instinctively when he is further developed. I would like to remind you that it isPsychology2, 179:be constituted of free souls, individual and developed, who recognize no authority but that ofPsychology2, 186:integration and the method whereby it can be developed. The reason why Those on the Inner Side arePsychology2, 197:the mind steady in the light" must be somewhat developed. Some forms of creative activity mustPsychology2, 205:activity, with the feeling nature almost over-developed, and oscillating between the life of thePsychology2, 207:of the form life, no matter how highly developed. They can and do use the form at will for the
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