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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPING

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Astrology, 103:the wheel, perfecting self-consciousness and developing a rounded out personality throughAstrology, 178:of some basic and directing purpose. These developing purposes may range all the way from purelyAstrology, 265:and the nine united potencies play their part in developing the Christ life in the individual andAstrology, 303:of consciousness as the soul has succeeded in developing in the three worlds. The whole subject isAstrology, 325:basic relations as they manifest in space. The developing effects as they demonstrate in groups.Astrology, 372:broad outlines begin to become apparent to the developing intelligence of man. This all indicates aAstrology, 390:a hypothesis hereto unproven) you are gradually developing an aspect of your mind which is muchAstrology, 443:of least resistance to the emerging good and the developing crises which inevitably lie ahead inAstrology, 503:you bear in mind that initiation is a process of developing inclusiveness. Man is becomingAstrology, 545:educational processes which fail to educate the developing nature of man and serve only to deludeAstrology, 553:the Cross of the personality or of the steadily developing and finally integrating human being.Astrology, 554:the Cross of the responsive form, nurturing and developing the life of the indwelling Christ, theAstrology, 627:period, nourishes and cares for the rapidly developing Christ Child. The Moon has also a peculiarAstrology, 628:and psychology contribute to this a gradually developing whole or picture. But that which I dealAstrology, 629:- in this solar system - undertaken the task of developing conscious "awareness of Itself in thatAstrology, 645:Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Vulcan are still developing the mind principle." (C.F. 403) 25. "ThoseAtom, 21:of a gradually increasing realization, of the developing response of the subjective life to itsAtom, 21:which unfolds the life within all units, the developing urge which eventually merges all units andAtom, 135:or lower mind is the goal, and this we are developing each decade. A few are also beginning toAtom, 158:aspects than our own. In doing this we are developing group consciousness, and we shall realizeAutobiography, 106:particularly in the South, and need loving and developing like children." A few years ago in LondonAutobiography, 108:where we could not be overheard - that he was developing an appalling temper. My Waterloo was theAutobiography, 168:are still only hovering on the borders of man's developing consciousness. The books that theAutobiography, 271:its end because of the life at the center, developing from within outward; it is the force of hisAutobiography, 284:of personality integration or at the task of developing the mind so that it may effectively controlAutobiography, 289:of the Plan of Evolution and proves to be a developing realization of all who attempt to practiceAutobiography, 295:we seek to study and to recognize the myriad of developing lives, each with its place within theAutobiography, 302:light of its own soul, by the power of its own developing intellectual capacity, and by itsAutobiography, 302:other things are subject to our responses to developing events. What we call the second world warBethlehem, 4:and make it difficult for the steadily developing [5] mind of man to accept its presentation. YetBethlehem, 94:with its sensitivity or sentiency, and its developing response apparatus which is sensitive toBethlehem, 163:and from crisis to crisis leads on the developing son of God until he stands perfected, havingBethlehem, 249:adequate facilities for the training and developing processes, and that again and again we return,Bethlehem, 269:is responsible for all the new ideas and the developing ideals of our modern world. The age ofBethlehem, 272:Initiation is nothing more than the process of developing within us the powers and faculties ofDestiny, 15:not be destructive. It will be educational and developing in its results. Destiny, 27:so in the realm of spiritual insight (so rapidly developing at this time) which enables the seer toDestiny, 35:did so symbolically on behalf of all the developing, incarnating sons of God, they regardedDestiny, 57:of public opinion. The imposition of the new and developing pattern upon the evolving life. TheDestiny, 71:The important and the non-important appear; the developing and the vestigial also emerge and underDestiny, 115:will unfold in your consciousness an idea of the developing process and of the emerging events andDestiny, 123:under its control, thereby effecting needed and developing changes in the apparatus of contact. TheDestiny, 128:the nature of the realm of causes and by developing the capacity to get behind the effect to theDestiny, 142:the next century and - in collaboration with the developing Saturnian influence - will lead many onDiscipleship1to century - presents a steadily ripening and developing human mind upon which the Master can work.Discipleship1, 28:spiritual man can unfold; other faculties and developing capacities are only expansions of theseDiscipleship1, 47:and physically attentive to life and rapidly developing the power to observe upon all three planesDiscipleship1, 163:The New Group of World Servers is a rapidly developing organism which must be preserved from undueDiscipleship1, 181:bettered and you need not work so hard now at developing that capacity. You need, however, toDiscipleship1, 222:and techniques of authority and control, thus developing wisdom and practicing impersonality. YourDiscipleship1, 226:not be able to do for some time yet, but the developing of this type of sensitivity is, for you, aDiscipleship1, 234:as indicated by me. Love, you are rapidly developing and expressing and much that seemedDiscipleship1, 267:form of work and for you at this time most developing. Bear in mind that in the interplay of loveDiscipleship1, 310:from an inner controlled center) and the developing of a wider range of contacts must come slowly.Discipleship1, 339:into greater activity without (at the same time) developing criticism - a thing from which you areDiscipleship1, 342:to those things which do not run counter to your developing intuition. You yourself are becomingDiscipleship1, 433:works, [433] watching and suggesting and developing the innate faculty of prevision - a thing whichDiscipleship1, 445:year as one of the most educational and most developing that you have ever experienced thisDiscipleship1, 549:find themselves. They would live with quietness, developing increasing sensitivity to ourDiscipleship1, 690:think in terms of groups with a steadily developing measure of inclusiveness. Their own group,Discipleship1, 699:vitalizing the appetites of the lower nature, developing the instincts and thus laying theDiscipleship1, 699:energy, emanating from world desire and which - developing or organizing the astral body -Discipleship1, 725:will be dealt with by me later. The consequent developing process of telepathic interplay is oneDiscipleship1, 726:the Light is truly in earnest and is consciously developing the higher sensitivity, this stage canDiscipleship1, 745:key to the true science of discipleship, to the developing relation of the human center and theDiscipleship1, 753:unrecognized. The evolutionary process is one of developing a response apparatus with which toDiscipleship2, 24:work to be done, much unfolding of awareness and developing of sensitivity before there can be aDiscipleship2, 30:effort you are asked to make is that of developing yourself into a vibrant and powerful center ofDiscipleship2, 67:(faintly, very faintly at first) to the developing monadic inflow. These attitudes and reactions ofDiscipleship2, 105:meditation is an integral part of the constantly developing perception of the disciple-initiate,Discipleship2, 141:to a wide scheme for a particular kind of developing meditation, greatly needed by disciples, priorDiscipleship2, 157:provide, in an almost singular manner, the next developing stage in the series of meditations IDiscipleship2, 180:undertaken during the time that humanity was developing certain new recognitions. Humanity, throughDiscipleship2, 200:third aspect of active intelligence, plus other developing aspects; all of them are in directDiscipleship2, 210:Plan, and thus presented to the Hierarchy. In developing that spirit of sevenfold receptivity whichDiscipleship2, 273:approach to a deeper consciousness; this developing consciousness we call the "soul of the people."Discipleship2, 276:of the future, and that the techniques of developing a disciple's consciousness will be differentDiscipleship2, 280:and world inclusions which the gradually developing intelligence of mankind has registered andDiscipleship2, 290:is simple to recognize that in the head of the developing aspirant there is a mechanism of greatDiscipleship2, 295:a result of the tension of war. Men are rapidly developing an understanding goodwill. The world isDiscipleship2, 296:for humanity as well as modes and methods of developing the subjective and subtle powers of theDiscipleship2, 314:war (precipitated by humanity itself) there is developing a structure of truth and a parallelingDiscipleship2, 318:ordinary form of occult teaching during the next developing cycle. It is this type of work which IDiscipleship2, 357:own personality. Adapt himself to the rapidly developing and changing events which are taking placeDiscipleship2, 358:minds, and thus keep pace with the rapidly developing humanity with which he has to deal. One ofDiscipleship2, 376:are therefore building thought-forms and are developing the power to be impressed. At present, theyDiscipleship2, 403:his consciousness under the influence - in developing stages - of the Law of Assembly. This is aDiscipleship2, 413:there were many thousands of aspirants who were developing responsiveness to the light of theDiscipleship2, 415:experience of this highest divine aspect. His developing intelligence is the result and the rewardDiscipleship2, 422:or initiate has been creating the instrument and developing the faculties which will enable him toDiscipleship2, 449:disciples and, to a certain degree, all lesser developing nature. I. Focus Seek to ascertain in aDiscipleship2, 464:and increasingly large units is ever the mode of developing a world Savior until the time comesDiscipleship2, 549:sense of liberty (due largely to a rapidly developing mental grasp of life and living) prompts himDiscipleship2, 624:is the turning of the searchlight of the slowly developing mind into the world of feeling, ofDiscipleship2, 696:human beings at various stages of unfoldment, of developing selfishness or of unfolding service.Education, 2:inaugurating of the new ways of living and of developing proceeds with increased facility. Here IEducation, 6:an integrated personality which is a steady developing expression of the indwelling soul. To buildEducation, 35:new education will make a man a good citizen by developing the rational aspects of hisEducation, 42:today, and in the reaction - normal, right and developing - man is laying a superstructure in whichEducation, 71:will be noted and compared with, the developing subject and also with the ray chart, and the
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