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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPING

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Education, 77:of such soul contact is a [77] rapidly developing sense of responsibility. This should be carefullyEducation, 81:therefore, lay em phasis in the future upon: A developing mental control of the emotional nature.Education, 87:prejudices removed and a training given to the developing child which will enable him, whenEducation, 104:to regard himself as part of a whole is rapidly developing and all this is desirable and right andEducation, 107:sense of individual responsibility, encourage a developing group consciousness of basic individual,Education, 114:which has driven him on, through progressively developing cultures and civilizations, until todayEducation, 114:therefore be in your minds as we study man's developing power of self-expression,Education, 115:back of our evolutionary process, the race is developing the power to think, to choose, and toEducation, 125:education we shall find nations and individuals developing the ideas which seem to suit theEducation, 128:own soul. As time has progressed, these three developing aspects in the realm of consciousness haveExternalisation, 22:and aided by ideas and by the promise of a developing future, but that when their aid is sought inExternalisation, 37:increasingly a mental polarization through the developing attractive power of the mental principle,Externalisation, 41:definite place in the plans of the Hierarchy. By developing spiritual sensitivity, and achievingExternalisation, 48:human family and [48] humanity came into being, developing the germ of individuality, the seed ofExternalisation, 106:of existence and thus parallel objectively the developing inner, spiritual unity. The third was theExternalisation, 115:are two-fold: first, the rapidly emerging and developing life with its demand for more room forExternalisation, 119:fortifying and stimulating the animal nature and developing the physical organism and the variousExternalisation, 131:represents a fusion which is unfolding and developing in the present which is new in itsExternalisation, 134:choose, to think and to discriminate is rapidly developing among all classes everywhere as a resultExternalisation, 147:I would remind you that for the purpose of developing human will and human freedom of action,Externalisation, 186:has been one of irresistible unfoldment, of a developing appreciation of reality, beauty andExternalisation, 285:subjective, spiritual Order, concerned with the developing welfare of humanity, is to be found.Externalisation, 321:to Whom prophecy in all lands, the rapidly developing intuition of the people, and establishedExternalisation, 325:assigned by your soul, and to do your part in developing those human attitudes which are needed ifExternalisation, 507:such as the Red Cross, and with the rapidly developing welfare movements. His work also embracesExternalisation, 516:schools. Preparation too must be given to the developing of the higher psychic powers, and throughExternalisation, 517:of the seed sown, a period of growth and developing influences. This brings us to the period ofExternalisation, 519:consciousness may express itself through developing and adequate social, political, religious andExternalisation, 521:of the past, of the unfoldment of humanity's developing powers to recognize Reality, of theExternalisation, 533:evolutionary impulses which are bringing the developing world into line with the divine Will. TheyExternalisation, 563:intelligent love. A constant adaptation of the developing Plan to the emerging, energizing Purpose.Externalisation, 592:in us, the hope of Glory. There is a growing and developing belief that Christ is in us, as He wasExternalisation, 595:the world and to mankind itself. It is this developing spiritual attitude which will lead to rightExternalisation, 633:definitely present or else rapidly developing, and who were gathered together in no limitingExternalisation, 638:on the frustration of the idea or concept of developing a unified peaceful world - a world in whichExternalisation, 672:hitherto held sway. The guarantee of this is the developing intelligence of men everywhere fightingFire, 136:working or progress in the body of the ascetic developing the power in himself. It is an electricFire, 137:spinal channel. Part of the work the man who is developing thought power has to do, is to build aFire, 201:which the Self subjects itself in the process of developing intuition - that faculty whereby theFire, 207:of the seven Entities through their vehicles developing the seven principles. Fire by friction -Fire, 207:fire - Evolution of the life through the forms, developing the seven principles. He is fire byFire, 230:purpose of Gaining experience. Making contact. Developing full self-knowledge. Achieving fullFire, 234:of the Son, the Logos. He Himself is likewise developing through seven principles, which are theFire, 234:Heavenly Men. Cosmically considered, the Son is developing the principle of a greater cosmic Being,Fire, 235:repetition, coupled to spiraling ascension, and developing: The quality of love-wisdom, through theFire, 246:on the physical plane as our starting point, and developing the concept from stage to stage: AnFire, 248:in man are active, and he is in process of developing the fifth, or manasic principle. Note howFire, 248:between man, viewed as the lower quaternary developing the principle of mind, and the atom with itsFire, 259:dwelt upon, will be found of real assistance in developing the mental appreciation of the student,Fire, 268:centers. These groups are on their own plane developing intelligence, are inherently love, and canFire, 268:the key to his psychic evolution. A man is also developing intelligence, is inherently love, and isFire, 271:in the body) to a Heavenly Man only when he is developing the consciousness of the Ego on its ownFire, 282:Third. Both are trammeled by matter, and are developing consciousness (egoic consciousness) on theFire, 295:on the three lower cosmic planes a process of developing an apprehension of His environment of theFire, 334:we must remember that it is that which man is developing and with which he is learning to work, butFire, 364:period of time in fanning the manasic flame, and developing [365] the attributes of manas, so thatFire, 383:through some experience in the great work of developing buddhi or corporate action, (for buddhi isFire, 383:groups) and, in the process of experiencing and developing, He sweeps into His vibratory capacityFire, 403:Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Vulcan are as yet developing manas, and the stage achieved in eachFire, 525:the point of view of man separates those who are developing the consciousness of the Triad fromFire, 594:love demonstrates through the abstract rays in developing the attributes of divinity, in evolvingFire, 611:Monad, the spiritual or essential life which is developing consciousness by means of the sheaths,Fire, 640:is permeated with fire. - S. D., I, 112. The developing mind is cosmic fire. - S. D., I, 114. Fire, 649:(when three-fifths of the human kingdom will be developing the buddhic vehicle), will the point ofFire, 666:of buddhi. They synthesize all that has been developing through the denser manifestation. From theFire, 813:being prepared by the many who in these days are developing public interest through the [814]Fire, 815:of the evolution of the Ego, and its gradually developing power on earth is very great. There areFire, 905:The clairvoyance which is in process [905] of developing in this root-race is entirely physical,Fire, 919:of evolution and with the aim in view of developing the second aspect of buddhi or wisdom. WisdomFire, 1042:that the consciousness He is in process of developing is that of the absolute will and purpose ofFire, 1117:employed, and the place in the scheme of the "developing Point," as the Ego is sometimes called.Fire, 1229:disciples and the initiates of lower degree are developing contact with the soul, or the secondGlamour, 108:and fatigue of conflict, the divinity of each developing step. Thus it will be apparent to you, ifGlamour, 110:of the astral body. This he eventually does by developing the power to pass between the pairs ofGlamour, 150:(in many cases) definitely undesirable yet the developing tendency of the life thought will proveGlamour, 156:must express love. The Personality ray - 3rd - developing intelligence for transmutation intoGlamour, 205:increasing light brings with it a constantly developing series of revelations which, [206] like allGlamour, 211:Problem - The Ending of Glamor The process I am developing for you is one of rapid and effectiveGlamour, 220:desire, emotion, sensitivity to environment, developing aspiration and old ideals have taken andGlamour, 220:are also the descending thought-forms which the developing human being is always creating and [221]Healing, 97:growing sensitivity of the physical man and the developing focus of his consciousness in the mindHealing, 107:emphasize one point. Just as our solar system is developing the love aspect, which is the secondHealing, 142:quality, and this in its turn produces the developing physical man. They are the agents for theHealing, 157:firmly established, between a rapidly developing humanity and the Hierarchy. In this way two greatHealing, 170:period wherein the second great human race was developing. These lower centers are not soHealing, 194:in the etheric body of a developed or a developing center indicates the place of the man upon theHealing, 231:the impression and the direction of a steadily developing desire nature. Desire became somethingHealing, 238:of misused and over-concentrated energy by developing various forms of acute heart trouble.Healing, 290:man, Individual karma of the self-conscious developing man, Karma, related to the life of theHealing, 296:the area in consciousness where it originated. Developing those qualities which are the polarHealing, 344:in three ways or is subject to three forms of developing influences. Through the life ofHealing, 354:a group, such as a group for healing, speaks of developing group consciousness, he refers to hisHealing, 396:the medium intercepts. The race is progressing, developing and becoming increasingly mental. TheHealing, 403:and those whose intellectual capacity is rapidly developing come back with great rapidity, owing toHealing, 449:of the cosmic physical plane. The process of developing sensitivity in this sevenfold evolution hasHealing, 480:the priest, then all will work together in this developing area of understanding, and what is todayHealing, 482:decades. Wrong [482] conditions have been long developing. Modern medicine must become far moreHealing, 497:and responds to the "pull" of a rapidly developing mental body. This withdrawal becomesHealing, 502:initiate. These later processes involve a slowly developing technique in which (in the earlierHealing, 512:slow and tedious task of evolving the bodies, developing their characteristics and buying the
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