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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPING

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Healing, 512:(through gladly accepted impression) of the developing personality. Forget not that this kingdom orHealing, 523:second solar system - one developed and another developing, with the third latent and relativelyHealing, 528:by those who have developed or who are rapidly developing the consciousness of the Spiritual TriadHealing, 530:sensitivity and almost clairvoyant perception of developing humanity. One of the outstandingHealing, 681:dealing with those who have heard and who are developing the spiritual correspondence of sight.Healing, 683:longer and longer, and is characterized by a developing clarity of thought and by a recognition ofInitiation, 4:conscious on the emotional plane, and only developing the consciousness of the mental plane, it isInitiation, 11:It concerns all that deals with the building and developing of the form side of things. ThereforeInitiation, 39:that love aspect is as yet but in process of developing, and the will is only embryonic. AnotherInitiation, 59:at this crisis, for he works with those who are developing the intuition, and controls andInitiation, 59:are psychics of the higher order, and assists in developing their powers for the good of the group,Initiation, 94:planetary conditions. This particular mode of developing the consciousness of the human family wasInitiation, 119:result of logical reasoning and of a gradually developing intuition) now it is based on sight andInitiation, 197:always that those who are in process of developing psychic faculties of any kind should not permitInitiation, 207:beings, from a Logos to a man, are in process of developing. That the Ego, or Higher Self, isInitiation, 223:of a plane. Raja Yoga The true system of developing psychic and spiritual powers and union withMagic, 54:work itself as in training the magician, and in developing him from [55] the standpoint of his ownMagic, 166:kingdom in nature which is responsible for the developing work of, and within, the form. May I sayMagic, 193:schools are simply forcing schools, prematurely developing the higher faculties and leading theMagic, 230:It should here be noted that in the steadily developing power of choice, and the loyally foughtMagic, 323:is to succeed (and it is largely the work of developing the ability to touch certain currents onMagic, 396:People who are strongly individual and are developing a group consciousness inevitably, in someMagic, 482:in the evolutionary tide, and in the work of developing a true self consciousness, and the neededMagic, 568:who can read between the lines and who are developing the capacity to see the esoteric meaningMagic, 607:and through whose hands the three threads of developing life steadily pass. Their task isMagic, 609:exteriorly active. This is accomplished through developing the power to be a trained Observer. IMagic, 614:and yet even that is a part of the great developing process. It is the consciousness of duality,Meditation, 26:of the man, that in which [26] mind is developing and the polarizing life shifts to the mentalMeditation, 35:beautifully subject to law, and as the work of developing the egoic body is dependent upon theMeditation, 53:cosmic astral, or emotional body, and is [53] developing cosmic mind. So, on the planes of theMeditation, 82:constructing in order to disorganize later, of developing certain rhythmic processes in order toMeditation, 119:on the inner side seldom do more. We aim at developing thinkers and men of clear vision, capable ofMeditation, 134:the Ego at first to prevent the Personality so developing, but the deficiencies of the causal bodyMeditation, 225:is found above and what will consequently be developing below? Above will be found Will, Love andMeditation, 263:consciousness... When atmic consciousness is developing by means of the intuition, the [264]Meditation, 267:a man is under probation, he is supposed to be developing three things: 1. The ability to contactMeditation, 268:[268] 2. The second thing he is supposed to be developing on the probationary path is the facultyMeditation, 272:more concentrated and perfected, and he is daily developing his power to give, and increasing hisMeditation, 313:for himself the needed knowledge. [313] How? By developing the intuition through meditation, and byMeditation, 358:of a plane. Raja Yoga The true system of developing psychic and spiritual powers and union withPatanjali, 68:and limited. Etheric vision. This is a rapidly developing faculty of the human eye which ultimatelyPatanjali, 203:for the trend of the occult teaching at present developing. It is away from what is commonlyPatanjali, 247:mind steadily upon an object, the next step is developing the power to hold the mind stuff orPatanjali, 290:left all channels clear" for the use of the ego. Developing thus the powers of the soul, thePatanjali, 363:concepts, will with wisdom follow the method of developing intuitive [364] knowledge, dealt with inPatanjali, 380:the sense understood here, or for the purpose of developing psychic powers. The Masters and theirProblems, 23:in the beneficence of the ideals which she is developing but which are not yet expressed. Problems, 33:(and not all are bad) with future ways of developing the youth of the world so that it can copeProblems, 52:therefore, lay emphasis in the future upon: A developing mental control of the emotional nature.Problems, 60:prejudices removed and a training given to the developing child which will enable him, when grownProblems, 76:or of whites, of children or of adults. A rapid developing free press began to keep the "lowerProblems, 91:their thinking; all have their own developed or developing culture and all are bound together byProblems, 108:white races - are tying them closely into the developing scheme of modern history; the new worldProblems, 116:anti-climax: Establish right human relations by developing a spirit of goodwill. Then and only thenProblems, 120:or a staunch nationalist have a hard task in developing true goodwill within themselves. They canProblems, 121:by campaigning. It will come by advocating and developing a spirit of goodwill (with its results: aProblems, 139:has been slowly shaping up for centuries, developing with the growth of the human intellect andProblems, 155:first steps? Are there any indications of developing trends which would incline one to believe inProblems, 157:structure of the New World Religion. The slowly developing powers of telepathic communication andPsychology1, xxv:are recognized everywhere as existing and as developing. The world is full of knowledge, which isPsychology1, xxv:to conditions which exist, by minds which are developing but are not fully developed. It isPsychology1, 14:the fourth kingdom in nature - we have a slowly developing inclusiveness which finally leads himPsychology1, 19:shall we deal with the macrocosm, or with the developing life of the Cosmic Christ. We shallPsychology1, 34:or other of these three, and which indicates a developing sensitivity. This is leading to a growthPsychology1, 58:and stages of awareness are to be seen; developing degrees of sentiency emerge, and even in thePsychology1, 90:and in its scope. From a primeval germ, developing under the pressure of nature's laws, and ofPsychology1, 120:approach to the correct method of training and developing the human family. Modern exoteric sciencePsychology1, 121:of the fourth Ray of Harmony and Beauty, and the developing power of the fifth Ray of KnowledgePsychology1, 180:back of our evolutionary process, the race is developing the power to think, to choose, and toPsychology1, 190:will not be possible until man has succeeded in developing fourth dimensional vision) it will notPsychology1, 197:of the kingdoms in nature has developed, or is developing, one outstanding quality, with the otherPsychology1, 293:attitude will gradually come about as the slowly developing science of psychology comes into itsPsychology1, 306:of the family are tremendous purificatory and developing potencies. The celibacy required is thatPsychology1, 324:highest demonstration of its powers, latent or developing, in order that those powers may bePsychology1, 324:on in the life of the true aspirant today (his developing recognition of group responsibility) canPsychology1, 330:adequate field of unfoldment; in the process of developing group consciousness he finds thatPsychology1, 341:between energies and forces, a slowly developing sense of values (which sense is the one whichPsychology1, 378:It is a basic human law, protective and developing. It controls the cyclic or "tidal" life of allPsychology2, 10:of becoming conscious of themselves, and are developing that spirit or sense of personal integrityPsychology2, 26:of the lower centers into the higher. Mankind is developing the "Aryan consciousness" and isPsychology2, 61:whole question from another point of view. The developing of virtues, the cultivation ofPsychology2, 86:and of human interrelations, the steadily developing sense of internationalism, of religious unity,Psychology2, 90:An intensification of conscious activity, on a developing scale of rapid living, that tendsPsychology2, 195:to function upon the mental plane and are developing the capacity to "think things through" - thatPsychology2, 241:plan, based on God's vision. All these basic, developing, divine instincts and expressions of God'sPsychology2, 3o8:stages: That in which the lower concrete mind is developing. That in which the man becomes anPsychology2, 319:involved (and such an awareness is most rapidly developing), then we shall have a bridging of thePsychology2, 330:runs his little cycle upon the physical plane, developing increased sensitivity in consciousness,Psychology2, 334:human helpers, for a man's past and his rapidly developing future. Psychology2, 389:That which is beautiful, thus gradually developing the aesthetic consciousness, the sense of color,Psychology2, 414:that our problems lie, and it is with this developing consciousness that the psychologist hasPsychology2, 429:world plan are brought to the attention of the developing intelligence. Therefore: The sense ofPsychology2, 452:of the personality and the personality life. A developing process of destruction which involvesPsychology2, 475:yet been coined to distinguish the race which is developing under the impact of our occidentalPsychology2, 481:subjective guidance of some kind or another developing increasingly as humanity becomes morePsychology2, 499:commonest found today, and the Aryan, which is developing and unfolding with great rapidity. AtPsychology2, 559:the divine soul. The following tabulation of the developing psychic powers as they blend inPsychology2, 625:even if unrecognized or repudiated) a rapidly developing sense of occult understanding. TheRays, 26:these Rules are to be read with the aid of a developing esoteric sense; they are related to groupRays, 70:in this century and in the next, by the rapidly developing humanity, thus demonstrating that the
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