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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENT

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Astrology, 15:become possible at a fairly advanced stage of development and as he nears the Path (technicallyAstrology, 28:be studied in terms of consciousness and of the development of the life of the soul. This is inAstrology, 37:was the product of the first solar system. The development of illumination through an awakenedAstrology, 51:circumstances which give opportunity for the development and eventually the control of the formAstrology, 53:[53] and - at a final stage of experience and development - of the three great constellations whichAstrology, 54:vehicles of consciousness, upon their point of development and upon the ability of the individualAstrology, 54:therefore, runs through the whole story of man's development. Upon all the three planes of humanAstrology, 65:understanding are based upon the stage of the development of the individual. H. P. B. remarked inAstrology, 67:the Sun and Jupiter, are related to Ray 2. Development of the individual consciousness into worldAstrology, 77:to our present greatly advanced stage of development. The same can be said of orthodox or exotericAstrology, 94:the Common Cross. Life in the three worlds. The development of personality. II. The Wheel adjustedAstrology, 107:impression of Taurus, which at this stage of development feeds his ardent desire for the manyAstrology, 122:is in the nature of a cross section in the development of consciousness, but the main emphasis isAstrology, 139:activity and this produces evolutionary development - both natural and spiritual. It is the urge toAstrology, 141:and make the higher and further grade in their development pass into that center to which we haveAstrology, 159:appeared on earth, in the interim period of development, eight signs influenced the planet and theAstrology, 162:and potency today, owing to the stage of development and the sensitivity of the disciples and worldAstrology, 175:of the Centaur stood for the evolution and the development of the human soul, with its humanAstrology, 179:Aquarius - come the four stages of personality development, struggle with the pairs of opposites,Astrology, 179:full spiritual service. In connection with the development of the intellect into the intuition andAstrology, 179:which, when it has reached a certain stage of development, came under the direct influence of theAstrology, 181:the heights of soul experience (at this point of development) on either side. In Capricorn, theAstrology, 190:and, in the later stages of purely personality development, the focus is upon the control of desireAstrology, 208:the mind has reached a relatively high stage of development, the memory aspect is evoked in a newAstrology, 209:having a peculiar relation to the mode of human development and the former to the methods of theAstrology, 216:powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience. This development is inevitable as the influence ofAstrology, 227:- if it is to be safely trodden - requires the development of a sense of values and the power toAstrology, 230:go forward in Cancer, followed by the dual development of the soul-body, or the subjective andAstrology, 267:planets according to their stage [267] of development and by what is esoterically called "ancientAstrology, 267:when a man has reached a certain point of development and is becoming sensitive to higherAstrology, 269:and the earlier stages of evolutionary development. The initiate is responsive to planetary,Astrology, 271:of crisis" and those "moments of demonstrated development" to which we have referred in speaking ofAstrology, 273:consciousness aspect which, at a high stage of development, produces the manifestation of theAstrology, 281:she is the protector and is responsible for his development and slowly acquired experience.Astrology, 291:employed, but this involves a most definite development of the esoteric sense. There are otherAstrology, 294:unit in relation to its environment or the development of sensitive response to surrounding impactsAstrology, 296:only registered at a very advanced stage of development upon the Path and is analogous to thatAstrology, 305:of spirit, soul and body, and the point of development. [306] It proves also the fact that "GodAstrology, 318:history of man's growth and true personality development. It is a picture of the law of cause andAstrology, 322:of Discipleship and along the line of esoteric development, one of the major difficulties and greatAstrology, 322:consciousness of Aquarius and to this final development, humanity is hierarchically related by theAstrology, 327:of "divine duality" to carry forward the development of the lives which constitute the form throughAstrology, 328:the inauguration of a long cycle of beneficent development in which the conflict essential to theAstrology, 328:"the glory of the One." The mode of the development of this inner light and of its externalizationAstrology, 331:which even at a relatively high point of development and upon the returning wheel preserves everAstrology, 331:unconsciously respond according to his point of development. The response of the individual CancerAstrology, 331:differ in every sign, thus rounding out human development. Here again is a point which astrologersAstrology, 331:of the man during the three stages of his development - undeveloped, advanced and upon the Path -Astrology, 341:these two planets indicate the successful development and eventual use of the form aspect and theAstrology, 341:and eventual use of the form aspect and the development of psychic sensitivity both in the higherAstrology, 345:of a planet and of a human being. The field of development for the lower three kingdoms isAstrology, 346:are able to determine accurately the point of development and the spiritual status of the subjectAstrology, 347:be remembered that - from the angle of the final development of the twelve zodiacal potencies - theAstrology, 356:related to our Earth, thus guaranteeing its soul development, the unfoldment of form as anAstrology, 357:eager potencies which are essential for the development of humanity. In this world cycle and forAstrology, 357:Gemini, are essentially dedicated to the development of the fourth kingdom in nature and areAstrology, 359:to trace at our present point of planetary development and human consciousness. Its trueAstrology, 373:by creating situations which foster mental development under spiritual guidance, necessitatingAstrology, 401:of man's history during the stage of personality development and power. The task of Uranus, hiddenAstrology, 401:that full illumination is achieved and also the development of the spiritual consciousness -Astrology, 409:Karma and emerging idealism (responsive to the development of the intellect and the appearance ofAstrology, 412:upon the point in evolution and the stage of development) upon which it impinges. The effect, forAstrology, 412:and until astrologers can arrive at the point of development where the world of true meaning isAstrology, 425:factor, which sets the note for evolutionary development and which engrosses the attention of theAstrology, 430:(from the human angle), all that concerns the development of mankind has been - down the ages -Astrology, 433:them from "the furthest center." It is in the development of response to distant points of contactAstrology, 451:normally and naturally and through the development of the disciple can and should be permitted toAstrology, 455:- Intuition; the goal. The energy of Initiation. Development of inclusiveness. Five centers rapidlyAstrology, 456:general plan or blue print of the evolutionary development of consciousness. Other developments areAstrology, 465:- Libra These six influences aid greatly in the development of self-consciousness and later of theAstrology, 470:in three main aspects. There is the development of self-consciousness to be fostered and this isAstrology, 476:constellations bring about man's evolutionary development and eventual release from the Great WheelAstrology, 487:for us the quality, the keynote and the development which is expressive of each decanate: HerculesAstrology, 488:phrase it thus: Taurus - in the final stage of development demonstrates as the illuminedAstrology, 492:on the original impetus of this sign. Psychic development - The growth of the response apparatusAstrology, 493:- is concerned with the problem of mental development. In the last analysis, the problem ofAstrology, 495:of realization. Leo Self-consciousness mode of development There are other major triangles whichAstrology, 512:emerge until there is some measure of advanced development, it will be obvious to you that theAstrology, 538:the indwelling life for further experience and development. Astrology, 557:and the integrating processes of personality development until the man stands forth as an alignedAstrology, 564:the Sun sign finds a place. This is a future development of the science of esoteric astrology.Astrology, 598:highest expression is education, or progressive development through experience. Astrology, 602:humanity at its present point of evolutionary development; as these seven energies play upon theAstrology, 607:apprehension will be dependent upon the point of development and only the higher initiates willAstrology, 613:the will and this is possible because behind the development of love lies the revelation of theAstrology, 619:form and the other bringing illumination and the development of the intuition as a result of thatAstrology, 642:628) 7. "The planets have their growth, changes, development and gradual evolution." (S.D. Vol. I,Astrology, 669:Vol. II, 26) "The sun...has its growth, changes, development and gradual evolution." (S.D. Vol. I,Astrology, 682:The fact is one of the most mysterious in the development of our scheme, and in it lies hidden theAstrology, 687:vivification at this stage of evolutionary development. Another triangle in connection with our ownAstrology, 695:(6th) - This school concerns itself with the development of the desire element and its graduatesAtom, 22:Evolution has also been defined as "cyclic development," and this definition brings me to a thoughtAtom, 24:faculty, and by the method of cyclic development or repetition. The stages which distinguish theAtom, 24:is the time of realism, of intense activity, of development by action above all else, or pureAtom, 25:selfishness. It is a most necessary stage in the development and perpetuation of the race. Out ofAtom, 45:conscious, and eventually reach the stage of development of those great Entities whose bodies areAtom, 48:have achieved their fullest and most complete development. Next week I shall enlarge a little uponAtom, 54:the form, or the group; then the method of group development; next we will consider the stages thatAtom, 60:of a girl of apparently very advanced spiritual development and great purity and holiness of life)Atom, 67:what will prove to be the goal? Surely it is the development of quality, the expansion of the
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