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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENT

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Atom, 67:quality, the expansion of the consciousness, the development of the faculty of realization, theAtom, 71:emotional nature, and the responsibility for the development of our mentality, if we realize thatAtom, 81:the different kingdoms of nature, and traced the development of the soul, or the psyche in all ofAtom, 87:(the place where there is no scope for necessary development), and by the wandering of the ProdigalAtom, 92:a goal, and for him the achievement may be the development of God consciousness. So for him comesAtom, 102:to go into that most fascinating study of the development of consciousness in the animal kingdom,Atom, 103:of the objective. The method of the evolutionary development of consciousness in a human being isAtom, 106:means of the five senses, and later through the development of the faculty of discrimination,Atom, 106:which is so essential. If you watch the development of a little child you will become aware, forAtom, 107:and smell, but they are not so essential to the development of intelligent awareness as are theAtom, 109:to a greater unit, so through the evolutionary development of consciousness the human atom hasAtom, 115:state of awareness and another, but a gradual development of consciousness, and one in which we,Atom, 125:out of consciousness of a particular kind; the development of psychic quality; the effect of theAtom, 127:insensitive, yet, to the best people. Another development will be that we shall be able to functionAtom, 128:God is doing, is it not? At our present stage of development, we are certainly intelligent, but asAtom, 131:That discovery will probably parallel the development of group consciousness. Only when man becomesAtom, 132:as man is beginning to find his way through the development of the intuition on to that plane now,Atom, 132:it is already being recognized somewhat) is the development of the ability to see in subtlerAtom, 132:is the normal function of the eye. What will the development of this faculty mean? It will meanAtom, 134:The Goal of Evolution We can look, too, for the development of the power to think abstractly, andAtom, 134:to which we belong, the Aryan or fifth race, the development of the [135] concrete or lower mind isAtom, 136:is that the goal for each one of us is the development of the powers of the soul, or of the psyche.Atom, 143:whole. We studied three methods of evolution, or development, in connection with this subject. WeAtom, 149:two stages, if they are the basis of all future development, then within the planetary atom youAtom, 150:purposes by the study of race evolution and the development of the great international plans withinAtom, 153:of love, or group consciousness, and in the development of will or purpose, lies unity, the onenessAtom, 158:have looked upon matter as we did. It is the development of the life, and the relationship of theAutobiography, 2:It means that there comes a point in one's development when one ceases to learn, when one fails toAutobiography, 22:mean a practical mystic - perhaps both) and the development of the heart response and the power toAutobiography, 30:it. But I discovered that she valued me and my development more than her own possessions. I wasAutobiography, 123:do not move with the times. All evolutionary development in all fields is an expression of divinityAutobiography, 145:of a dead level mediocrity who have not enough development to be either very good or very bad. Autobiography, 179:exalted and more fitted to their high point of development. For me it has always been enough thatAutobiography, 196:that our emphasis was impersonality and mental development. I added that we made our workAutobiography, 196:in the A.S. need be no indication of spiritual development and that they may have in their group ofAutobiography, 229:the necessity for some mental focus and development, if the more advanced training of our seniorAutobiography, 240:Master is no longer necessary. The old personal development is no longer emphasized. The need ofAutobiography, 240:presented as the major incentive for spiritual development. Disciples are being taught today toAutobiography, 246:given endorsed an engrossing interest in self-development and an intense focusing on personalAutobiography, 248:is little evolved or is only of an average development, it can be and often is amazingly correct.Autobiography, 256:requires a mental polarization, a heart development and a sense of real values. The Masters broughtAutobiography, 257:everywhere, that the Plan is one of evolutionary development and educational progress towards anAutobiography, 263:in response to man's demand and when his mental development requires them. The next seventy yearsAutobiography, 269:esoteric group is one in which the rounded-out development of the disciple receives attention.Autobiography, 269:as present in some measure, but their further development is regarded as the personal problem ofAutobiography, 269:not that of the teacher and the group. Mental development is emphasized in order that the discipleAutobiography, 272:categories, dependent upon the point of development of the teacher. It is the subconsciousAutobiography, 273:doctrine and present opportunity for spiritual development. They have a definite place in the planAutobiography, 277:and adapted to the nature and point of development of the individual disciple. The various gradesAutobiography, 278:past, bringing humanity to its present point of development, is studied; the happenings of theAutobiography, 281:to the unfoldment of the human mind, and the development, consequently, of human culture andAutobiography, 282:another. No teaching is given at any time in the development of the psychic powers; people are notAutobiography, 287:our presentation from the angle of evolutionary development; the graded order of Beings WhoAutobiography, 291:existence of many grades in the spiritual development of mankind. The masses of men everywhere haveBethlehemMission; and secondly, a recognition that the development of the Christ Consciousness and theBethlehemembodies in itself the coming revelation. The development of humanity guarantees the recognition ofBethlehem, 3:open. Paralleling, however, this significant development is a trend in the counter direction, andBethlehem, 5:or appearance, then growth and development, and finally (when the cycle draws towards its close)Bethlehem, 5:cell in the womb, the stage of littleness, the development of the child into the man - to all thisBethlehem, 10:to have indicated to him his next transition, development or unfoldment. Of this he is expectant,Bethlehem, 25:him to understand or not, as his earnestness and development permit, and to pass on through theBethlehem, 49:response can be traced quite clearly in the development of the God idea. First, God was a far-away,Bethlehem, 50:- and to conceive its expression through the development of an international consciousness. NoBethlehem, 58:as much of the divine nature as the racial development warranted, spoken those words whichBethlehem, 90:appeared as the race reached the point in its development where a right reaction was possible.Bethlehem, 98:In these two symbols much of the story of human development is summed up, and the joint work ofBethlehem, 102:says in this connection: "About Jesus' earlier development we know nothing. All lies in the dark.Bethlehem, 102:he was complete, and underwent no further development. For now he is assured that, until the nearBethlehem, 114:in our concrete best, and that in desiring its development and satisfaction we are desiring anBethlehem, 140:remember that only at a certain stage in human development does the expression of the indwellingBethlehem, 141:in the progress of each human being when the development of the triple human nature - physical,Bethlehem, 142:ultimate Reality. Man's history has been one of development from the state of mass unconsciousBethlehem, 149:according to the period, race and point of development of the seer. We know only that the divineBethlehem, 169:of the concepts runs ahead of our own personal development, and therefore colors disastrously ourBethlehem, 192:an unworthiness and a sinfulness which only the development of the mind could give. The age ofBethlehem, 193:and so with the [193] advent of mental development there has been, for a long time, a growing senseBethlehem, 196:for the sin-complex of the West has been the development of the mind faculty, with its consequentBethlehem, 205:he has loved wrongly. In the early stages of his development he places his love in the wrongBethlehem, 244:renders futile all previous effort of thought, development and understanding? The wonder ofBethlehem, 249:death as the door into a place of discipline and development which he calls "purgatory," where aBethlehem, 259:Humanity had also reached a unique stage in its development. The race had become intelligent, andBethlehem, 259:to the fact that the general average of human development is so high that the power to stand outBethlehem, 259:dominantly is much more limited. Because of this development, humanity (regarding it as a kingdomBethlehem, 266:into account the point in evolution and the development of character of those to be loved; but inBethlehem, 268:second is the practice of love, the third is the development of that sensitivity and innerBethlehem, 268:of inspiration. This is not in any sense the development of psychic faculty as usually understood;Bethlehem, 268:the path of initiation, and it presupposes a development of intelligence which will enable a man toBethlehem, 269:ours still provides adequate facilities for the development of those qualities which areBethlehem, 275:the attaining of immortality, based on the development of that within ourselves which is of theDestinyin its many varying stages of evolutionary development. These stages extend all the way from thoseDestiny, 4:to them according to their mental and spiritual development, and so do nations and races as aDestiny, 4:esoteric psychology, and also Show the lines of development which are inevitable, for the reasonDestiny, 11:can go forward into an era of peace and true development - spiritual and material. I would like toDestiny, 27:- be developed in the race of men: Through the development of soul contact among the advancedDestiny, 27:destiny and of coming events. Through the development of the science of astrology - a science whichDestiny, 32:is an event in time - are a matter of slow development, are psychic in nature, and are governed byDestiny, 43:of the Rays Today It is through the correct development of spiritualism along psychological linesDestiny, 44:great spiritual importance to their evolutionary development. The masses of the people are todayDestiny, 44:been in abeyance during the period wherein mind development has been the objective and whichDestiny, 45:of the uncontrolled and of material forces. This development, however, the forces of materiality
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