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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENT

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Healing, 297:the phenomenal world) are likewise in process of development and of evolutionary unfoldment.Healing, 300:of tumors, of cancers, of growths, and the over-development of bodily aspects, over-large organsHealing, 303:weakness, perversions and the one-pointed development of sexual and other satisfactions grow out ofHealing, 318:and like interests can sometimes retard the development of the disease; where this is the case andHealing, 318:means that the time will come, in the racial development, when the soul will know that its term ofHealing, 321:form of congestion, or some form of arrested development, or some form of predisposition toHealing, 325:or chakras in the body, and parallel their development. This development is dependent upon the rayHealing, 325:the body, and parallel their development. This development is dependent upon the ray and the pointHealing, 343:some esoteric methods, suitable to our stage of development in connection with this problem ofHealing, 379:coming science, for out of that and the gradual development of more sensitive modes of registeringHealing, 386:and soul, and, if they are at a needed point of development, both to integrate more closely intoHealing, 412:and aware. This will be brought about by: a. The development of a power within the physical eye ofHealing, 413:incarnation or out of incarnation, and that development can be carried on with even greater easeHealing, 416:we seek mainly is to give indications of the development and correspondence of the threefold wholeHealing, 417:hence the importance attached to that aspect of development called the "heart" or "love aspect,"Healing, 422:out of a definite purpose. This purpose is the development of a more adequate form for the use ofHealing, 435:determination is brought to its highest point of development and, upon the Path of Initiation, theHealing, 436:the intention of the soul is not known; past development, through the process of incarnation,Healing, 445:is indicative of process, progress and development. It is this aspect of the Law of Life (or theHealing, 453:that which was right." The two lines of development are separate and distinct, and this everyHealing, 481:methods whereby disease will be avoided, and the development of those techniques whereby correctHealing, 498:and absorbed by the soul. In this stage of mind development and of constant mental control (basedHealing, 499:There is a distinction, based on evolutionary development, in these two processes. We have tracedHealing, 509:of Accepted Discipleship. This is a most hopeful development, if you could but realize itsHealing, 537:present seen or that is immediately capable of development. As I have several times said in thisHealing, 538:plus destiny. This predisposes the [538] development within him of knowledge-giving powers. He isHealing, 556:work; however, it presupposes a high degree of development on the healer's part. The averageHealing, 562:a nervous and most unwholesome tendency. To the development of homosexual habits or to thoseHealing, 567:thus produced. At the present point in racial development, the majority of people are swept intoHealing, 573:From these, according to a man's nature, ray, development and weaknesses and limitations, they areHealing, 587:has remained so only on account of the lack of development of the fourth kingdom. There had been aHealing, 589:in order to form the basis of the evolutionary development of this, the second solar system. ForgetHealing, 591:physical body. However, with the creation and development of the antahkarana, the ray of the monadHealing, 603:know as accurately as possible his own point of development, for that will indicate to him capacityHealing, 607:possible. This is owing to the rapid spiritual development of humanity, which enables men, for theHealing, 609:elemental have reached a point in their development where they are ready to move on to the path ofHealing, 612:planetary scheme of ours no further evolutionary development, except in so far as the spiritual manHealing, 612:dense physical body reached its high point of development and of interest (from the angle of mentalHealing, 624:beings are today at every imaginable stage of development within this process. Healing, 660:in two ways: It concerns the spiritual development of man through the medium of form, and the modeHealing, 664:humanity before even the present point of human development could have been attained. But somethingHealing, 673:gradually attains. This is brought about by the development of the two qualities of detachment andHealing, 674:are, in some measure, essential in the development of the initiate-healer; he must work at theirHealing, 681:upon hearing; then obedience follows as the next development. This is an easier process, little asHealing, 686:world events and his inescapable share in world development. Dharma is that aspect of karma whichHercules, 3:so present the ancient formulas for spiritual development that they will acquire new and vividHercules, 4:such a picture painted of universal sequential development and destiny that he will go forward withHercules, 70:that they have reached a certain status of development which entitles them to go on. But one thingHercules, 75:of truth, and to have a sure and certain way of development which must inevitably enable theHercules, 93:an extension of his response apparatus and the development of the instinct into intellect. ThroughHercules, 109:in which we now live is that it marks a unique development in racial unfoldment. There have alwaysHercules, 110:race, to which we belong, is one of keen mental development, and the consciousness of peopleHercules, 110:and abstract ideas". Where there is a lack of development of this gland you may find both emotionalHercules, 131:quest for truth, then, becomes changed into the development of discrimination. In a sense, truthHercules, 136:in the seed; a perfectly easy and logical development of the potentialities inherent in this seed.Hercules, 136:of inherent potentialities, ease and logic of development, elegance of unfoldment; these are jewelsHercules, 157:word that covers us at every stage of our development. If you want a more technical word, useHercules, 174:being in a human body. The great stages of development upon the path of expansion, which we callHercules, 207:will lead man to the next stage in his spiritual development. The old truths will then acquire newHercules, 208:as he gains a sequential picture of universal development and destiny. We find, as we study thisHercules, 209:progressively reveal God's plan for man's development, and call us to follow in the steps ofHercules, 218:with it, we hope and believe, a constant development, gives us a grasp of the magnitude of the OneHercules, 220:has begun to make his presence felt in the development of sanitation and the prolific use of water.Hercules, 223:symbolizes the incarnation period of growth and development through the medium of form and its use.Hercules, 228:demonstrates that he has undergone the necessary development and experienced the strengtheningInitiation, viii:yet as capacity for increased service, and the development of powers to be used in the helping ofInitiation, 7:upon the subject proper, which is: That the development of the human being is but the passing fromInitiation, 11:of the Hall of Wisdom. It has to do with the development of the life within the form, with theInitiation, 12:is part of the normal process of evolutionary development, viewed on a large scale, and not fromInitiation, 14:knowledge. It does not necessarily involve the development of the psychic faculties, but it doesInitiation, 17:controls more or less (according to His line of development) the five rays that are speciallyInitiation, 20:seeks to provide fit conditions for the development of self-consciousness in all beings. This itInitiation, 21:nature. This kingdom is entered through the full development and control of the fifth principle ofInitiation, 21:the work of the Hierarchy is directed toward the development of the discriminative and selectiveInitiation, 22:lower kingdoms, for in him these three lines of development are synthesized and come to their fullInitiation, 22:initiating will which will come to a fuller development after he has entered into the fifthInitiation, 32:Hierarchy was a similar, though less recognized development in all the kingdoms of nature. In theInitiation, 33:will be recognized and its reality admitted. The development of this vision is rapidly coming toInitiation, 36:members of the Hierarchy are occupied with the development of consciousness within the form. [37] Initiation, 42:destruction. He has remained to foster the development of the race type, and to bring about itsInitiation, 44:of the spiritual destinies of men, and the development of the realization within each human beingInitiation, 52:cycle, and suggests to him that such and such a development would be desirable. It is the work ofInitiation, 56:the great religions of the East, with the later development of the Christian faith in all its manyInitiation, 58:who concerns himself especially with the future development of racial affairs in Europe, and withInitiation, 59:race, and he works upon the plans for its future development and evolution. He is behind the LaborInitiation, 61:whose particular work it is to supervise the development of certain activities within the nextInitiation, 63:the history of the human being and that of the development of the indwelling spirit is curiouslyInitiation, 65:of instruction watch over three parts of man's development. First: Instruction is given tending toInitiation, 65:of the life, the growth of character, the development of the microcosm along cosmic lines. The manInitiation, 66:now, but which will become ordinary methods of development as time progresses. The Masters alsoInitiation, 66:in whom the intuition has reached a point of development that indicates a beginning of theInitiation, 73:hindrance to disciples these days, owing to the development of the mind, but lack of dispassionInitiation, 74:One of the greatest instruments for practical development lying in the hands of small and great, isInitiation, 75:to the individuals and their evolutionary development, comes at length fruition, and the attainmentInitiation, 80:Initiation The true Psychic. 3rd Ray Adaptation Development Evolution The Magician. 4th RayInitiation, 84:depends upon the ray of the disciple, or his development in any particular direction (people do notInitiation, 84:emphasis is consistently laid on his astral development, although his mental equipment growsInitiation, 85:love, and progress become, so strong that rapid development is usually to be seen. This accountsInitiation, 87:until after this initiation. The aim of all development is the awakening of the spiritualInitiation, 89:at the same time, he works continually at the development of his spiritual nature. He begins
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