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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENT

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Meditation, 43:with it. Now is the opportunity, too, for the development of that principle and the training ofMeditation, 59:of each plane, especially in relation to his own development. In the studying of the basic note ofMeditation, 60:out for himself the points necessary for his own development and to carry out the neededMeditation, 64:of which the important points at our stage of development are: The basic note. The major third. TheMeditation, 67:and group to rightful plans and to correct development. Meditation, 67:on the emotional body, with the object of development, of subjugation, and clarification. GroupsMeditation, 67:clarification. Groups for the purpose of mental development, of strengthening equilibrium, and theMeditation, 69:persons on the probationary path, and with the development of the higher faculties. Later, when theMeditation, 70:and discussion of the centers. Growth and development of the centers. The effect of meditation onMeditation, 71:The dangers involved through the injudicious development of the centers are too great for us toMeditation, 71:and can be, imparted. They will lead to the development of the intuition, and inspire the seekerMeditation, 72:has naught to do. They form the basis of the development of the lower quaternary beforeMeditation, 74:of the man into five main periods, tracing his development in each. We might (if we are careful toMeditation, 75:only are given. The complexity in the development of the microcosm is as great as in the macrocosm.Meditation, 76:that it is useless to lay down rules for the development of the centers and to formulate methodsMeditation, 77:disease. If the aspirant but seeks spiritual development, if he but aims at sincerity of purposeMeditation, 77:the Sacred Word in Meditation 2. The Growth and Development of the Centers June 25, 1920 We willMeditation, 78:awakening as aforesaid, and in their growth and development, comes the final vivification, and theMeditation, 79:forms it makes as it mounts. The order of the development of the centers, according to the ray ofMeditation, 80:longer it is studied. It is complicated by ray development, by the man's own place upon the ladderMeditation, 83:the refining of the vehicles and the slow development of causal consciousness. Meditation, 84:This visualization leads to synthesis, to causal development and expansion, and eventually conductsMeditation, 85:or of abstract thought. Then comes a time in the development of consciousness when the emotionalMeditation, 88:that may lead him along paths that will hinder development, and that may build up vibrations thatMeditation, 90:for the furtherance of evolution and for the development on all planes of the schemes of evolutionMeditation, 90:idea of the dangers incident to the too early development of the powers achieved in meditation. IMeditation, 91:the work go forward as desired. Only when the development is equable, only when the intellect runsMeditation, 92:infinitely greater Ones Who assist Him in His development) it is dependent upon His transitoryMeditation, 93:a one-pointedness that may lead to an unbalanced development. One-pointedness is a virtue, but itMeditation, 96:it they will stultify their progress and retard development. The results may indeed be moreMeditation, 97:alignment, to a rounding-out and a symmetrical development that will make a man of real use to theMeditation, 99:causal. This can only be brought about by the development of the faculty of conscious control -Meditation, 106:it means working against the results of agelong development. He has to direct the attention of theMeditation, 108:provide the necessities of life; it may be the development of sensitiveness by the revealingMeditation, 108:the result is not so much a gain as an unequal development and a temporary loss of time. Let us beMeditation, 111:defects will be offset and not intensified. Over-development and disproportionate attainment willMeditation, 111:dire results. The dangers now are different. The development of [112] mind carries with it theMeditation, 113:instance, that a meditation that would aid the development of an oriental, might bring danger andMeditation, 115:him is not primarily the completing of his own development, but his equipping for service toMeditation, 115:for service to humanity. His own growth and development are necessarily incidental but are not theMeditation, 125:physical. The cause lies in the fact of the over-development of the mental, and of the relativeMeditation, 125:before, is rare and is the result of lop-sided development. It attacks women and men equally; itMeditation, 132:aspirants been enjoined to study and work at the development of viveka or that discrimination whichMeditation, 135:They cannot control the devas of high development, nor the fairies of colors blue, green andMeditation, 142:in its entirety; this is really that development of consciousness which enables a man to realizeMeditation, 143:for this series of letters, aims not at the development of cosmic consciousness. It will thereforeMeditation, 144:eventuates. Each man who enters upon occult development and who aspires toward the higher, hasMeditation, 144:of that higher consciousness with the subsequent development of group consciousness very directlyMeditation, 145:to impress upon you - the aim should be the development of the habit of meditation all the dayMeditation, 146:by the Master Himself. At a certain stage in development this form provides the ground for theMeditation, 148:and the seventh. Both meet and blend through the development of mind, or through the fifth Ray ofMeditation, 148:Lord of Civilization, then a completion of their development may be seen, and the mystic becomesMeditation, 151:with some certainty at this time for a rapid development of occult knowledge, and for theMeditation, 153:case has reached a point of more rounded out development, and is both an occultist and a mystic,Meditation, 166:also mantrams for use in healing, and for the development of certain psychic faculties. SomeMeditation, 166:When the race has reached a certain point of development, and when the higher mind holds greaterMeditation, 167:the implanting of religious ideas and with the development of philosophical concepts both inMeditation, 167:- Purusha - Manas, are the three lines of development, and in their synthesis comes completeness.Meditation, 170:is specially the line of government, of racial development, of working in and with the matter ofMeditation, 171:line of religion and of philosophy, and of the development of the indwelling life. It deals withMeditation, 174:of the seventh Initiation. Others are equal in development (along their own line) to a Master ofMeditation, 182:for the original purpose had been a parallel development. The secret of this apparent setting backMeditation, 187:mantrams as regards individual evolution and development, and are well-known to all those who trainMeditation, 190:avails aught in the hard path of occult development. Theories and mental concepts avail not. TheyMeditation, 206:grasped the fundamental secret of microcosmic development, and can build his body of manifestationMeditation, 208:Only he who has the higher vision in process of development can hope to attain any measure ofMeditation, 215:for the advancement of vibration, and the wise development of the colors necessitated. [216] WeMeditation, 220:greater cycle and holds the key to evolutionary development. Remember, therefore, when studying theMeditation, 223:of them on the physical plane lies that development of the mental body that permits of an everMeditation, 231:for thought and for speculation. It tends to the development of the higher mind and by stimulationMeditation, 232:refinement. These forces in terms of spiritual development, and not so much in terms of form,Meditation, 234:Hierarchy in Whose Hands is placed evolutionary development in the three worlds, judge of the stageMeditation, 237:the material of these letters conducive to the development of abstract thought, and to the wideningMeditation, 238:which veils the life. On the life side it is the development from the one basic quality of the manyMeditation, 244:any trouble. This capacity presupposes the development of those inner powers which give knowledgeMeditation, 249:the laws governing the etheric body. That in the development of the intuition comes cognizance ofMeditation, 259:idea as to Their status, Their comprehensive development, and Their methods of work. Needless toMeditation, 265:itself. In this thought lies inspiration and development and not despair or weariness. The rewardMeditation, 265:no interest for the man who is only of average development, but chiefly concerns the man who hasMeditation, 273:Path and on the Path of Initiation. The means of development are ever the same: occult meditationMeditation, 276:the pupil's causal body and its expansion and development, and teaches the pupil to understand theMeditation, 282:be based on love, whilst love without mental development and that discrimination that mind affordsMeditation, 284:the plans of evolution; first in the man's own development, then in the special field of workMeditation, 285:and that recognizes no difference in point of development. Much that is called love, - if logicallyMeditation, 287:method. It will be the round of supreme mental development, and will carry its evolving Monads toMeditation, 292:aforesaid - controlled by some one Master, the development of egoic consciousness (when consciouslyMeditation, 294:applies to groups consecrated to inner spiritual development, and that are directly concerned withMeditation, 297:attempt somewhat to show how the training and development indicated in the other letters will beMeditation, 297:Schools for concentration and methods of mental development are commonly advertised in the dailyMeditation, 298:able and equipped to teach the true scientific development which is the aim of true meditation. TheMeditation, 298:acceptation of training, and of the scientific development of the vehicles. These premises are laidMeditation, 299:arising to confront the Great Ones. Mental development when paralleled by emotional stability and aMeditation, 299:body is the aim for all. But now you have mental development paralleled by an unstable astral and aMeditation, 300:laws governing man's being. The method of occult development. A beginning has already been made...Meditation, 302:particular moment (with the aim in view of the development and tendering of opportunity to theMeditation, 303:The unity of all life. The graded steps of development as recognized in man, and by the gradedMeditation, 303:its sevenfold application. The method of this development and the place of the microcosm within theMeditation, 303:laid on character building and spiritual development as a foundation for the development of [304]Meditation, 303:spiritual development as a foundation for the development of [304] all the faculties inherent inMeditation, 304:exception, that the life of inner unfoldment and development should be paralleled by a life of
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