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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENT

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Meditation, 312:school above all things concentrates on the development of the threefold lower man, and hisMeditation, 312:impartation of cosmic truth, with the abstract development of the pupil, and with work on causalMeditation, 315:the Head with his information as to the auric development of the students; he must be able to gaugeMeditation, 316:for their capacity to teach, for their intuitive development and for the spiritual and devotionalMeditation, 316:rudiments of occult lore and science, and their development in the higher psychism. These ten mustMeditation, 316:be devoted to the definite training and inner development of the threefold man. Under these willMeditation, 316:ten teachers who watch over the proportional development, and the aptitude for correct meditationMeditation, 317:it will eventually be. But as in all occult development, the beginning will be small and of littleMeditation, 321:But selection will depend not on the mental development and the assimilation of concrete knowledge,Meditation, 324:seen that that curriculum deals much with the development of lower [325] mind, with the laying ofMeditation, 328:kingdom. Study of the history of man and the development of science. Study of the laws of theMeditation, 329:laws of union. Study of the laws of sex. Psychic Development Study of practical occultism. Study ofMeditation, 330:curriculum and deals directly with individual development. It covers the following matters: TheMeditation, 330:The building of the antahkarana, and the development of the higher mind. The development of theMeditation, 330:and the development of the higher mind. The development of the intuition, and the definiteMeditation, 331:knowledge in the service of the race. His inner development must be expressed in terms of serviceMeditation, 344:the benefit of the whole, is the man whose own development proceeds steadily. But nevertheless theMeditation, 346:- he proceeds calmly on his way. Then ensues the development of his mental vehicle. In the controlPatanjali, 14:(occultly understood) and whose motive is group development. Therefore that reaction called painPatanjali, 33:in its nature though not in its scope of development, or its degree. This is equally true of thePatanjali, 33:being" (Acts XVII, 28.) and to Whose state of development he aspires. As the aspirant chooses withPatanjali, 44:dangers and risks. There is the risk of uneven development, [45] of a negation of the heart side ofPatanjali, 46:with care, they equalize their one-sided development, modifying the unevenness of their effortsPatanjali, 64:of people, the awakening of the mental body, the development of an intellectual interest, and thePatanjali, 64:When this is realized, the contribution to human development by the great schools of thought wePatanjali, 65:also dependent upon a certain amount of mental development. Some translators call this 'doubt.'Patanjali, 69:realm of knowledge. Simultaneously with the development of this type of vision, the pineal glandPatanjali, 69:to tap the resources of pure wisdom. With the development of this vision the alta major centerPatanjali, 120:the climax and that which completes the work of development in the human kingdom. It is the sciencePatanjali, 122:all hatha and laya yogins. This resulted in the development and control of the dual physical body,Patanjali, 122:the three bodies must be brought to its fullest development and this Raja Yoga is intended to doPatanjali, 123:The Aryan race will [123] contribute this fuller development to the general economy, and the entirePatanjali, 134:fact to note. If the aspirant will regard the development and full use of the sixth sense as hisPatanjali, 139:but is directed more literally to its own self-development. Attachment to form or the attraction ofPatanjali, 144:fundamental egoic impulses which have led to the development of response to sense contacts on thePatanjali, 157:in the form of a solar system, its evolutionary development through the medium of that form and thePatanjali, 168:of the father-spirit and of the mother-matter, A development whereby the soul begins to identifyPatanjali, 168:and that the word yoga covers the evolutionary development of the human Monad. The union of thePatanjali, 175:The capacity of the race to suffer is due to the development and refinement of the physical vehiclePatanjali, 180:and made him [180] truly man. The two stages of development which are brought about by the egoPatanjali, 190:Spiritual reading will be found to concern the development of the sense of subjective realities. ItPatanjali, 196:certain words and acts. For the aspirant, the development of this capacity comes through a constantPatanjali, 203:away from what is commonly understood by psychic development, lays no emphasis on the lower psychicPatanjali, 203:but the nature of the psychic powers and the development of the psychic consciousness are alsoPatanjali, 203:as a whole might be briefly stated to be the development of mind control with a view toPatanjali, 205:the emotional or astral plane, Correct use and development of the five [206] centers up the spinePatanjali, 206:mental body, the effect of purification is the development of the capacity to concentrate or to bePatanjali, 223:of the life currents is the effect of the proper development of the other [224] two, external andPatanjali, 234:their specific use in time-conditions (stage of development) are known and realized. 14. ThePatanjali, 234:manifesting or latent. 15. The stage of development is responsible for the various modifications ofPatanjali, 255:[255] science of union through mind control and development. Patanjali, 255:temperamental person. The undue forcing of one's development carries with it certain most definitePatanjali, 259:involved: "Out of the ascending degrees is the development of control. First there is thePatanjali, 259:follows after the moment of control. This is the development of control." Perhaps the simplest wayPatanjali, 264:their specific use in time-conditions (stage of development) are known and realized. It should herePatanjali, 265:the symbol of a reality. The difference in the development of the forms which symbolize or embodyPatanjali, 267:he becomes aware of the present stage [267] of development, and thus the future, past and present,Patanjali, 267:them differs and is distinctive. The stage of development of the seven Lords of the Rays is notPatanjali, 268:(taking into consideration its specific point in development, and its lack of development) isPatanjali, 268:specific point in development, and its lack of development) is revealed to the knower: The sumPatanjali, 269:Union achieved and its Results 15. The stage of development is responsible for the variousPatanjali, 269:in stage is the cause of difference in development," and goes on to say: "The first stage is thePatanjali, 270:in motion in the present, and thus the cycle of development is seen to be one process existing inPatanjali, 293:place. In the process of unfoldment, heart development precedes head development. The emotionalPatanjali, 293:of unfoldment, heart development precedes head development. The emotional nature and the sensesPatanjali, 294:not through breathing exercise and sitting for development. 2. Through the practice of love, thePatanjali, 305:current of the life blood circulates; from its development in the Atlantean race and the consequentPatanjali, 305:the most important in the body. Its activity and development has been paralleled by the spleen,Patanjali, 311:regarding them as the secondary effects of soul development. He knows them to be the result of thePatanjali, 316:requirements of the intended investigation or development, the aspirant becomes aware of the lightPatanjali, 319:makes a man a son of God, is gained. Through the development of the head and the use of the headPatanjali, 322:providing the forms through which experience and development are gained. The one who experiences,Patanjali, 323:emerges in this text book of spiritual development, and that is, that the psychic powers, higherPatanjali, 345:the water, of the secrets they hold for you. The development of your inner sense will enable you toPatanjali, 354:will include not only physical vision, but the development of the third eye, clairvoyance, perfectPatanjali, 355:there is no vision the people perish." The development of sight and the achievement of spiritualPatanjali, 358:expansion are not given, for they concern the development of the Master and the unfoldment of thePatanjali, 361:is awakening and who demonstrate a corresponding development of psychic power. This is a stage ofPatanjali, 364:if a free paraphrase is here given. "Through the development of the intuition there will arisePatanjali, 364:forth on one or other of these streams. The development of the intuition enables the seer to knowPatanjali, 365:of manifestation, Rate of vibration, Point of development, and these characteristics form thePatanjali, 378:nature. The higher powers are the result of the development of group consciousness, of the secondPatanjali, 380:dormant for many because full experience and development of the lower nature has not yet [381] beenPatanjali, 382:transformation. One of the basic laws in occult development and in spiritual unfoldment is given inPatanjali, 390:choice. Where it is the result of ignorance, the development of knowledge will gradually bringPatanjali, 390:produces what we call wrong action, the gradual development of the spiritual consciousness willPatanjali, 392:worlds. This they do through: Study, or mental development, through an appreciation of the law ofPatanjali, 403:that which was right." The two lines of development are separate and distinct, and this everyPatanjali, 407:of awareness becomes apparent. In this scale of development [408] three outstanding types of formsPatanjali, 421:knowledge itself, as during the stage of mental development either as an advanced man or as aPatanjali, 428:for the achievement of group objectives and the development of group consciousness upon thePatanjali, viii:etheric body and of the centers in man and the development of the astral and psychic nature. LaterPatanjali, viii:Later on, Bhakti Yoga, growing out of the development of the emotional or astral body, wasPatanjali, ix:those practices which deal specifically with the development of the centers, brought about throughPatanjali, xi:step there is unfolded for us a graded system of development, leading a man from the stage ofProblems, 5:do not blot out the long history of human development and obliterate recognition of the long rangeProblems, 33:the practical mystic and the man of high mental development as well as of spiritual vision willProblems, 38:as civilized when it sets a value on mental development, when it puts a premium on analysis andProblems, 40:program of reconstruction, of education and development as it affects the youth of the world andProblems, 47:has hitherto been so, but it need not be. The development of an atmosphere which will foster the
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