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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - DEVELOPMENT

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Psychology2, 22:of physical substance. During this stage of development, the man is almost entirely physical in hisPsychology2, 23:is, in the last analysis, placed upon the development of conscious, intelligent awareness in thePsychology2, 43:nature, and also whereabouts he stands in his development. One of the major faults of disciplesPsychology2, 54:is incidental to the main issue, which is the development of a conscious response to the life ofPsychology2, 55:and complicated that only those initiates whose development equips them and whose interest impelsPsychology2, 56:and disappears. The early stages of human development are - as in all else in nature, - apparentlyPsychology2, 59:which is dependent upon the stage of conscious development. Ability to work in connection with thePsychology2, 59:an expansion of consciousness) a newer reach of development and a fresh grasp of the great Design,Psychology2, 61:be meaningless. What we are engaged in is the development of those qualities and virtues which willPsychology2, 62:is dependent for its extent upon the point of development, or upon the so-called "age of the soul".Psychology2, 62:and space, of its "relative age" or point of development. [63] This, therefore, produces the typePsychology2, 65:truth will be appreciated later on in the racial development. A hint can here be found as to thePsychology2, 72:can "hold itself steady in the light", and the development of a cultured right interpretation soPsychology2, 73:yet possible, hypotheses for future racial development. They focus Their attention on that whichPsychology2, 91:Life A study of those expressed objectives A development of consciousness A refining of forms AnPsychology2, 122:call "the consciousness of the heart" or the development of true feeling is the first step towardsPsychology2, 149:that in itself is sufficient to indicate our development. Unless the mind is active, and unless wePsychology2, 151:but which as yet means but little in his development. There are, then, the seven minor Laws whichPsychology2, 154:of man's search at every stage of his development - whether it is the instinctual urge toPsychology2, 156:our intention in this Treatise to deal with the development of the unevolved and undeveloped man inPsychology2, 164:The Law of Group Progress. The Law of spiritual development 5. Abstraction Pratyahara WithdrawalPsychology2, 181:time, given the present point of evolutionary development of the world aspirants. Each has to pourPsychology2, 191:understood. This will be coincident with the development of etheric vision. These groups will actPsychology2, 208:structure upon which to build. [208] 7. In the development of the race, at this time, we can nowPsychology2, 210:the moon chain humanity to do so. As far as the development of these two sons of God was concerned,Psychology2, 210:two sons of God was concerned, so rapid was the development of the Christ that in Atlantean days HePsychology2, 210:that they have a background of slow individual development, which is only now being accelerated).Psychology2, 212:of this difficult subject. It is the result of development, but such development need not lead toPsychology2, 212:It is the result of development, but such development need not lead to this particular crisis. WhatPsychology2, 212:of species, had reached a particular stage of development, then there was an inrush into thePsychology2, 216:soul or the laws controlling the stages of human development upon the Path. They have a much widerPsychology2, 218:Sons of God, Who have passed beyond the point of development of those Masters Who work entirelyPsychology2, 220:is possible [220] at our particular stage of development, and leave eternity to reveal its hiddenPsychology2, 222:leads the human being, first of all, to the development of an integrated personality, and then toPsychology2, 222:and systemic. This instinct is the result of the development of manas, or mind, and the emergencePsychology2, 225:or discipline, nor are we dealing with the development [226] of those required characteristicsPsychology2, 226:the human, occupies a unique position in this development. In the downward and the upward flow ofPsychology2, 250:Again it indicates an uneven, unbalanced development which results from the fact that, throughPsychology2, 261:of the difficulties incident to premature development and to the undesirable unfoldments of whatPsychology2, 263:for this reason that we can look for the rapid development of the characteristics of the incomingPsychology2, 265:coordination of soul and body, which is a later development. I am simply postulating a goodPsychology2, 265:and a sound emotional control and mental development. It is possible to have a superlative innerPsychology2, 265:It is possible to have a superlative inner development and yet have such a poor instrument on thePsychology2, 265:his physical equipment. A man of much less inner development but with a responsive physical bodyPsychology2, 266:human family. It should be the objective of the development of children from the ages of seven toPsychology2, 268:by a long period of adjustment and of gradual development and unfoldment. This takes place upon thePsychology2, 275:of animal man had to reach a certain level of development, so the human form has to reach the levelPsychology2, 277:and needed circumstances for full and complete development. They become so occupied with the themePsychology2, 281:sentient response to the love of God, and of the development of that response through the innatePsychology2, 289:or their coherent construction. Their development and eventual alignment. Their interrelation inPsychology2, 295:we are arriving at an understanding and a [295] development of the consciousness aspect ofPsychology2, 299:reaches its highest independent point of development; - that is, before the soul has taken overPsychology2, 300:the goal as far as he, at his present point of development, can sense it. When he takes the firstPsychology2, 313:Personality - The Appropriation of the Bodies b. Development and Alignment of the Bodies AfterPsychology2, 315:adequate conscious control by the soul. This development is, at this time, primarily focused in thePsychology2, 318:being written today which is the result of the development of the science of psychoanalysis. ThisPsychology2, 324:can count, and to this, the history of man's development as a knowing being testifies. But thePsychology2, 325:from the standpoint of the psychological development of his problems. Psychology2, 326:their sensitive perception. Permits of the development of quality and the steady acquiring ofPsychology2, 327:The stage of evolution, or of refinement and the development of quality, leading to liberation uponPsychology2, 327:pointed out) the emphasis has been upon the development of the form side of life, and upon thePsychology2, 330:exoteric psychologist. The four stages of man's development which lie behind his active appearancePsychology2, 333:confined for purposes of defined, intelligent development, within an evolving form, and the finalPsychology2, 334:definition. Until there is sufficient pronounced development to allow of a true diagnosis, it isPsychology2, 336:leading thus to an intensified "wish-life", a development of the imaginative faculty. It endsPsychology2, 338:within the kingdom of God. Paralleling this development of the consciousness in man is thePsychology2, 338:concepts and of intuitive recognitions. With the development of this form aspect we will notPsychology2, 339:This was carried to its higher point of development in Lemurian times. The sacral center was thePsychology2, 339:This was characteristic of Atlantean racial development. The awakening of the throat center and thePsychology2, 340:capable of expressing as low a state of relative development as the Lemurian consciousness. TherePsychology2, 340:these two extremes are all possible grades of development and unfoldment. Man is therefore (fromPsychology2, 348:and inexactitude, but, dealing as we are with a development which is becoming increasinglyPsychology2, 365:be produced at a low stage of evolutionary development, in which low grade energies are active andPsychology2, 381:here with relatively advanced stages of human development. What I have now to say will veil, underPsychology2, 387:The third ray disciple through the development of the "power to inspire" adds to his innatePsychology2, 393:We are dealing consequently with that stage of development wherein, in deep contemplation, the manPsychology2, 397:working on formless levels, are busy with the development of an inner and as yet unrealizedPsychology2, 397:development of an inner and as yet unrealized development within the Whole, and which can only bePsychology2, 399:There then ensues a long period of adjustment, development and emergence before the presentedPsychology2, 405:of the physical vehicle to as high a point of development as may be possible within limits. ThePsychology2, 405:can be brought beyond a certain point of development in any one life - a point determined by thePsychology2, 408:stage of integration, that of gradual mental development, is proceeding apace and can be, and isPsychology2, 414:deceived. It is only when the processes of development have been carried forward to a relativelyPsychology2, 421:culture of the body nature after birth and the development in the child of a positive sense ofPsychology2, 424:Reorientation to higher goals and the development of the sense of right direction. This involvesPsychology2, 424:grasped, there must be the search for, and the development of, any creative faculty, thus meetingPsychology2, 426:This Observer, at certain points in the normal development of the man, comes to the realizationPsychology2, 429:for it is found frequently even in children. The development of the sense of fantasy and thePsychology2, 432:and through the subsequent and consequent development of the human response apparatus, new avenuesPsychology2, 436:in his environment. They simply indicate lack of development. When recognized, they producePsychology2, 438:can then be made on the Path of Wisdom. The over-development of the sense of direction or ofPsychology2, 449:opportunity with which we are confronted? By the development of the following attitudes: By aPsychology2, 453:of disastrous failure or in the form significant development. To all this, the stimulation of thePsychology2, 456:of the worst forms of this line of thought and development. People tainted with this psychologicalPsychology2, 462:evocation of another and higher interest, by the development of the social consciousness and - ifPsychology2, 474:its activities as a wonderful spiritual development within himself. This stimulation by the mindPsychology2, 475:of all races and peoples at certain stages of development, and I only use the three, scientific,Psychology2, 477:consciousness and to revert to the lower type of development (which should have been left farPsychology2, 482:or whose methods and doctrines tend to the development of an inner attentive ear, and yet who failPsychology2, 484:of training, imparted under the name of esoteric development, the goal of a similar relationship to
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